Hypocritical Donald Trump Jr. Just Attacked ‘The Blue Checkmark Elite’

Donald Trump Jr. hasn't been tweeting much since his divorce was announced, but he sure was tweeting up a storm Wednesday: 15 tweets and counting.

What's especially ironic is he is retweeting Kanye West's surprising tweet today:

Here's what Trump Jr. tweeted:

He also retweeted Kim Kardashian West's tweet:

Here's the snarky tweet Trump Jr. posted when retweeting it:

Why ironic? Just to expose his hypocrisy, here's what Trump Jr. tweeted in between those retweets:

For those who don't know, Twitter "verifies" the accounts of people who are political or public figures, people who it's important that users know are who they say they are, and people who contribute in an important way to the national conversation. Those who oppose education, the media, science, etc., sometimes call them the "blue check elite."

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly worth $300 million. As a child he went to boarding schools, and earned his B.S. at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. He helps run his family's real estate empire, and as a First Son has round-the-clock Secret Service protection. He vacations in Africa and travels the world frequently. He is the very definition of the "elite," and yes, there is a blue check next to his name on Twitter.

And there are blue check marks next to the names Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West – who are also the "elite."

The hypocrisy and the lack of self awareness exhibited by Trump Jr. continues to be amazing.


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