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‘Would You Like to See Some of My Ammo?’: NC Lt. Gov. ‘Jokingly’ Threatens IRS’s ‘Revenuer Man’



North Carolina extremist Christian nationalist Lt. Governor, Republican Mark Robinson on Saturday appeared to “jokingly” threaten any IRS agents who might come to his home as he falsely characterized a proposed policy that was withdrawn weeks ago.

That Biden administration proposal, as Right Wing Watch reports, was “aimed at fighting tax fraud,” and “would have required financial institutions to report data to the IRS on every account that had more than $600 in annual transactions. The proposal has been withdrawn, but that didn’t stop Robinson from falsely claiming that the Biden administration wanted to start tracking how people were spending their money, suggesting that doing so would lead to anti-government violence.”

Robinson first made national headlines when he called LGBTQ people “filth.”

Saturday night at the Republican Party of Rockingham County’s Regan-Helms dinner, Robinson claimed that the “Biden administration said they want to ask me what I did with every $600 that I spent.”

“They said they’re going to hire all these IRS agents to come out and find out what you’re doing with your money,” he continued. “There’s an old song called ‘Rocky Top.’ You know that song ‘Rocky Top’? You know, back in the old days, they used to call the IRS man, used to call him ‘the revenuer man.’ There’s a line in that song goes like this: ‘Once two strangers climbed ol’ Rocky Top, looking for moonshine still. Strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top. Reckon they never will.’ Somebody might want to read that line to them up there in Washington, D.C., ’cause some folks in this country ain’t friendly like I am and they ain’t going to take too kindly to you coming, sniffing around, asking them what they’ve been doing with their hard-earned money,” Robinson said, intimating potential violence.

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“Come and ask me what I did with my $600,” the far right extremist said, threateningly. “Please come ask me. You can stand in my door, ‘What did you do with that $600?’ I bought ammo. And last week I bought ammo. And the week before that, I bought ammo. … Would you like to see some of my ammo, revenuer man?”

Right Wing Watch, which has been reporting on Robinson’s extremist remarks, got name checked by the Lt. Governor: “Right Wing Watch, that’s A-M-M-O. Ammo.”

The organization adds that “Robinson insisted that while his comment was made in jest and that he doesn’t want to see violence, ‘I need to put these folks on notice about who it is they’re messing with.'”



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Newsmax Host Falsely Attacks Biden and Entire Democratic Party for Declaring ‘War on Christianity’



A host on the far right wing cable and streaming TV channel Newsmax has declared the entire Democratic Party, including its devoutly-Catholic President, has “declared war,” not on just Christmas, but on “Christianity” itself. That would be extremely surprising to the majority of Democratic registered voters who self-identify as Christian.

The revelation of a “war on Christianity” comes in a wide-ranging attack on the left from the Newsmax host Friday morning, who decided to attack the White House’s highly-praised Christmas decorations this year, which were designed by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden.

“This week is about Christmas at the White House,” the host declared. “I love Christmas decorations. But this looks a little like a Carnival Cruise especially from an administration and political party as a whole that has declared war on Christianity for a while now.”




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‘What Wannabe Totalitarian, Fascist Dictators Do’: Alarm Over DeSantis Move to Form His Own ‘Personal Militia’



Critics are responding with alarm to news Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis is asking for millions of taxpayer funds to create his own militia force, separate from the existing National Guard.

CNN calls it “a World War II-era civilian military force that he, not the Pentagon, would control.” And while the law allows for the move, it was created “as a temporary force to fill the void left behind” when the state’s National Guard was deployed overseas, and “disbanded after the war ended.”

But the highly-controversial Florida Republican, seen as one of the top 2024 GOP presidential candidates, is also making clear his motives are a further escalation in his war of words against the Biden administration.

“DeSantis also said this unit, called the Florida State Guard, would be ‘not encumbered by the federal government.’ He said this force would give him ‘the flexibility and the ability needed to respond to events in our state in the most effective way possible.'”

It’s also being seen as one more potential attack on science during the coronavirus pandemic era. All National Guard members must be vaccinated. DeSantis opposes all vaccine and mask mandates and has invited unvaccinated, fired police officers from others states to move to Florida – and offering them a $5000 payment.

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, now a U.S. Congressman but running to unseat DeSantis, called DeSantis’ militia a “handpicked secret police” force.

Perhaps one of the strongest warnings comes from SiriusXM Progress host Dean Obeidallah, who calls it “the beginning of a ‘Red Army’ as the GOP prepares for war.”

“The same Republicans who claim Jan 6 was not a terrorist attack but just a ‘tourist visit’ now tell us not to be concerned with Ron DeSantis forming a personal militia that he says will ‘not encumbered by the federal government,'” Obeidallah adds. “This is a Red Army!!!”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid likened the move to fascism, asking: “So… y’all know this is fascisty bananas, right…?”

Attorney and DeSantis critic Daniel Uhlfelder noted the governor’s “classic authoritarian move” on bringing his son to the announcement.

“More setting up for 2024 coup!” tweeted Amy Siskind, The New Agenda founder and author of The Weekly List.

Research and strategic communication CEO Fernand Amandi describes DeSantis’ move as “What wannabe totalitarian, fascist, authoritarian dictators do.”

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Watch: Bigoted NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Berates Democratic Lawmaker for Denouncing His Anti-LGBTQ Hate Speech



North Carolina’s Republican Lt. Governor Mark Robinson lashed out at a Democratic state lawmaker after she delivered a speech urging elected leaders to try to understand and equally represent all their constituents, including people of color and LGBTQ people.

“Next time before you get ready to say something on that floor come see me,” Robinson barked at state Sen. Julie Mayfield after her speech, suggesting he had power over her and she needed his permission to speak about him, as video shot by Democratic state Senator Natasha Marcus shows:

Mayfield did not mention Robinson by name during her speech.

Robinson has been criticized for months over his repeated remarks attacking LGBTQ people, including calling them “filthy,” calling transgender people “pure lunacy” and “demonic,” and claiming they want to molest children, describing straight relationships as “superior” to gay ones – and saying even cow manure has more purpose than same-sex marriage. Robinson, who uses the church as a shield for his bigotry, last month appeared to “jokingly” threaten any IRS agents who might come to his home.

“Robinson ‘berated’ state Sen. Julie Mayfield,” The News & Observer reports, “and wagged his finger in front of her face, saying he didn’t appreciate her ‘equating Black people with gay people,’ according to Mayfield and another lawmaker who witnessed the encounter. Robinson’s comments were in response to a speech Mayfield gave,” in which she “highlighted deadly violence against Black people and discrimination against LGBTQ people.”

“It is convenient fiction that we can say something in a particular forum and not expect to be held accountable for those words in another,” Mayfield said, referring to several instances in which Robinson has made anti-LGBTQ comments and made national headlines. “We are elected officials. And if we can’t respect our constituents rather than viciously attack some of them, then maybe we’re in the wrong job.”

Sen. Marcus described Robinson’s attack on Mayfield as “a rant.”

“He berated her, and he yelled as loudly as he could,” Marcus added. “Sen. Mayfield’s remarks speak what’s in the hearts of most North Carolinians, and the fact that it set the lieutenant governor off that much is shocking to me.”


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