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Thomas Roberts Interviews Jimmy LaSalvia: Is GOP Embracing Gay Marriage?



Thomas Roberts today interviewed GOProud co-founder and executive director Jimmy LaSalvia, who tells the MSNBC host, “I don’t think conservatives are any different than anyone else in America.” LaSalvia thinks the GOP is undergoing a transformation, despite most evidence to the contrary.

Roberts had to remind LaSalvia that every GOP candidate (with very few exceptions) does not support same-sex marriage. Roberts should have asked LaSalvia to comment on the recent outpourings of hate from the GOP, like these, which all happened in the past three weeks:

GOP Congressman: ENDA Part Of Obama’s ‘Ongoing War On Religion’

On Our Radar – The Oxymorons Of The North Carolina Republican Party

GOP Lawmaker: Being Gay ‘Cuts About 20 Years Off Your Life’

LaSalvia, who actually missed an opportunity to harshly attack the Left, as his GOProud partner generally does every chance he gets, did claim that President Obama was forced to take a stand for marriage by the left.

“Well, remember that President Obama was dragged kicking and screaming by his grassroots base to that position, and what’s happening in the conservative movement among grassroots conservatives is a shift in opinion and discussion on this,” LaSalvia said.

Perhaps he’s softening. Last year, LaSalvia said:

“That’s where we experience the most intolerance. The gay Left is, by far, the most intolerant toward us,” LaSalvia said on “The Brian Lehrer Show,” echoing his boilerplate rhetoric stump speech. “Us,” meaning, conservative gays.


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Raw transcript via MSNBC:

>>> welcome back, everybody. the question of whether the legalization of marriage equality should be overturned in washington state is going public. opponents of same-sex marriage now backing initiative 74 as it’s called. gathered nearly 250,000 signatures to qualify it as a referendum on the november ballot. still, there’s a question of just how legit some of those signatures are. election officials say they are investigating approximately 1,000 that appear to be fraudulent. however, over the past year, leading democrats along with president obama have voiced support for marriage equality and other lgbt issues but support on the republican side, that’s also growing. the gop now has its own pro- marriage equality super pac so is this a game changer for the grand old party? timmy is executive director of go proud. as we talk about the new superpac, american unity pac launched by the hedge fund guy paul e. singer, a heavyweight for your party. does it mean conservatives are evolving, distancing themselves from pro-discrimination-type thinking when it comes to the lgbt community rethinking the stance on marriage equality? >> thanks for having me. i don’t think conservatives are any different than anyone else in america. in 2012 every person has a gay person in their life, friends and family. mr. singer has gay people in his family, we all have come to think about these issues in a very personal way, and so everyone in america is having this discussion and thinking about these things in a personal way, and many people, including many conservatives, are coming to the conclusion that supporting same-sex civil marriage is the right thing to do. >> jimmy, when you talk about conservatives not being different from other people in america, the gop contender is not for marriage equality, there are many who came out as well and the president demonstrated he’s pro- marriage equality so how do those two equate that you’re saying conservatives aren’t different when the person that most conservatives would like to elect to be president is against it? >> well, remember that president obama was dragged kicking and screaming by his grassroots base to that position, and what’s happening in the conservative movement among grassroots conservatives is a shift in opinion and discussion on this, and we’re seeing particularly among young conservatives, i don’t talk to any young people when i’m across the country talking to young people, almost all of them either support same-sex marriage or think like i do, that the state should decide it, and so it’s very much a generational thing. we know that politicians don’t always lead on difficult issues like this. so you know, i disagree with mitt romney on this issue. i think the states should decide marriage. i think that marriage is good for people and i think it’s a conservative position, and more and more of my fellow conservatives are joining me and others in that position. >> jimmy, is it an incentive like a superpac like the one singer created is that enough incentive to get the attention of someone like mitt romney and to go back to the way he used to feel about marriage equality when he was trying too beat teddy kennedy in massachusetts when he said he’d be to the left of him when he went back to the far fringes of the right? >> i don’t know, you’ll have to talk to mitt romney about that. it’s evidence of the way paul singer leads his life, he supports republicans because he knows conservative policies are good for the country and he supports gay issues because he knows that it’s good for gay people and his family, and so he loves his country and his family and that’s just evidence in that superpac, you know, what governor romney thinks about it, i don’t know, but it’s certainly good sign of progress that the conservative movement and republican party is having this same discussion that the rest of america is having. >> we’ll continue to watch it. go proud executive director jimmy lasalvia, thank you for your time.

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Kellyanne Conway Serves up Some Alternative Facts About Herschel Walker’s Failed Election Bid



Kellyanne Conway, a political strategist who also served as White House advisor to former President Donald Trump, recently delivered critical remarks leveled at Republican senators.

According to Conway, Republican lawmakers did not stand behind Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker in the days leading up to the state’s highly publicized election runoff.

Walker, who was endorsed by Trump, lost the election by less than 100,000 votes.

On Wednesday, December 7, Conway appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” where she voiced her concerns about the election.

According to Mediaite, Conway also “railed against Walker’s fellow Republicans for abandoning him.”

“To the 49 Republican senators, where were most of you?” Conway asked while appealing to other Republican lawmakers to support members of the party. “Why weren’t you in Georgia?”

Conway continued:

“They all should have been because they should’ve been there in some form, town hall, in person, saying the following: ‘I serve in the United States with Raphael Warnock. He’s a terrible senator. He doesn’t represent Georgia. He’s not fit to serve. He votes with Joe Biden. He voted for the Inflation Reduction Act that doesn’t do that. He said nothing when they pulled out of Afghanistan. He said nothing that Joe Biden has been to Delaware 174 days and down to the border zero days.’ That’s what needs to happen. Where were the other senators to say, ‘I want Herschel Walker, not Raphael Warnock in the Senate with me?'”

Conway’s remarks come shortly after another prominent conservative went on a rant about Walker; however, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) perspective is starkly different from Conway’s.

Speaking to far-right influencer Steve Bannon, Greene said that Walker’s campaign rarely reached out for assistance; something she describes as “insulting.” During the interview, Greene insisted, ″They only asked me a couple of times in my own district, which I find extremely insulting.”


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Watch: ‘Biblical Conservative’ Republican Likens Bestiality and Polygamy to Same-Sex Marriage in Angry Speech Against Bill



U.S. Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), a self-described “biblical conservative” and far-right ultra-MAGA extremist, delivered angry, ugly, and false statements on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives during Thursday’s debate on legislation to protect same-sex and interracial marriages. The bill passed 258-169, with all no votes coming from Republicans.

Among his false statements, Good claimed the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell decision recognizing the constitutional right to marriage for same-sex couples came immediately after Massachusetts – and no other state – made marriage equality legal in 2004.

But among his most offensive remarks, Congressman Good claimed the bill, the Respect for Marriage Act, will “ensure that the marriage laws in the most liberal state, irrespective of how radical they might become in the future – think polygamy, bestiality, child marriage or whatever – must be legally recognized in all states.”

He also blamed “Almost everything that plagues our society” on “a failure to follow God’s design for marriage.”

RELATED: Watch: Speaker Pelosi Excitedly Announces House Passage of Same-Sex Marriage Protection Bill – 169 Republicans Vote No

Democrats have worked especially hard in both the House and the Senate to add language protecting what conservatives call religious liberty, which led to the House having to vote on the bill one last time.

That includes language added at the urging of Republicans to the bill that now reads: “No Federal Recognition of Polygamous Marriages,” and states: “Nothing in this Act, or any amendment made by this Act, shall be construed to require or authorize Federal recognition of marriages between more than 2 individuals.”

Good said it was “wrong when the Supreme Court made law in the Obergefell decision requiring that the marriage law in Massachusetts had to become the law the whole country when Massachusetts approved gay marriage.”

That’s false. Massachusetts approved same-sex marriage in 2004.

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When the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in Obergefell – in 2015 – the majority of the country approved of same-sex marriage and it was legal in 37 states.

Good, falsely, continued, saying: “This was overriding the will of the people and their elected representatives, as no other state to that point had been able to pass through referendum or state legislature a gay marriage law.”

He also claimed, “traditional biblical marriage is the foundation of a strong society and a strong culture. I’ll say it once again. Almost everything that plagues our society is a failure to follow God’s design for marriage.”

RELATED: Congressman Angry at Americans Not Following ‘God’s Laws and His Definition of Marriage’ Lied to High School Students

Watch Rep. Good’s remarks below or at this link:


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Watch: Speaker Pelosi Excitedly Announces House Passage of Same-Sex Marriage Protection Bill – 169 Republicans Vote No



The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Respect for Marriage Act, which protects same-sex and interracial marriages at the federal level and requires states to recognize those marriages if they were legal at the time they were entered into. The legislation comes after far right Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas called for cases to overturn rulings that made constitutional contraception, same-sex intimacy, and same-sex marriage.

The final vote was 258-169. All Democrats voted yes, 39 Republicans joined the Democrats, but 169 Republicans voted no.

The bill now heads to President Joe Biden, who has said he will sign it into law.

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Far right House Republicans who have built their political careers by attacking the LGBTQ community, voiced extremist attacks on the bill.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) broke down in tears as she begged her colleagues to vote against protecting the marriages of same-sex and interracial couples.

Hartzler, first elected to Congress in 2010, has been a spokesperson for a Missouri anti-LGBTQ organization, and worked to block passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) equated same-sex marriages with polygamy, bestiality, and “child marriage.”

READ MORE: Marco Rubio Lashes Out Against Passage of Same-Sex Marriage Bill After His Attempt to Create Special Religious Rights Fails

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in one of her final acts in that role, gaveled in the vote.

Watch below or at this link.


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