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Former Aide Warns of ‘Dire’ Situation as Trump Believes ‘The Bottom of the Bottom of the Crazy Barrel’: CNN



Former President Donald Trump is reportedly still convinced that he will be “reinstated” as president this summer, which is why he’s been obsessively watching the widely panned “audit” of ballots taking place in Arizona.

One former Trump aide told CNN’s Dana Bash that they are now deeply concerned about Trump’s obsession with trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election, which has come despite the fact that multiple advisers have begged him to look toward the future instead of the past.

“We knew from his public statements how much he is focused, obsessed — unhealthily obsessed — with the 2020 election,” she said. “And that only continues in a very dire way. And I am using the word ‘dire’ because those are the terms that they are being described in by some of his former aides.”

She then recounted how one former Trump aide told her that the twice-impeached one-term president is willing to buy any theory that will justify his false belief that the election was stolen from him, no matter how insane or implausible.

“One former aide told me that… he is listening to, quote, ‘The bottom of the bottom of the crazies in the barrel,'” she said. “That is where he is, right now.”


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‘Bite You in the Back’: Retired Justice Stephen Breyer Issues ‘Rigid’ Warning to Former Colleagues in New Interview



In an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace that will air on Sunday night, recently retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer cautioned his former colleagues to think hard and deep about issuing any more rulings that could plunge the country into turmoil like the last session’s Dobbs decision that overturned reproductive rights for women.

According to Breyer, there is little thought given by some of his colleagues that their decisions could come back to haunt them.

Speaking with Wallace he explained, “You start writing too rigidly and you will see, the world will come around and bite you in the back,” before adding, “Because you will find something you see just doesn’t work at all. And the Supreme Court, somewhat to the difference of others, has that kind of problem in spades.”

He then elaborated, “Life is complex, life changes. And we want to maintain insofar as we can – everybody does – certain key moral-political values: democracy, human rights, equality, rule of law, etc. To try to do that in an ever-changing world. If you think you can do that by writing 16 computer programs – I just disagree.”

READ MORE: Trump lashes out at ‘lonely and pathetic’ critic in late-night attack on CNN: ‘I was probably the only one watching’

As for the overturning of Roe v Wade, he claimed he vehemently opposed the 6-3 ruling that resulted in massive protests not only outside the court but in front of some justice’s homes.

“And you say did I like this Dobbs decision? Of course, I didn’t. Of course, I didn’t,” Breyer exclaimed. “Was I happy about it? Not for an instant. Did I do everything I could to persuade people? Of course, of course. But there we are and now we go on. We try to work together.”

You can read more from his yet-to-be-shown interview here.


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Trump Judge Smacks Down Dershowitz’s Demand DOJ Give Back Mike Lindell’s Seized Cell Phone in Scathing Ruling



My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will not be getting his cell phone back any time soon, even after his new lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, demanded it from a federal court in their First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment lawsuit against Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray.

Lindell’s phone was seized by federal agents at a Minnesota Hardee’s drive-thru after a duck hunting trip the shredded foam entrepreneur and right wing conspiracy theorist recently took. Last week he accused the federal government of engaging in “Gestapo tactics” for taking his phone, despite a warrant that shows he is reportedly under investigation for possible identity theft, conspiring to damage a protected computer connected to a suspected voting equipment security breach, and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

On Tuesday Dershowitz and three other attorneys filed suit against the DOJ in a Minnesota federal court.

READ MORE: Mike Lindell’s New Attorney Alan Dershowitz Is Suing DOJ Demanding ‘Special Master’ to Return His Cell Phone

On Wednesday Dershowitz and the other attorneys filed a memorandum demanding the judge appoint a special master, and in an interview on Lindell’s streaming video website went so far as to state, “What we’re seeking is what President Trump got in the Mar-a-Lago case, the appointment of a special investigator to look into this – or return of the cell phone.”

On Thursday United States District Court Judge Eric Tostrud of Minnesota, appointed by Donald Trump in 2018, responded, in this order posted by Politico’s Kyle Cheney.

“Denied,” he wrote in his ruling, while criticizing the attorneys’ work, presumably including Dershowitz’s.

“Plaintiffs,” Judge Tostrud wrote, “have not served Defendants [Garland and Wray] with the Complaint, or at least Plaintiffs have not yet filed any proof of service.”

That was just the first slap.

Lindell’s attorneys, including Dershowitz, had said the seizure of Lindell’s phone constituted an “emergency,” and filed a request for a temporary restraining order.

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Judge Tostrud spent the next several pages of his Thursday order explaining all the technical and legal reasons why the motion requesting Lindell’s phone be returned were faulty or just wrong.

Among them: “A temporary restraining order is an ‘extraordinary remedy.'”

Other legalese include, “The request does not comply with Rule 65(b),” “With respect to subparagraph (b)(1)(B), however, Plaintiffs’ attorney filed no certification,” and “Plaintiffs do not discuss the Rule or cite any authority that might explain why the cellphone’s return is appropriate under the Rule.”

Other damning language includes, “But that’s it,” “that’s understating things,” and “it would be a stretch to grant relief.”

READ MORE: FBI Grabbing Mike Lindell’s Phone May Yield Info on Fascist White Supremacist and Christian Nationalist He Is Bankrolling

Then there’s this one: “It is a familiar rule that courts of equity do not ordinarily restrain criminal prosecutions.”

The Judge even cites Wednesday evening’s 11th Circuit smack-down of Donald Trump’s attempt to claim 100 classified documents may or may not be classified but should be returned to him, in his criticisms.

Top national security attorney Brad Moss referred to that as he mocked Dershowitz, saying, “nice lawyering, sir.”

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‘Onesie-Twosies’: DeSantis Declares Florida Not Seeing ‘Mass’ Migration in Defense for Going to Texas for Immigrants



Criticizing “Biden” for “flying these people all over the fruited plane,” Republican Governor Ron DeSantis defended his scheme to go into Texas to take asylum-seeking immigrants, round them up, and send them to Martha’s Vineyard by stating there is not “mass” migration into Florida.

DeSantis, facing a tight re-election battle against Democratic former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, is under fire from the left and the right for what some legal experts say may be a kidnapping or human trafficking operation. One Texas sheriff has already announced he is opening an investigation into the DeSantis escapade, several Massachusetts attorneys are looking at suing DeSantis, and the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney is talking with DOJ about possible legal action as well.

“The problem is is we’re not seeing mass movements of them into Florida so you end up with a car of maybe two, and if you know that that’s illegal and there’s someone that’s kind of smuggling then committing crimes then you can do arrests,” DeSantis told reporters at a news conference Tuesday. “There have been drug seizures. ”

READ MORE: Trump Handpicked Special Master’s First Hearing ‘Not Going Well’ for Trump Attorneys: ‘That’s the End of It’

“That’s not effective enough to stop the mass migrations. They’re just coming in onesie-twosies.”

“We’ve had people on the border, we’ve done a lot of intelligence, Everyone down there will say, between a third and forty percent of the people coming across are seeking to end up in Florida.”

DeSantis also suggested his administration is profiling people “at the source,” meaning Texas, and “divert” to “sanctuary jurisdictions”

READ MORE: ‘They Said They Wanted This’: DeSantis on Defense Heads to Hannity Over Sending Asylum Seekers to Martha’s Vineyard

Attorney, MSNBC legal analyst and host Katie Zhang asked, “So DeSantis is preemptively—without any just cause or without being based upon any reasonable or reliable information—just kidnapping asylum-seekers and transporting them across state lines to dump them in another city?”

Watch below or at this link.



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