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Trump Campaign Fraudulently Claims ‘Democrats Are Trying to Steal the Election’ as President Calls to ‘Liberate’ Blue States



The Trump re-election campaign on Friday accused Democrats of “trying to STEAL THE ELECTION right before our eyes,” in an email blast with the subject line that reads “Cheaters.”

The email came to some just minutes after President Donald Trump issued a series of tweets that called on Americans to “LIBERATE” three blue states. At least one of them has been subjected to protests by right wing extremists who oppose the governor’s stay-at-home orders. Those orders have worked to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The protests have been linked to the DeVos family.

Washington Post columnist and University College London assistant professor of global politics Brian Klass warns Trump is laying the groundwork to get “his supporters to reject results” of the November election “and use violence.”

Earlier this week Trump posted this unhinged tweet:

In fact, the only “ballot harvesting” that has ever been charged was by a Republican in North Carolina.

EARLIER: Internet Accuses Trump of ‘Sedition’ and ‘Fomenting Insurrection’ Amid His Calls to ‘Liberate’ Blue States


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‘Vaccine or No Vaccine, We’re Back’: Trump Holds Disastrous Presser as Protesting Truckers’ Horns Drown Out Speakers



Protesting truckers and President Donald Trump’s lies were the main events Friday afternoon at a White House coronavirus vaccine update press conference, which had been delayed by nearly an hour. Some administration officials wore masks, some didn’t. The horns blared so loudly they took over at times, forcing the president to acknowledge them, by lying.

“They’re protesting in favor of President Trump, as opposed to against,” Trump lied on camera, insisting it is “the sign of love.”

The convoy of  truckers lined up outside the White House repeatedly interrupting Trump and other speakers were protesting what they say are too low shipping rates.

“This is our distress call to our commander in chief to address the problems we are facing,” Rick Santiago, who organized the protest, told The Washington Post. “He has called us heroes — his heroes need his help now.”

The noise was so bad at times it drowned out speakers’ and reporters’ voices.

Trump also lied about coronavirus testing, insisting there are so many tests available that technicians are hanging out with nothing to do.

He lied about the speed with which America will see a coronavirus vaccine.

So did the Secretary of Defense.

And Trump insisted that it’s full speed ahead, the country will reopen as fast as he can force it, and he’s not waiting for a vaccine or anything else. The President said Americans should “fight through” the coronavirus. Over 87,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, likely far more.

“Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back.”


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‘Every Word of This Is a Lie’: Trump’s New White House Press Secretary Flops by Fibbing – Gets Destroyed by Experts



“Soviet-style propagandizing”

President Donald Trump’s brand new White House press secretary has gotten off on the same wrong foot as every one of his other press secretaries have, by lying. And now she’s paying the price, with her reputation, just as Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Stephanie Grisham did.

Kayleigh McEnany, who Trump imported from his re-election campaign, struck out on Twitter Thursday with what many are declaring are complete and total lies about the President’s horrific coronavirus testing record.

(Speaking of records, McEnany’s is that of a racist, a birther, and a hypocrite.)

President Donald Trump likes to claim the U.S. has tested “more people” than any country in the world, but given the U.S. has the third-largest population, that’s not saying much. What matters is per-capita testing – how many tests per million people. And the U.S., thanks to Trump, is doing extremely poorly – and trending worse. Which means more people are dying than would have if Trump had gotten testing right.

For the record, the United States ranks first in the world for total number of coronavirus cases (653,751), and for total number of COVID-19 deaths (33,434). (Note: numbers are constantly being updated.)

The United States, which up until the coronavirus pandemic had been rated one of the most-prepared nations to handle a pandemic, currently ranks a dismal 43rd in the world for coronavirus testing, on a per-capita basis. (On Wednesday it was 49th.)

McEnany’s framing fits right in with the way every Trump administration official speaks about this President, as she shows in this series of tweets.

Many are outraged over her falsehoods and truth-twisting.

Global health activist, epidemiologist, and Assistant Professor at Yale School of Public Health Gregg Gonsalves makes quite clear McEnany’s claims are false.

The Nation’s sports editor Dave Zirin, a highly-respected journalist, apparently agreed – but had a few more points to make:

Cornell Law law professor Josh Chafetz:

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent:

Former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, former TIME managing editor, author Richard Stengel:

Contributor to The Nation Joshua Holland:

Writer at The New Yorker John Cassidy:

Newsweek White House Correspondent Andrew Feinberg:


Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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‘I’m Not Homophobic’: Franklin Graham Claims He’s Not ‘Bashing People Because They May Be Homosexual’



Franklin Graham is doing some public relations work for his Samaritan’s Purse conservative Christian non-profit after the organization was met with great concern and warnings for requiring its medical professionals and even its volunteers working at its Central Park coronavirus field hospital in New York City to sign a document agreeing to support Graham’s anti-LGBTQ beliefs.

After Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who has an ugly history of anti-LGBTQ and white nationalist remarks, announced on-air Wednesday that she was sending Samaritan’s Purse a “significant” donation, she asked Graham why the left is concerned about his anti-LGBTQ policies.

“We have a statement of faith, Laura,” Graham said, as Media Matters reports (video below).

“We believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. And that’s — that goes back to the beginning of time to the first man and woman that God created,” Graham claimed. “And this is our standard, and so for people that we hire — we are a Christian organization. We are a religious organization, so we want to hire people of like mind, and we have a statement of faith that we require our employees to sign. And in that is ‘a marriage is between a man and a woman,’ and this is very offensive to some people and the gay community.”

It’s also very offensive to the majority of Americans. Last year Gallup found nearly three out of four Americans (73%) believe same-sex relationship should be legal, and more than six in 10 (63%) believe marriages of same-sex couples should be legal.

“And listen,” Graham continued, “I’m not homophobic, and I’m certainly not going around bashing people because they may be homosexual.”

Graham literally is going around bashing people because they are gay.

“I believe in that God loves all of us. He created us all, but we also are sinners, and our sins separate us from God. And I want people to know how they can have a relationship with God, and that’s through faith in his son Jesus Christ. So, I don’t bash homosexuals. I want homosexuals to know the truth, that God does love them.”

Graham also wants gay people to know “the truth of the Gospel,” he has said, but as he preaches it.

“I’m not afraid of homosexuals, I’m really not — matter of fact, I love them,” Graham has said, “I love them enough to care to warn them that if they want to continue living like this, it’s the flames of hell for you.”

Last year Graham infamously warned Pete Buttigieg he will suffer “eternal damnation” if he does not “repent” his homosexuality.

“God’s Word defines homosexuality as sin,” Graham added, criticizing the former Indiana mayor for kissing his husband in public. It’s “something to be repentant of, not something to be flaunted, praised, or politicized.”

Graham’s use of the Bible as a weapon is very selective, as NCRM reported last year.

In 2018 he claimed now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged attempted rape was just something “he did as a teenager” – apparently no repentance required – unlike being gay, according to Graham.

He has also called an alleged child abuser (the details are horrific and sickening) a “great patriot.” Apparently no repentance required there, either.

And Graham has defended Trump’s affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels as “nobody’s business” — although he insisted in 1998 that Bill Clinton’s “sins are not private.”

Watch Graham and Ingraham on Fox News via Media Matters:



Franklin Graham Calls for School Boards to Be Majority Christian to Stop LGBT ‘Agenda to Indoctrinate’

Franklin Graham’s Astonishing Ungodly Hypocrisy

Franklin Graham Goes All in for Vladimir Putin 

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