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Trump Is ‘Our Chief Criminal Running a Crime Syndicate Out of the West Wing’: Former Federal Prosecutor



Former federal prosecutor John Flannery is one of the over 1,100 former Justice Department lawyers and prosecutors who signed a letter demanding Attorney General Bill Barr resign after intervening to reduce the sentence of a close friend of President Donald Trump.

Flannery said that the backlash of Barr’s intrusion is there are many who feel isolated or intimidated from speaking out against illegal or unethical things they witness.

“What they’re doing is trying to erase the parallel case that was just the subject of the impeachment, because what [Roger] Stone is charged with was interfering in our election in 2016,” explained Flannery. “And then obstructing the investigation by the Intelligence Committee into that interference, and causing them to lie and threaten and so forth. So, they’d like to erase that.”

He noted that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is in a similar situation where he too was working on backchannels to Russia outside of the normal national security apparatus.

“It seems to me,” Flannery continued, “they’ll go to any political lengths to suppress that. But what I think the letter does — it does two things: it says this is an attorney general who has no business in that job. No. 2, it says that we have to encourage every person who is in the department to believe that they should stand by what they believe their oath of office is and to do the job right because there’s nobody that we can appeal to until we get rid of Barr as the attorney general and our chief executive, who is our chief criminal, who’s running a crime syndicate out of the West Wing.”

“That’s some pretty strong language there, John,” said host Katy Tur.

Flannery agreed, saying that it’s clear America has reached a constitutional crisis.

“I think there’s a stillness in the reaction of people, which happens when a terroristic thing happens like the fact that there’s no law followed, no constitutional followed, no demeanor followed, no rules, and what we see is slander, exaggeration, lies, and force, power, instead of the rule of law,” he continued. “And that’s an incredible historic event for America.”

Tur asked if calling it a criminal syndicate convinces people or that using that langue forces people to dig in further on their beliefs.

Flannery explained that the prosecutors that walked off the case were doing so based on the facts, not based on politics.

“You can’t win the arguments you don’t make,” he said about those who dig in on their opinions. “When an administration obstructs justice, threatens people, violates a variety of laws including bribery and so forth, even though the senators don’t have the spine to do what they should have done because they’re afraid of the chief executive compromising their position in office, don’t lose your phony-bologna job, and they would rather get what they can despite the character flaws and worse of the chief executive that they have and support.”

He cited a friend of his who has been a lifelong Republican who said he would never vote for another Republican again as long as it’s the Trump party.

“It’s a lawless party run but a lawless leader should not be running this government,” he closed.

Watch the interview below:

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Marjorie Taylor Green’s Chief of Staff Quits — Hours After Her Very Public Meltdown on the Capitol Steps



Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) lost her most senior staffer on Friday after she made a scene on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

NBC News reported Greene “instigated a shouting match with a group of House Democrats who were holding an event outside the U.S. Capitol on Friday.”

Greene screamed that Democrats support “murder” for supporting abortion rights.

Following the incident, Greene announced that her chief of staff had “advised” her that he would no longer be working in her office.

“I want to thank my Chief of Staff, Patrick Parsons, for helping me take the fight to the Socialist Democrats as I’ve transitioned into Congress. He’s advised me he will be moving back into the political arena to help elect America First conservatives who can fight alongside me,” she posted to Twitter.


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‘Intentionally Misleading or Staggeringly Ignorant’: Maricopa County Destroys Cyber Ninjas After ‘Laughable’ Audit



Maricopa County officials Friday afternoon responded in detail to claims made by Cyber Ninjas in the $6 million six month “audit” of the Arizona county’s ballots from the 2020 presidential election. Late Thursday night multiple news organizations reported that Cyber Ninjas’ audit, officially released Friday afternoon, found Joe Biden did win the election in Arizona, as originally reported nearly one year ago, and actually walked away with even more votes that first reported, while Donald Trump, the company concluded, got even less.

But the devil is in the details and after six frustrating months of dealing with a company that reportedly has zero expertise in auditing elections, Maricopa County officials blasted some of the “critical concerns” Cyber Ninjas claimed in their report.

Via a lengthy series of tweets Maricopa County officials destroyed Cyber Ninja’s audit, which is being called a “fraudit” and a sham.

For example, calling it “intentionally misleading or staggeringly ignorant,” Maricopa County blasted Cyber Ninjas and GOP state senators over the claim and “concern” that 23,344 mail-in ballots voted from a prior address:

County officials went even further, writing:

1) Military and overseas voters can cast a “federal only ballot” despite living outside the U.S. The address tied to their ballot would be their prior address in AZ.
2) People are allowed to move from one house to another (or even one state to another) in October and November of an election year (yes, shocking!). If the driver’s license address matches the voter registration address, they are still allowed to vote.
3) For the November General Election Maricopa County had 20,933 one-time temporary address requests. In addition, snowbirds and college students tend to have forwarding addresses when they are out of the county.
4) Mail-in ballots are not forwarded to another address.

In another they called it “laughable” that Cyber Ninjas were concerned that in a state of “more than 7 million people” … “yes, some of them share names & birth years.”

“If Cyber Ninjas understood data analysis, they would have performed standard processes to rule out situations that lead to faulty conclusions,” county officials added.

And even more criticisms:

You can read them all here.


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‘Pretty Much the Ball Game’: Trump Just Lost Any Chance of Being Able to Claim Executive Privilege



White House press secretary Jen Psaki Friday afternoon casually let reporters know President Joe Biden will not invoke executive privilege on behalf of former president Donald Trump when the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack requests documents.

Trump is claiming that his status as a former president allows him to retain executive privilege rights, which is wrong. The ability to invoke executive privilege rests only with the current president, and is well-defined.

“The president has already concluded it would not be appropriate to exert executive privilege,” Psaki told Huffpost White House correspondent S.V. Dáte when asked.

(Dáte is the reporter who possibly is best-known for asking then-President Donald Trump last year in August, live and on-camera, “do you regret at all, all the lying that you’ve done to the American people?“)

Top national security expert and attorney Bradley Moss quickly weighed in, saying “this would pretty much be the ball game on that issue,” meaning there’s nearly no chance Trump will get that protection, barring “intervention” from the Library of Congress’s Archivist.


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