Nadler: ‘Absolutely’ Will Take Mueller Report Fight to SCOTUS if Necessary

Jerry Nadler
With the Mueller report now completed and sent to the Department of Justice, speculation remains if any part of the report will ever see the light of day. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), on today's Face The Nation, made it clear that he intends to feel the release of the full report, possibly taking it to the Supreme Court of the United States if necessary.

Nadler said that the House Judiciary Committee would, "try to negotiate and try everything else first but if we have to, yes, we will certainly issue subpoenas to get that information.” 

In a follow-up question, he did make it clear that he was "absolutely" willing to take this all the way to the SCOTUS.

"It’s so crucial that the entire report and the evidence underlying it be released to the public," said Nadler.

Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Nadler if he would take issue with the President getting to review the report first, "for any executive privilege issues. 

"I certainly hope that does not happen, and I certainly do have a problem with that," said Nadler. "This is an investigation of the White House, the president, and the people around him for alleged misconduct in various different ways, and for subverting the Constitution in various different ways."

"As we know from the Nixon tapes case, which the supreme court decided 9-0, executive privilege cannot be used to shield wrongdoing," added Nadler. "They certainly should not get an advance look at the report, the report should go public in its entirety, and see where the chips fall.

Mueller presented his report to the Department of Justice on Friday. The DOJ promised a summary to Congress as soon as this weekend. It has yet to do so.

View the exchanges below:

Image via screen capture from video source.

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