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Rudy Giuliani Just Posted the Stupidest. Tweet. Ever.



Rudy Giuliani.

That’s really all we should have to say to prove the above headline is true, but details will make this all the more astonishingly insane, and enjoyable.

On Friday, Rudy “truth isn’t truth” Giuliani posted a ludicrous tweet. The contents were the least interesting thing about it.

Giuliani had written, “Mueller filed an indictment just as the President left for G-20.In July he indicted the Russians who will never come here just before he left for Helsinki.”

That lack of a space between “G-20.” and “In” automatically created a web link screaming to be put too good use.

It was.

The lack of spaces between two of the tweet’s three sentences left it ripe for one enterprising patriotic web designer to register a domain name and throw up a quick text page that reads, “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country.”

FIVE DAYS LATER Giuliani has just realized what a good portion of social media users (thanks to articles like NCRM’s) knew and had a good laugh over.

Except, like a typical “personal responsibility” conservative, Giuliani cannot take personal responsibility.

Instead, he sees a left wing plot.

“Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti-President message,” the former NYC mayor just tweeted. “The same thing-period no space-occurred later and it didn’t happen. Don’t tell me they are not committed cardcarrying anti-Trumpers.”


It’s one thing to not understand how the Internet works, despite being President Trump’s cybersecurity expert. It’s another to see some far left conspiracy, especially when the man you work for has been colluding with Russia, tampering with witnesses, and obstructing justice for years – and you’re defending him.

Here’s what has to be the stupidest tweet ever:





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Republicans Reveal Special Strategy to Win in 2020: Reduce Debt and Repeal ObamaCare



House Republicans are meeting in Baltimore this week for their annual policy retreat, and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) took time on Friday to share their special strategy to win in 2020: reduce the debt and repeal ObamaCare.

“The first thing we would do is make sure our debt is taken care of,” Leader McCarthy told reporters.  Under President Donald Trump federal spending has spiraled out of control. The federal budget deficit this week just hit $1 trillion.

“We want to protect pre-existing conditions. We want to lower the cost of health care while raising quality overall,” McCarthy added.

That’s false.

And in fact, McCarthy earlier this year admitted House Republicans tried to kill protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Meanwhile, under President Donald Trump Republicans are literally suing for the right to not only make it legal for insurance companies to ignore the ObamaCare mandate that requires them to cover everyone, regardless of pre-existing condition status, at the same prices (not charge people with pre-existing conditions more) but they have asked the federal courts to declare ObamaCare in its entirety unconstitutional. One federal judge has already ruled, stating he finds ObamaCare unconstitutional.

Since that ruling President Trump has asked the Supreme Court to kill ObamaCare.

As Bloomberg News reports,  however, Republicans say they plan to “reduce the debt by repealing Obamacare.” ObamaCare actually reduces the federal debt.

Republicans have already tried – and failed – more than 70 times, to repeal or replace ObamaCare.

Image by LaDawna Howard via Flickr and a CC license


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Internet Blasts ‘Petulant Brat’ Meghan McCain After She Defends AR-15s and Says ‘I’m Not Living Without Guns’



“If you’re talking about taking people’s guns from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence,” McCain says.

Meghan McCain is getting blasted for defending assault weapons and telling her co-hosts on “The View” that she won’t live without guns.  Her comments come just days after his yet another mass shooting in Texas left seven people dead and on the same day Walmart announced it will stop selling certain types of ammunition and asked customers to not carry guns openly in their stores.

After describing herself as the “chick on the panel that spent most of her break shooting,” McCain said ensuring guns remain legal is “a ground-level issue” for her, as The Daily Beast reported.

“If you’re going to be a gun-grabber, you don’t get my vote, period. We got to have a different conversation,” she announced.

“The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America, by far,” McCain continued. “I was just in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, if you’re talking about taking people’s guns from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence.”

After co-host Joy Behar reminded McCain that assault weapons had been banned for a decade (before Bush 43 decided to not push Congress to renew the ban,) McCain made her stunning  declaration.

“I’m not living without guns,” McCain announced. “It’s just that simple!”

The West Texas shooting over the weekend that left seven dead also left 22 injured, including a 17-month old baby.

Many took to social media to blast McCain, causing her name to be the second-highest trending item on Twitter.




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Thank You for Your Service. Sorry, Your Kids Aren’t US Citizens: Trump Changes Rules on Military Families Overseas



Imagine enlisting in the U.S. Armed Forces and being posted overseas. Perhaps you marry, have or adopt children, then try to bring your kids home to visit their grandparents for Christmas. Under a new Trump administration rule you might find out for the first time your children, born to American citizens but not born on American soil, are not U.S. citizens.

It’s an astonishing development, just the latest in President Donald Trump’s so-called “America First” brand of nationalism that, just like many of his other policies, could be most harmful to even his most ardent supporters.

The just-published rule reveals the U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Service “no longer considers children of U.S. government employees and U.S. armed forces members residing outside the United States as ‘residing in the United States’ for purposes of acquiring citizenship under INA 320.”

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Tal Kopan broke the news:

“The policy change explains that we will not consider children who live abroad with their parents to be residing in the United States even if their parents are U.S. government employees or U.S. service members stationed outside of the United States, and as a result, these children will no longer be considered to have acquired citizenship automatically,” USCIS spokesperson Meredith Parker told the military and veteran-focused news site Task & Purpose.

Here’s how one attorney explains it:

One reporter says USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli is “trying to backdoor an end to birthright citizenship.”

The USCIS does not say why the change is being made.


This is a breaking news and developing story. Details may change. This story will be updated, and NCRM will likely publish follow-up stories on this news. Stay tuned and refresh for updates.

Image by The White House via Flickr 

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