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  • New And Disturbing Details Emerge About Leelah Alcorn's Life From Posts She Made To Reddit

    17-year old Ohio transgender teen Leelah Alcorn took her life last weekend. Her Tumblr posts were tragic, but her Reddit posts pose serious questions about how she was treated.

    By now, many people across the nation have heard about the life – and death by suicide – of Leelah Alcorn

    She was 17 and grew up in a tiny Ohio town with ultra-conservative Christian parents whom she accuses of having denied her some very basic necessities, like access to friends.

    LOOK: Leelah Alcorn's Mother: 'We Loved Him Unconditionally' But 'Don't Support That, Religiously'

    Leelah's suicide note, published via delayed posting on Tumblr, exposes how her Christian parents treated her, and her apology note confirms how she felt – or what she wanted the world to see – about her parents, but several posts on the social media site Reddit offer even more insight and very concerning details about her life.

    Alcorn on Tumblr complained that her parents only let her see Christian therapists who told her she "should look to God for help."

    "I never actually got the therapy I needed to cure me of my depression," she wrote on Tumblr. On Reddit, in a post she titled, "I'm sure someone on here can convince me not to kill myself," she wrote she was taking what is a powerful (and popular, albeit older) anti-depressant.

    "I've been on prozac for about a year, and my dosages have been going up every couple months or so," she wrote one month ago. "I'm currently taking 60 mg every morning."

    The FDA states antidepressants, including Prozac, may increase the risk of suicide in children and adolescents. Also, the popular website Drugs.com suggests the maximum dosage for people 18 and younger is 20 mg. per day in most, though not all cases. Leelah wrote she was taking 60 mg. (Full disclosure: this is not a medical statement or advice, nor are we medical doctors.)

    Also revealing were statements Leelah made in a Reddit post two months ago, when she asked, "Is this considered abuse?"

    She wrote her parents "never physically hurt" her, "but they always talked to me in a very derogatory tone."

    They would say things like "You'll never be a real girl" or "What're you going to do, fuck boys?" or "God's going to send you straight to hell". These all made me feel awful about myself, I was christian at the time so I thought that God hated me and that I didn't deserve to be alive. I cut myself at least once every couple days, and I was constantly thinking about suicide.

    That statement might call into question Leelah's mother's claim that CNN reported:

    Her child came to her only once to talk about being transgender, Carla Alcorn insisted.

    Then there's this:

    Eventually I lied to them and told them I was straight and that I was a boy, and then the derogatory speech and neglect started to fade.

    She told Reddit (which is consistent with what she wrote in her suicide note) her parents took harsh measures when she came out:

    They took me out of public school, took away my phone and computer, and wouldn't let me on social media websites, so I was out of contact with any of my friends. I was like this for 5 months, completely and utterly alone. I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone outside of church and I wasn't allowed to be with any of my friends, I just had to stay in my house and be quiet.

    And on Reddit she added:

    I've gone out with my friends 3 times in the last year, because every time my parents cancel last minute and make me do something else. It's like they want me to have enough social interaction so I won't forget how to interact with humans, but they don't want me to actually have healthy relationships with people.

    Dan Savage has called for Leelah's parents and her therapists to be prosecuted.


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    • commented 2015-01-28 15:23:32 -0500
      Can I just ask, why is it that we believe the 17 year old child, with depression and possibly other mental disorders who is taking enough antidepressant each morning to kill a small child, over the seemingly perfectly sane and uninebriated parents?

    • commented 2015-01-06 04:13:22 -0500
      Would we be saying this about the parents if it were “just” a cis girl being forced to love Disney Princesses, pink, and purple? If she were cis and straight but a tomboy? Or if it were a cis straight boy who liked wearing nail polish and so forth, but didn’t identify as anything but straight and cis? And the parents constantly piled scorn and shame on the kid and the kid blogged about it but the kid was, in fact, getting therapy and medication for the ensuing depression?

      The missing piece here is the obscene suggestions put forth only slightly indirectly by LGBTQETC activists that teen suicide makes it easier to guilt straight America into passing or rescinding laws, or providing whatever it is demanded. I was 14 and questioning when the One Teenager In Ten campaign was rolled out. Plenty of queer teens I knew, including myself, felt like we “weren’t queer enough” because we didn’t feel like slitting our wrists over our situation. Queer teens feel like it is somehow a sacred duty, like that of the teen saints of the Middle Ages who self-mutilated and starved themselves to death, to martyr themselves so that the greater good may be served. As the Jesuits say, “ad majoram Dei gloriam” replace “Dei” with “Trans Rights” and you have the real driving force behind Leelah’s suicide. The one that wasn’t the depression that doubtless ran in her family — her parents weren’t clinging to a dogmatic version of religion because they were inhuman monsters. Most likely, they were doing it to quell the sense of doom and disorder in their own souls. They had a primal sense that this was what kept their heads just above water. They didn’t want their child to live in the Hell on Earth they did.

      Perhaps instead of vilifying people like this — which amounts to us digging a trench and going to war with them simply because we saw them digging a trench and stockpiling weapons — we should make EVERYONE involved more aware of the facts about depression and its heritability. Then families could draw together and support one another in their healing, instead of recapitulating the same queer family dramatics that have existed in this country since God knows when.

      But that would give us one less suicide to point to in hopes of shaming the straights into seeing our dubious moral superiority. And deny us one more hollow, duress-inspired paper victory.

    • commented 2015-01-05 23:53:31 -0500

      Help make leelahs last wish come true?
      She wanted all proceeds bto go to a transgender cooperation and she said she didn’t care which one. Plus you get this awesome shirt to help her memory live :)
      R.I.p. leelah

    • commented 2015-01-04 21:08:00 -0500
      This story does need to be circulated and the parents held accountable. Too many LGBT children and teens are harmed by ‘well intentioned’ family, and they end up dead or scarred for life. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs a wakeup call.

    • commented 2015-01-04 14:48:02 -0500
      leelah’s parents were abusive and should be prosecuted, but i want to address this articles claim that leelah’s prozac medication made her suicidal, and that it was wrong of her therapists to prescribe her 60mg. the article says that 20mg should the maximum dosage for youth (followed up, i’ll add, by the statement that they are not medical professionals and basically got their information by googling ‘prozac’).

      i started on prozac about a year ago at 10mg. it did nothing. 20mg was also weak. my psychiatrist upped the dosage 5mg every month when i would complain it was doing nothing. i take 40mg a day now, and i know several people who take more than that. THE REASON psychiatrists recommend prozac and its general form fluoxetine is because it’s less likely than other anti-depressants to worsen suicidal ideation.

      in short, while SSRi’s, a form of anti-depressants, can increase suicidal thoughts in a small subset of users (this a direct quote from the FDA review of SSRI’s), and minors should be started on low dosages of anti-depressants, a dosage of 60mg for a 17 year old teenager is not dangerous.

      to insinuate that leelah’s suicidal ideation was a result of overmedication and not parental abuse is absurd, and bordeline transmisogynistic.

    • commented 2015-01-04 07:29:39 -0500
      I’m sorry that Leelah committed suicide, but to claim the parents are guilty of murder is absurd. I don’t agree with the way they handled the situation, but there are lots of teenagers who have unaccepting parents and just wait it out.

      From the looks of things, the parents tried to help but was trying to fight the symptoms and not the cause of what was at the core of Leelah’s issues. This isn’t new, parents make mistakes and they were uneducated about what being transgender was all about.

      We don’t know everything that went on. We don’t know why the parents took Leelah out of school and off the internet because of conflicting reports. The mom states Leelah was looking at inappropriate things on the internet. I don’t know what she considers inappropriate.

      I say we let the parents grieve. I don’t doubt that they are hurt very deeply by what happened. The call for prosecution is ludicrous, especially by the lack of evidence. We had a lost, angry soul decide to take her life, let us grieve along with them.

    • commented 2015-01-03 12:02:36 -0500
      even though her tumblr is deleted, we all know it will be always archived. https://web.archive.org/web/20150102151434/http://lazerprincess.tumblr.com/

    • commented 2015-01-03 05:35:26 -0500
      @audrey Cartwright
      The parents are dangerous people who killed their daughter. They had all the chances they could have had to make it right. That child was killed because they couldn’t realise what they were doing was wrong. They did not deserve to raise her. They are not entitled to grieve in peace if they themselves killed their daughter and abused her.

    • commented 2015-01-03 01:21:31 -0500
      This is such a sad situation… many fall through the cracks. The parents only did what they thought was right… most parents want their children to be happy and successful .. we do the best with the knowledge we have…
      It’s a sad tragedy that these parents will have to live with for the rest of their lives and no matter what we think or say will never hit harder than what they are doing to themselves.
      Let them grieve and soul search without the harassment here and throughout the Web. …

    • posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-02 20:28:34 -0500
      New And Disturbing Details Emerge About Leelah Alcorn's Life From Posts She Made To Reddit

    • commented 2015-01-02 20:19:31 -0500

    • commented 2015-01-02 19:35:16 -0500
      Prosecute to the fullest extent allowed by law the parents of Leelah Alcorn. They are fully responsible for her death as if they had pushed her in front of the truck themselves. These are not parents: these are deranged animals and at the minimum must be locked up for life, and their church taxed as an institution that has no license to practice counseling. Those who may be licensed should be investigated as they sound like Marcus Bachmann who has a “degree” from a poorly recognized school and claims to be a practitioner of Reparative Therapy that every psychological group has condemned. Carol Wood Alcorn is at best a monster.

    • commented 2015-01-02 17:33:35 -0500
      Love your children for who they are and not what you or your religion or ideology want them to be.
      To deny your child’s true self is to abandon them in a cold world.
      If you don’t want a gay child, a transgender child or queer child, don’t have children because YOU do not decide this, the way their genes are wired does. They are born who they are and our jobs as parents are to embrace them and protect them from a world that can hurt them.
      If you can’t commit to accepting and fully supporting your child, be they gay, straight, transgendered or queer, have your tubes tied, your testes clipped or choose abstinence because not loving your child completely is child abuse.
      Think about how lonely Leelah was when she chose death over being denied her right to be loved and supported for who she was by the two people who had every obligation to be her shelter and not her storm.

    • commented 2015-01-02 15:17:28 -0500
      Not only across your nation, I believe the right quote will be “across the world” my thoughts are with you from wherever you are. You were a brave girl. Your fight will always be our fight. (México)

    • commented 2015-01-02 14:52:03 -0500
      They sacrificed their child to selfishness. They second guessed their ‘god,’and took out their hate and fear on an innocent child entrusted to their care. Euro-Christianity is a failed religion.

    • commented 2015-01-02 12:41:56 -0500
      No “Action Under Scripture” is too foul, too depraved, too sadistic. The man who lives by Scripture lives by a False Prophet; lives a wasted life; lives a life odious to God. He is doomed.

    • commented 2015-01-02 12:31:12 -0500
      You need to read all nostalgiaprincess’ Reddit posts. You missed the one where she says her parents told her they did not love her.

    • commented 2015-01-02 10:05:46 -0500
      Unfortunately, Ohio law provides an exception for “prayer” to a charge of child neglect. At best, we could look to the US Justice Department to prosecute her parents for violating her civil rights.

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