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‘The Child Would Not Be Safe’: Woman Who Says Herschel Walker Pressured Her to Have Abortion Says She Felt ‘Threatened’



The second woman to come forward to accuse Herschel Walker of paying for her abortion and pressuring her to have the procedure says he made her feel threatened and told her neither she nor her child would be “safe” if she were decide to give birth and keep the child.

“It is very menacing,” the woman, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, said on ABC’s”Good Morning America” Tuesday.

“I felt threatened, and I thought I had no choice.”

“He was very clear that he did not want me to have the child,” she says.

Last week at a press conference with her attorney, Doe, who says she is a registered independent and voted for Donald Trump twice, also said she had felt “pressured” by Walker to have the abortion. She told reporters she did not believe he is “morally fit” to be a U.S. Senator.

Walker, the Republican Party’s nominee for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia, has said he is against all abortion, and did not support allowances for common exceptions, such as rape or incest, as recently as August.

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“He said that because of his wife’s family and powerful people around him, that I would not be safe, and that the child would not be safe,” she added.

Despite how she says he made her feel, the woman, identified only as “Jane Doe,” appeared on camera and said, “I’ve kept this to myself for 30 years. I protected him.”

But after Walker not only again denied her accusation, but called it a “lie,” she agreed to an on-camera interview.

“When I saw the first woman coming forward a few weeks ago, he immediately called her a liar, and said, ‘I never signed anything with the letter H,’ and I knew I had many cards from him where he signed the letter H,” Doe told ABC News. “And so I believed then that she was telling the truth.”

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Doe showed ABC cards and even a photo she says is of Herschel Walker sleeping on a bed.

She says she had a six-year long affair with Walker, who was married at the time. They got together several times a week, usually in the mornings or before Walker’s NFL games. She has hotel receipts and a voicemail.

The first time she went to have the abortion he had pressured her into, she said, and could not go through with it. So Walker, she added, came to her house, drove her to the clinic, gave her cash to pay for it, and waited outside until it was done.

After she had the abortion, Walker “distanced himself from me almost immediately.”

ABC News spoke with several people Doe says she had told at the time about her affair with Walker. One allegedly took a photo of the couple at a 2019 conference.

During his debate last month against Democratic U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock, CNN reported, Walker appeared to change his position. He claimed he would support legislation that allows abortion until six weeks of pregnancy, and makes some exceptions for rape, incest, and in some cases health of the mother.

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CNN called Walker’s remarks during the debate “the latest in a string of examples of Walker attempting to walk back his strict position on abortion.”

In August at a campaign forum Walker said he was entirely against any and all abortion, citing his religious beliefs.

“So, I said, ‘I believe in life.’ I believe in life. And I said, you know, if anyone wants to have an exception, I said, ‘Not in my book,’” Walker declared, CNN reported. “I said, ‘I’m sorry. I feel bad for anyone that’s a victim of any kind of crime.’ I do. I feel like that. That is terrible and that’s horrible, but we deal with that as it comes.”

“But right now, to say that it is OK for a woman to kill her baby when they said, ‘Thou shall not kill,’ and I said, ‘I can’t square, I can’t get around that.’ So, I will always vote for what my religious beliefs tell me. … Not what people tell me to do just to go along to get along.”

The abortion scandals are just the latest in the embattled candidate’s run for office. Walker, a former NFL star, after numerous reports, admitted he fathered four children with four different women, one of whom was the first to say he pressured her to have an abortion. Their child, who is approximately ten now, is from her second pregnancy from Walker, she says. She refused his urging to abort that pregnancy.

Walker, who for years has positioned himself as a great father, lecturing Black men to stay and help raise the children they fathered, was highly criticized in an emotional video and angry remarks by his eldest son. Christian Walker, a conservative social  media influencer, was among his father’s top supporters, but has since said, “everything has been a lie.”

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Herschel Walker is not known to have been diagnosed with CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. But conservative pundit Andrew Sullivan last month wrote, “it’s amazing that the possibility of CTE has barely been raised, even though he has shown classic symptoms — no impulse control, murderous rage, incoherent speech, and even multiple personalities — for decades.”

Also last month, as NCRM reported, Tufts University Professor of Psychiatry Nassir Ghaemi, M.D., M.P.H. wrote in Psychology Today about Walker’s Dissociative Identity Disorder diagnosis and about the possibility of CTE.

“The most salient feature of Walker’s biography is that he is a famous football player. As is well known, American football is associated with repeated concussions and very high rates of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE),” Ghaemi writes. “Typical symptoms of CTE are depression, marked impulsivity, violence, suicidality, and, eventually, cognitive decline. Walker, as he has noted, has described some of his psychiatric symptoms, and they mostly represent impulsivity, violence, and suicidality.”

“CTE does not go away,” he adds. “It gets worse over time. So if it is present, it would be concerning.”

Watch ABC’s interview with “Jane Doe” below or at this link.

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