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Intel Expert Fears Trump Will Use the Military to Declare He Won the Election — Even if He Didn’t



Long-time counterintelligence expert and former Naval Intelligence Officer Malcolm Nance warned that President Donald Trump would use every tool he has to stay in power at whatever cost to the nation.

He explained that a recent Atlantic article predicting the election will “break America” is spot on.

“It’s true. The Republican Party sees themselves as not just the enablers of President Trump anymore; they are the enforcers of his law,” said Nance. “And as far as he’s concerned, his dictum, what comes out of his mouth, is law.”

He also predicted that there would be a lot more that Americans see from foreign campaigns pushing Trump’s candidacy.

“I suspect that we’re also going to be seeing a lot more action from foreign actors. What I fear most is on election night, as the first results are coming in, whether it’s Russia, North Korea — whether it’s the Trump data team, and President Trump himself, they will start mass pushing through social media that he won,” Nance predicted. “They will create a psychological framework of their victory, even though no one will declare it, except for President Trump and the Republican Party. That, right there, will fracture this nation right down the middle. And I do not believe for not one moment, that he will not use the attorney general and all the tools of force in the united states government short of the armed forces.”

“It’s either he just doesn’t believe the polls and has his power-of-positive-thinking hat on and is like, ‘I can’t lose,’ and that’s what he thinks,” Nance continued. “Or he knows this is what people worry about, does he know something we don’t know, that Russia has already weighed in, that he’s gotten foreign helpers to help? This piece says Trump may win or lose but will insist the election was rigged. He’s not trying to prevent mail-in voting, but he’s discrediting the practice to lay the groundwork the post-election night to contest the results. The thing that a lot of people worry about is President Trump may think whatever he thinks in his head, but Republicans act on what he thinks to protect him and at the state level, Republicans, and at the federal level and now at the Supreme Court, will act on his dreams and keep him in power even if he loses.”

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Extremist Neo-Fascist Hate Group ‘Proud Boys’ Merchandise With Trump Order to ‘Stand Back, Stand By’ Already on Amazon



President Donald Trump fueled the far right extremist, neo-fascist, misogynistic, transphobic, Islamophobic, white nationalist, violence-promoting hate group “Proud Boys” during Tuesday night’s debate when he refused to condemn white supremacism.

Trump gave the group a direct order: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,” and they are thrilled – and taking him at his word.

Experts say Trump’s remarks effectively made him their leader, an “honor” the Proud Boys are only too happy to have.

Immediately the group took Trump’s words and incorporated them into their logo.

Now that logo, the logo of a dangerous hate group – including Trump’s directive – is appearing on merchandise at Amazon.

President Trump has helped normalize extremism.

His former counterterrorism chief at DHS condemned him for refusing to denounce white supremacism last night.

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Trump Has Choosen Right Wing Extremist Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS – Did Not Interview Any Other Candidates: NYT



President Donald Trump has reportedly chosen a far right wing religious extremist, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to be his third Supreme Court pick, according to The New York Times.

The Times is reporting, and contrary to Trump’s claims, that he did not interview any other candidates. Barrett was vetted, as much as any Trump White House candidates are, when he ultimately chose Brett Kavanaugh as his second SCOTUS choice.

Judge Barrett is anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice, and would vote to strike down Roe v. Wade and same-sex marriage.

She has made clear she does not respect stare decisis, the legal tenet that says Supreme Court decisions are settled law.

Barrett is just 48 years old, and could sit on the bench for four decades should she be confirmed.

Trump is slated to make his announcement Saturday at 5 PM.


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Pentagon Officials Are Worried Trump May Order Troops to Put Down Election Unrest: NYT



Senior Defense Department officials have been privately discussing resigning if President Donald Trump orders the American military to put down unrest in the wake of the 2020 election.

The New York Times reports that Pentagon officials are worried that Trump will try to use the military against American citizens who will be protesting him if he tries to stay in power even after losing the election.

“Several Pentagon officials said that such a move could prompt resignations among many of Mr. Trump’s senior generals,” including General Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Times reports.

The report notes that both Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper both opposed Trump this past summer when he wanted to use the military to put down protests against police brutality in Washington D.C., and would be unlikely to back him if he tried to do the same thing after losing an election.

But John Gans, who served as chief speechwriter to the defense secretary in the Obama administration, told the Times he was concerned about whether the military was really prepared to resist the president’s orders.

“The Pentagon plans for war with Canada and a zombie apocalypse, but they don’t want to plan for a contested election,” he said. “These are huge questions that have an impact on the reputation of the institution.”

Image: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead by Gage Skidmore via Flickr 

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