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House Investigating if Trump Lied to Mueller



The U.S. House of Representatives is investigating if President Donald Trump lied to Special Counsel Robert Mueller during his 22-month long Russia probe.

The Washington Post reports the attorney for the House revealed the existence of the investigation to a panel of judges. The House is arguing that it must be allowed to see secret grand-jury materials from Mueller’s investigation. The Dept. of Justice has been blocking that request after a lower court ordered the materials handed over to Congress.

The New York Times adds that the investigation is focused on the written answers Trump submitted to questions from the Special Counsel.

It is a crime to lie to the FBI or the DOJ.

This is a breaking news and developing story. Details may change. This story will be updated, and NCRM will likely publish follow-up stories on this news. Stay tuned and refresh for updates.

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Mary Trump: President Never Took SATs — and Paid Someone Else to Do It for Him



The explosive new tell-all book written by President Donald Trump’s niece about their family history alleges that the president only got into a good college because of a fraudulently obtained SAT score.

According to the New York Times, Mary Trump claims in her book that “as a high school student in Queens… Donald Trump paid someone to take a precollegiate test, the SAT, on his behalf.”

Mary Trump also claims that this fraudulent score helped him get into the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton business school, which the president often boasts about having attended.

The upcoming book, titled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” paints a frightening portrait of how the president was groomed by his father to be ruthless and unsympathetic toward other people. Even though the Trump family has sued to stop the book’s publication, it is currently slated to release next week.

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J. K. Rowling Compares ‘Transgender Hormone Therapy to Gay Conversion Therapy’



Through a series of 11 tweets, critics now say Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling is comparing “transgender hormone therapy to gay conversion therapy.”

“I’ve ignored fake tweets attributed to me and RTed widely,” Rowling began. “I’ve ignored porn tweeted at children on a thread about their art. I’ve ignored death and rape threats. I’m not going to ignore this. When you lie about what I believe about mental health medication and when you misrepresent the views of a trans woman for whom I feel nothing but admiration and solidarity, you cross a line.”

“I’ve written and spoken about my own mental health challenges, which include OCD, depression and anxiety. I did so recently in my essay ‘TERF Wars’. I’ve taken anti-depressants in the past and they helped me,” she said. “Many health professionals are concerned that young people struggling with their mental health are being shunted towards hormones and surgery when this may not be in their best interests. Many, myself included, believe we are watching a new kind of conversion therapy for young gay people, who are being set on a lifelong path of medicalisation that may result in the loss of their fertility and/or full sexual function.”

Rowling continued, “These concerns were explored by the recent BBC documentary about the Tavistock Clinic. Whistleblowers were talking about transitions driven by homophobia. As I’ve said many times, transition may be the answer for some. For others, it won’t – witness the accounts of detransitioners. ‘The system sees surgery as the easy fix to girls who do not conform.'”

The tweets went on with links to various articles articulating the author’s points. However, we should note that a research study in 2019 by Stonewall showed that de-transitioning is very rare and that of the 3,398 trans patients who spoke to the NHS Gender Identity Service between 2016 and 2017, less than one percent had expressed regrets about transition or had de-transitioned.

“Sophie is a trans woman and a true feminist ally,” Rowling tweeted next. “She was making the point that anti-depressants were over-prescribed to teenagers in the past, with serious consequences. The long-term health risks of cross-sex hormones have been now been tracked over a lengthy period. These side-effects are often minimised or denied by trans activists.”

Rowling added, “Carl Henegan, professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University, has described the off-label use of puberty blockers on under-18s as an ‘unregulated live experiment on children’. None of that may trouble you or disturb your belief in your own righteousness. But if so, I can’t pretend I care much about your bad opinion of me.”

There certainly are an array of opinions about the wizarding legend. In an article published July 6 for The Atlantic, writer Helen Lewis likened Rowling’s extremely public missteps as of late to a deeply gratifying lesson in the Potterverse.

“Those who feel rejected and disoriented by that should look for comfort in the character who is the true moral center of the Potterverse,” Lewis wrote. “It was never Harry, the boy who happened to live, whose luck always holds, whose mistakes are minor. It is Severus Snape, who was made miserable by Harry’s father and took it out on Harry, who loved Harry’s mother and betrayed her friends, who redeemed himself with a morally repugnant act. A bully, a victim, a villain, and a hero: a human.”

But is it enough to cite foul human idiosyncrasies as a means to forgive inadequacies by individuals who should probably know better and do better in the process of human evolution? That will be decided over time in the court of public opinion. For now, we have this right here to digest and dismantle (click below to expand and see all 11 tweets).

Rowling was back at it on Twitter this morning with the interaction below. Get ready for another news cycle, folks.

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Chris Cuomo Has Had Enough, Tells Trump, Pence: ‘Do Your Damn Job’



Anderson Cooper wasn’t the only network powerhouse willing to use his voice for change against the President of the United States Monday night. His CNN colleague Chris Cuomo used his “Closing Argument” segment to debunk the perpetual liar-in-chief.

“We are failing to control the virus,” he began. “If you get sick, it’s going to be terrible.”

And he would know. Cuomo suffered from COVID-19 for months and reported to work when he could from his basement while in quarantine.  His brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, regularly appeared across from his sibling to document the atrocities of the pandemic. He was even hailed as “Acting President” for his take-charge approach to the pandemic as it blasted New York in the early days.

In Monday night’s on-air rant, Cuomo said, “Too many in positions of power are hiding the truth and hiding the reality from you – and they’re hiding from it themselves. The reasons are political.”

He implored the American people to stay steadfast and not succumb to the numbness confronting the plagued population.

“People are frustrated and tired of it,” Cuomo said. “The president is banking on that. That’s his strategy. You get bored and disinterested. You’ll even ignore the pain and commitment from the people he called heroes. The ones who choose to walk day after day into hospitals that are all too often out of control. To be there with those who are afraid who often die alone and care for the suffering. They can see with their own eyes what he is telling you is B.S.”

Cuomo didn’t mince words either when it came to Vice President Mike Pence, who has said he’s using the “whole of government approach” in combating the pandemic.

“The guy in charge of the task force – the vice president – he doesn’t want to get it done,” Cuomo said. “The whole of government approach. That would mean HHS handing down national guidelines for diagnostic and antibody testing. It would mean a strategy to honor hot spots and defining national reporting standards.”

Cuomo continued, “While we’re at it, it would mean the VA secretary showing up to answer how the hell he’s taking care of people we promised to do the best by. A labor secretary insisting on protection for workers, who have to be in dangerous places like meat processing plants. The HUD secretary defending fair housing rules at a time so many are hurting.”

His message Monday night was simple.

“In other words, it means do your damn job,” he said. “I know he doesn’t like the reality. What is your reality? Why are you there? And if you’re not going to help people, get the hell out. Let somebody else do it. There are plenty who want to do the right thing in this country.”

Watch Cuomo’s Monday night message below.

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