Trump’s Approval Ratings Take A Nose Dive As He Builds A Wall – Around Himself

Donald Trump speaking to supporters in Mesa, Arizona
It's been six days since the government began a partial shutdown under the direction of President Donald J. Trump. Now, a new poll shows what some are saying could possibly be the beginning of the end for Trump - a nose dive in the court of public opinion.

As Mueller continues his Russian election interference probe, the American people are already casting their "border wall" verdicts - guilty. In fact, the Morning Consult National Tracking Poll had some decidedly grim statistics for the troubled Commander-in-Chief and his extremely white base.

The findings show that only 39% of respondents approve of Trump, while 56% don't. To put it into perspective, he's about as popular now as he was in August 2017 after the Charlottsville protests.

A majority of Trump supporters polled also believe the president won't be able to obtain full funding for his border wall - a whopping 52% of them.

Then there's this: 43% plurality says he is mostly to blame for shutdown; 53% also say he didn’t do enough to stop it from happening.

The poll was conducted between Dec. 21-23, 2018. Registered voters were surveyed two hours before some government agencies shut down amid an impasse over wall funding. 39% of registered voters — including 80% of Republicans — approved of Trump’s job performance. However, 90% of Democrats surveyed did not approve (equating to 56%). As for Independents, that percentage was even higher at 57%.

Approximately 63% of those surveyed said they understood what caused the shutdown. To follow that up, 43% of registered voters said Trump was mostly to blame for the shutdown.

1,992 registered voters took part in the newest national online survey where 78% of voters said they had heard at least “some” about the government shutdown rumblings rotating throughout the current news cycles.

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