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Biden Explains Calling Supreme Court ‘Not Normal’ While Warning to Not ‘Politicize It’



President Joe Biden on Thursday afternoon defended calling the U.S. Supreme Court “not normal,” warned expanding it would “politicize” it, and suggested conservative justices are beginning to get the message of just how strongly their legitimacy is being questioned by the American people after numerous allegations of corruption and lack of transparency.

“Do you worry that without court reform, this conservative majority is too young and too conservative? That they might do too much harm?” he was asked by MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Thursday afternoon on “Deadline: White House” in a rare in-studio interview.

“Well, I think they may do too much harm,” the President agreed. “But I think if we start the process of trying to expand the court, we’re going to politicize it maybe forever in a way that is not healthy, that you can’t get back. I think – look – I think maybe it’s just the optimist in me, I think that some on the Court are beginning to realize their legitimacy is being questioned in ways that hadn’t been questioned in the past.”

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He also suggested, “maybe even the Chief Justice” has “a concern.”

“You said this court is ‘not normal.’ What did you mean?” Wallace asked the President.

“What I meant by that is it’s done more to unravel basic rights and basic decisions than any court in recent history, and that’s what I meant by ‘not normal.’ It’s, it’s gone out of its way to – for example, take a look at overruling Roe v. Wade. Take a look at the decision today, how it’s, how it’s ruled on a number of issues that are, have been precedent for 50, 60 years sometimes. And that’s what I meant by ‘not normal.'”

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The President appeared to be referring to Court’s decision Thursday morning effectively ending affirmative action admissions programs at colleges and universities across the country.

Watch the videos above or at this link.

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Republican Furious No ‘Real Wins,’ Like on ‘Transgender Surgeries’ as Shutdown Looms



The House is still not back in session after Speaker Mike Johnson approved an early two week vacation, and it won’t be until Wednesday, when lawmakers will have just three days to pass legislation and send it to the Senate then on to the President to avert a shutdown of about half the federal government.

Republicans “slipped Sunday in their last-minute scramble to head off a looming government shutdown deadline that could shutter vital services at the Transportation Department, strain food stamp programs and put housing assistance for millions of families in jeopardy,” The Washington Post reported.

One far-right wing Republican congressman appears to be gearing up to fight efforts to keep the government open, and he rattled off a list of grievances he has with his fellow Republicans. It’s not the first time. Congressman Roy lamented Republicans had nothing to run on last year.

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) on social media Monday blasted how the House may pass yet another continuing resolution to ensure the federal government stays open, while not having scored, in his estimation, any “real wins” on certain issues.

Without mentioning Speaker Johnson by name, Congressman Roy lamented “the status” of Republicans’ agenda points, denouncing what he sees as “NO PLAN TO FIGHT.”

Roy slammed House Republicans for going along with Johnson.

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“After passing 3 “’continuing resolutions’ (CR) for 5 mos. at Pelosi funding levels w/ promises to ‘fight,’ an NDAA [Defense authorization funding bill] w/ token ‘DEI’ policy wins & an extension of FISA spying-on-Americans, & no real border security wins, GOP leaders are poised to… INCREASE spending,” Rep. Roy complained, adding: “& likely fund Ukraine’s border…”

“This despite a year of hard-fought negotiating that gave us spending caps IN LAW we can enact simply with a CR thru 9/30 to cut total spending, leave defense & veterans untouched, & cut 10% ($73BB) of Biden’s non-defense bureaucracy…”

Roy continued complaining that Republicans are “publicly taking shutdown off the table (i.e. no leverage).”

“Worse, we are told that because there is war in Ukraine & China is dangerous, a CR that doesn’t ‘increase’ defense spending ‘doesn’t meet the moment.’ That’s why they aren’t leveraging spending caps in law!”

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He says they have been told only to expect “singles & doubles” and not “homeruns,” which, he adds, “means no real wins” on a slew of issues he appears to suggest are more important than keeping the government running. They include:

“border policies to end releases”
“student loans”
“transgender surgeries”
“climate/EV mandates”
“DOJ & Jack Smith or FACE Act prosecutions” (The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances law whois Roy wants to repeal.)
“reforms to COVID tyranny”

Roy concludes his rant by urging his fellow Republicans to “Pick a fight and win it.”

Earlier Monday Roy said, “Our reckless spending is bankrupting our country and fueling a weaponized government at war with our way of life.” Also Monday Roy suggested he wants to defund the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

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‘BadgerPundit’: Top Trump Attorney in Fake Electors Plot Hid Secret Twitter Account



Kenneth Chesebro, one of the architects of Donald Trump’s fake elector plot, had a secret Twitter account he hid from investigators in Michigan that he used to promote some of his extremist theories. In October Chesebro pleaded guilty to a felony in Georgia’s RICO case against Donald Trump and 18 others.

Using the handle “BadgerPundit,” Chesebro hid “dozens of damning posts that undercut his statements to investigators about his role in the election subversion scheme, a CNN KFile investigation has found,” CNN reported. “The Twitter posts reveal that even before the 2020 election, and then just two days after polls closed, Chesebro promoted a far more aggressive election subversion strategy than he later let on in his Michigan interview.”

When confronted with evidence the account belonged to Chesebro, his attorneys admitted it belonged to their client, while minimizing the damning posts as a “random stream of consciousness” where he was just “spitballing” and “being a goof.”

But, in one instance, when accused of promoting an article likened to the “death of democracy,” Chesebro on his secret social media account replied, “it’s called politics, dude,” CNN’s KFile team reports.

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“When he was doing volunteer work for the campaign, he was very specific and hunkered-down into being the lawyer that he is, and gave specific kinds of legal advice based on things that he thought were legitimate legal challenges, versus BadgerPundit, who is this other guy over there, just being a goof,” said Robert Langford, an attorney for Chesebro.

But CNN reveals that on his BadgerPundit Twitter account, Chesebro said, “You don’t get the big picture. Trump doesn’t have to get courts to declare him the winner of the vote. He just needs to convince Republican legislatures that the election was systematically rigged, but it’s impossible to run it again, so they should appoint electors instead.” That was posted to Twitter, now X, on November 7, 2020, “the day multiple media outlets, including CNN, called the election for Joe Biden.”

CNN reports that contrary to his secret social media claim, “in his interview with Michigan investigators, Chesebro said the very opposite, claiming that the entire electors plan was contingent on the courts.”

“I saw no scenario where Pence could count any vote for any state because there hadn’t been a court or a legislature in any state backing any of the alternate electors,” Chesebro said.

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In another twist, CNN reports, “In an email to Trump attorneys in early December 2020, Chesebro linked to a Google Drive account for the email address, which was once used by BadgerPundit in a tweet as his contact information. Chesebro also cited the BadgerPundit account in emails to a Trump campaign official and attorney John Eastman on January 5, 2021, pointing to tweets from BadgerPundit arguing that Pence had the authority to pick the electors on January 6.”

Chesebro’s BadgerPundit account on X still exists, but has been “protected” so only those he has granted access to can read his posts. ”

TheBadger14 is also identified by Chesebro in his bio on X as a blog. NCRM found that site has been active since at least 2011, but posts from the past few years are also hidden from public view. Its “About” page suggests it is a venue for Chesebro to discuss “mocking, through exaggeration for comic effect, relatively routine instances of progressives behaving badly.”

Read the entire CNN article here.

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Republicans Want to Cancel Biden State of the Union: ‘No Reason We Need to Invite Him’



House and Senate Republicans are pushing to stop President Joe Biden from delivering the annual State of the Union Address, a time-honored tradition that has its roots in a U.S. Constitution mandate.

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), who former Trump White House official Cassidy Hutchinson said was “central to the planning of Jan. 6,” including then-President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election to stay in power, says there is “no reason” to no rescind House Speaker Mike Johnson’s invitation to President Joe Biden to deliver the State of the Union Address on March 7.

“These illegal foreign nationals pouring in, fentanyl pouring in, and the deaths rising across America,” Congressman Perry told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo (video below). “We need to use every single point of leverage every single point, Maria, including the spending, and certainly including an address to the people from Congress. He comes at the invitation of Congress, the Republicans are in charge of the House.”

“There’s no reason that we need to invite him to get more propaganda and to actually blame the American people for the crisis he caused,” claimed Perry, a former chair of the far-right House Freedom Caucus. “We can spend the time reminding America that on day one, he countervailed the last administration’s policies that were securing our border that’s what probably the time would be better spent you served using.”

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In November the right-wing Cato Institute reported, “the Biden DHS is removing 3.5 times as many people per month as the Trump DHS did.”

Meanwhile, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) has filed legislation that would require President Joe Biden to “SUBMIT” a budget and “national security strategy” to address the border issue before he could be granted an invitation to deliver his State of the Union Address before a joint session of Congress.

Sen. Ernst’s bill is titled, the “Send Us Budget Materials and International Tactics In Time Act,” or the “SUBMIT IT Act.”

The U.S. Constitution requires the President “give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” Since 1790, Presidents have fulfilled that constitutional mandate 99 times before Congress, with in-person addresses. Presidents, traditionally, must be invited to address Congress. Speaker Johnson in theory could rescind his invitation.

Watch Congressman Perry below or at this link.

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