Schmidt Asks if Trump-Russia Is ‘Greatest Crime’ in US History – After Likening Manafort to ‘Russian Agent,’ Trump to ‘Caged Animal’

Political strategist Steve Schmidt, now a former Republican, offered strong words to describe the state of affairs of the Trump administration.

Nicolle Wallace on her MSNBC show Tuesday afternoon noted that "it feels like the walls are closing in, in terms of the fact pattern that Mueller has established," she told her former McCain campaign colleague.

"What I think we're seeing here," Schmidt responded, "and we're talking about the proposition of Paul Manafort spending the rest of his life in prison – unless, of course, he has reason to believe that he'll never serve a day in prison because he'll be pardoned by the President of the United States," Schmidt suggested.

"What we do know," Schmidt said, "for sure is that Paul Manafort is functionally a Russian agent. He worked for the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin was his paymaster. He was the chairman of the President's campaign. We know this Maria Butina was a Russian spy."

"And so when we look at it all, it's very worrisome if you're sitting there at the White House, and you look at the rashness of the tweets, you look at the increasingly erratic behavior, it's like any animals that's cornered, it starts to lash out and strike out and I think that's the type 0f behavior we're seeing in the Oval Office," he concluded.

Schmidt minutes later offered up more earth-shattering thoughts.

"We have enough information to sit and wonder now: Might this be the greatest crime in American history?" he asked. "The subversion of an American election by a foreign power, colluding with – in conspiracy with – the President's campaign."



A little Tuesday afternoon humor on the "Deadline: White House" set:


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