‘What a Stupid Question’: Trump Attacks Black Woman Reporter After She Asks the Question on Everyone’s Mind


Second Time This Week Trump Has Attacked a Black Woman Reporter

President Donald Trump has a long and ugly, history of attacking the press in general, and targeting individual reporters. With women reporters it's worse. And with Black women reporters even worse.

Just on Wednesday during an off-the-rails press conference Trump had an insane meltdown. He also attacked respected journalist Yamiche Alcindor, the White House correspondent for PBS Newshour, who is a frequent contributor on MSNBC and NBC News, and a former New York Times reporter.

Asked about his declaration of being a "nationalist," and if he understands that some see that as emboldening white nationalists, Trump told her, "That's such a racist question."

"That's such a racist question," he repeated, pointing his finger at her. "Let me tell you: That's a racist question," he said, as he repeatedly interrupted and cut her off.

Fast forward to Friday morning.

CNN's White House Correspondent Abby Phillip, one of many reporters speaking to the president on the White House lawn before he took off for Paris, asked what arguably is the one question on everyone's mind.

"Do you want acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker to rein in Mueller?"

It's clear Trump installed Matthew Whitaker to do just that. Whitaker has written publicly he thinks Mueller has gone too far. He has detailed ways to curtail Mueller's investigation. He's literally called it a "witch hunt."

Abby Phillip is a veteran reporter who has worked for The Washington Post, ABC News, and Politico.

She is also Black.

How did the President respond to her?

“What a stupid question that is. What a stupid question," he repeated, as he wagged his finger at her. "But I watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions."

The President did not actually answer her question.


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