Trump Just Quoted a Right Wing Extremist Calling To ‘Shut Down the Democrats New Mob Rule Strategy’

President Donald Trump, in a clear attempt to divert from his disastrous "60 Minutes" interview Sunday night, kicked off the week by quoting a right wing anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT extremist. Ben Shapiro, who recently was given a Fox News show, according to Trump called to "shut down the Democrats new Mob Rule strategy."

Monday morning Trump posted this tweet:

Trump's latest claim, that Democrats are an "angry mob," has exactly zero basis in fact or reality.

Meanwhile, just last week, a GOP candidate for governor warned his Democratic opponent, the current governor, that he was going to stomp on his face with golf cleats. A far right wing "men's rights" group allegedly attacked several people on the streets of New York, and anyone who has ever seen this video of Trump rallies knows what a mob looks like.

Some responses via Twitter:

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