Editor at Right Wing National Review Blasted Over Claim of Why Anti-Trump GOP Is Now Motivated to Vote


"'I’m so pissed you stood up for victims of sexual assault I’m gonna punish you' is peak Republicanism."

A well-known senior editor at the right wing website The National Review is getting totally owned after he posted a tweet claiming – and claiming to explain why – anti-Trump Republicans are motivated to run to the polls for the November midterms.

Jay Nordlinger, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign, says the way Democrats handled the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination has re-energized Republicans to vote next month.

Nordlinger quotes what he says is a "conservative who has been disgusted by the Trumpified GOP," and says this feeling is "common" among many anti-Trump Republicans.

“I didn’t think I could drag myself to the polls. But after the Left’s performance in the Kavanaugh affair, I would crawl across broken glass.”

Whether or not that sentiment is "common," we'll find out four weeks from Tuesday, but the thought process is just astonishingly illogical and insane.

Here's how some are blasting Nordlinger and his anti-Trump conservative pal via social media:

Image via Twitter

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