Hours After Filing to Impeach Rod Rosenstein Jim Jordan Announces He’s Running for Speaker

Freedom Caucus founder, right wing extremist, and one of the worst propagators of conspiracy theories in Congress, has just announced he is running to become the next Speaker of the House. Rep. Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, sent his fellow GOP lawmakers a "Dear Colleague" letter with the news.

Rep. Jordan's timing is suspect. Barely more than 12 hours earlier Jordan announced he was filing Articles of Impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – a clear attempt to derail the Mueller investigation.

His timing is also suspect because Jordan is fending off claims that he knew but did nothing about an Ohio State team doctor who is accused of sexual assault and misconduct by now over 100 former students. Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach for eight years, and many stay he had to have known. Some say they specifically told him of the abuse. Jordan wholly denies their claims, even to the point of calling them liars, while questioning if they were actually abused.

Jordan optimistically says he doesn't think the allegations will harm him.

Jordan's letter, which was first reported on by The Hill's Scott Wong, includes his urging to repeal ObamaCare and force those on welfare to work.  He also renews his calls to build Trump's wall, end federal funding to Planned Parenthood, and enact massive spending cuts.

Any of those would cause extreme damage to the nation. Any of them would harm millions of Americans.

Jordan does not have the support of outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan. That could hurt his chances – or help them.




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