Laura Ingraham: Migrant Kids Are Basically Just Going Off to Summer Camp

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham doesn't have any problem with the federal government taking children away at the southern U.S. border from their undocumented parents, many of whom are seeking asylum. She said Monday night that basically they're just going off to summer camp.

"So since more illegal immigrants are rushing the border, more kids are being separated from their parents,” the Fox News host told her viewers, many of whom support President Trump's policy. "And temporarily housed in what are, essentially, summer camps."

She continued: "Or, as what the San Diego Union-Tribune described them today, as looking like, basically, boarding schools.

Ingraham made that claim despite a photo of one of the internment camps on the screen behind her showing children sleeping on the floor of what looks like a warehouse, with only a mylar blanket.

The federal government is currently housing approximately 12,000 migrant children, in facilities that are being described as cages, complete with chain-link fence walls.

Ingraham recently survived a devastating boycott against her show's advertisers, kicked off when she cyberbullied Parkland student survivor David Hogg.

Here's Ingraham from Monday night:

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