Tucker Carlson Launches Lying Lecture Claiming ‘Elites’ Outraged Over Trump’s Child Snatching Hate Families

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson delivered one of his most offensive diatribes in recent memory Monday night. "Elites," Carlson claimed, are feigning outrage over President Trump's policy of separating young children from their undocumented parents at our Southern border.

Carlson actually insisted that many of those who say they are outraged by the child snatching "don't even have children," as if people can only have empathy if something affects them personally – a hallmark of conservative behavior. He also claimed those who are outraged – two-thirds of all Americans now – should instead be "worried about the collapse of the American family, which is measurable and real." Apparently he believes the trauma that child psychology experts say will have lifelong effects on these children, is not real.

"In fact," he continued, these elites on the left "welcome" the collapse of the American family, because "strong families are an impediment to their political power, and that's why they're always lecturing you about the patriarchy and the evil of the nuclear family."

There literally is no one lecturing about the "evil of the nuclear family" – no one says the nuclear family is evil.

In fact, if you Google "evil of the nuclear family" this is what you'd see:

Note that Tucker's own tweet is at the top, and Google could find only seven references in total – three of them about Carlson's insane claim.

Carlson then gets to the racism of his diatribe.

"This is one of those moments that tells you everything about our ruling class," he claims, neglecting to remind his Fox News viewers that "our ruling class" are actually the Republican majority in the House and Senate, the Republican in the White House, and even the Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

"They care far more about foreigners than about their own people," he says.

"Their own people." As if empathy should have borders. Or skin color.

"Millions and millions of American kids are growing up with one parent at home, families separated, thanks to [the elites'] policies, and that's fine with them."

Carlson neglected to mention what "elitist" policies are forcing parents to not live together, although apparently those policies are putting parents behind bars.

"So in that way these kids are just like the kids you've been watching on television," he falsely claimed. It's false because, as sad as it may be that parents who have committed crimes are behind bars, their children weren't fleeing exponentially worse violence and murder than we see in America. And many of those Carlson is talking about are behind bars for low-level drug offenses, when they should not be. Those aren't "elitist" policies forcing parents to not live together, those are frequently the Trump administration's policies.

He also claims that Democrats "are not interested in solutions," which is also a lie. All 49 Democratic Senators have signed onto a bill that would ban the separation of children from their families. Zero Republicans are supporting it.

Carlson, you'll remember, is best known for the moment when Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" got him fired after both mocking and decimating a little show Carlson co-hosted in 2004, on CNN, called "Crossfire."

Here's Tucker Carlson's meltdown from Monday Night's Fox News show:



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