Twitter Explodes Into Mockery and Memes Over New Official Trump Pence Logo


From Sexual Connotations to a Resemblance With White Supremacist Signs

In a fundraising email the Trump for President campaign late Friday morning unveiled its new Trump Pence 2016 logo, and everyone from pundits to politics watchers were quick to pounce.

As was Twitter Moments:

Political pundit and comedian Samantha Bee quickly offered this tweet:

Others were quick to respond:

Republican pundit Josh Barro said what many were thinking:

As did Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall:

Christian conservative commentator Erick Erickson went nuts:

And others commented on the original:

Some are comparing it to white supremacists logos:

Frankly, there's more out there, but it's even more inappropriate...

UPDATE: Donald Trump Delivers Speech Introducing Mike Pence as His VP Pick, Gets Mercilessly Mocked


Hat tip: The Hill and Joe.My.God.

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