Super Tuesday Final Results: Clinton, Trump Big Winners


Clinton and Trump each won seven states and the lion's share of delegates on Super Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had a big night. Here's how it ended.

Clinton won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. She picked up 453 additional delegates, bringing her total to 544.

Bernie Sanders took a total of four states: Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Vermont. He adds another 284 delegates to his count, bringing the total to 349.

Democrats need 2383 to win, so Clinton is 22.8% there, Sanders 14.6% there.

On the Republican side, Trump won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. That's 203 delegates, bringing his total to 285.

Ted Cruz had a better than expected evening, picking up three states: Alaska, Oklahoma, and Texas. He earns 144 more delegates, giving him 161 in total.

Marco Rubio eked out a win in Minnesota, his first-ever state win. He adds 71 delegates for a total of 87.

For the GOP, 1237 is the magic number. Trump is 23% there. Cruz, 13%. And Rubio, 7%.

There is no path to the nomination for Kasich and Carson, and Rubio is all but done. Cruz can now fight to stay in the game, if he has the funding to do so.

Note: All delegate counts via AP/New York Times