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The New Civil Rights Movement is a grassroots-funded news site that reports on politics, culture, women’s rights, discrimination, marriage equality, immigration, and international issues from an LGBTQ perspective.

Founded in November 2008 — days after the passing of Prop 8 — The New Civil Rights Movement (NCRM) works to cover issues impacting the LGBT community, from marriage equality to politics in general. Since 2008, NCRM has garnered a significant following nurtured by over twenty contributing writers and over 330,000 Likes on Facebook. NCRM is committed to being an online journal of news & opinion on gay rights and marriage equality, and attracts a diverse, vibrant and engaged audience across America by writing and reporting on the stuff that mainstream news sites don’t.

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GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Blog

Who reads NCRM?

77% of the NCRM readers use their mobile device to access NCRM content.
The average household income of an NCRM reader is $50,000 to 100,000. 25% of our readers have an income of more than $150,000.
Most of the NCRM readers are male (35%) and above the age of 24, with the average reader being in their forties, with no children.
The New Civil Rights Movement readers are politically active, and their primary general interest is political and global news.
The NCRM readers are also into Arts & Entertainment, Science, Technology, and Sports.

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NCRM’s content sponsors can speak one-on-one with our readers.

In-content sponsorships are written by David Badash, Editor in Chief of NCRM, in his voice and are endorsements of products or services that he has personally used. The tone is intended to be direct and conversational. This is great for startups and products that have interesting offers for new users and need a platform to reach digital-savvy and/or politically conscious customers. These advertisements will not be affected by adblockers.

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