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GOP supports Kanye West as social media boots rapper for antisemitic posts



On Thursday, the official Twitter account for Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee, published a tweet that seemed to oppose criticism of rapper Kanye West. The Twitter account has since been criticized for not deleting the tweet after West made antisemitic comments.

The House Judiciary GOP’s tweet seemed to refer to the rapper, the transphobic billionaire CEO of Telsa Motors, and the former president; three men who have been publicly criticized and penalized on social media for their inflammatory public statements.

However, after the tweet was published, West made numerous comments that have since been criticized as antisemitic.

In an interview last week with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, West accused Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, of orchestrating a Middle East peace deal “to make money.”

Then, via Instagram, the rapper shared a text exchange he had with fellow musician Sean “Puffy” Combs in which West wrote, “Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that old me to call me that no one can threaten or influence me. I told you this was war.”

The text seemed to imply that Jewish people are controlling Combs. Shortly after making the post, West’s Instagram account was restricted, though Meta (the company that owns Facebook and Instagram) didn’t explain why.

On Sunday, after a two-year hiatus from Twitter, West wrote in a now-deleted tweet, “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” West wrote in a Saturday night tweet. “The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

Twitter temporarily suspended West’s account after he published the tweet.

In a video criticizing West, the Anti-Defamation League wrote, “The greed theme has led to a long list of Jewish stereotypes, such as being money-oriented or controlling the world’s finances. The control theme seeks to falsely portray Jews as secret puppet masters ruling over others.”


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“The View’s” Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former Trump White House communications director; conservative commentators Meghan McCain and Bill Kristol, all wrote messages asking the House Judiciary GOP Committee to delete the tweet.

In response to the House Judiciary GOP’s tweet, journalist Judd Legum wrote on Twitter, “Kanye has spent the last several days promoting antisemitism and racism, and the House Judiciary Republicans could delete this tweet at any time. It’s not an accident that it’s still up.”

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Trump Hints He May Split from GOP, Dooming Their 2024 Election Chances



Former President Donald Trump has shared an article suggesting that he should run as a third-party candidate if the Republican Party doesn’t choose him as its nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

Trump shared the article, entitled “The Coming Split,” on his Truth Social page. The article asked, “What should we do when a majority of Republicans want Trump, but the Republican Party says we can’t have him?”

“The Republican machine has no intention of letting us choose Trump again,” the article stated. “He is not a uniparty team player. They’d rather lose an election to the Democrats, their brothers in crime, than win with Trump.”

The article said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is likely to win the Republican presidential nomination, but it refers to DeSantis’ likely nomination as a “fake non-choice among candidates who are pre-selected for us.”

“Do I think Trump can win as a third-party candidate? No. Would I vote for him as a third-party candidate? Yes,” the article stated. “Because I’m not interested in propping up this corrupt gravy-train any longer.”

It’s estimated that Trump commands at least 20 to 30 percent of the Republican voting base. If he split the Republican vote in a general election, it would all but guarantee a Democratic victory, something that the article’s writer acknowledged.

However, the article praises Trump as an “American” president rather than a “Republican” one, and says he, unlike other past presidents, delivered on his campaign promises.

Trump’s announcement of his third presidential campaign in November 2022 was met with little fanfare. Numerous Republican leaders hinted that they would prefer another candidate rather than Trump, who has continually claimed (without evidence) that an unprecedented nationwide conspiracy of voter fraud “stole” the 2020 election from him.

Other Republicans noted that the candidates endorsed by Trump in the 2022 midterm elections largely failed, helping dry up the expected  Republican “red wave” to overtake the U.S. Congress. Instead, Democrats now narrowly control the Senate while Republicans rule the House with a slim margin.

Trump also hinted in 2015 that he could run as a third-party candidate if he didn’t become the GOP’s presidential nominee.

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Matt Gaetz’s Law School Classmates Want Him to Resign — and Reveal Details of His College Years



In interviews with Business Insider, former classmates of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R -FL) when he was attending William & Mary Law School, expressed dismay at continuing reports of his sex scandals and want him to resign immediately.

Along the way, they recalled his hard-partying ways when they were in school with him, with one adding of his recent exploits that have him under federal investigation, “Am I surprised he’s partying with people or doing that kind of stuff? No.”

According to the report, “In interviews, many of Gaetz’s former friends and acquaintances from William & Mary Law School’s class of 2007 said they were embarrassed by the constant headlines about the GOP congressman’s scandals. Insider spoke with 14 of Gaetz’s former classmates. Most of them spoke on condition of anonymity to protect personal and professional relationships,” with Insider adding, “One former law-school classmate regularly trolls Gaetz on Twitter by welcoming the congressman’s critics to the ‘Matt Haetz Society.'”

Insider reports that “Of the more than 500 William & Mary Law School alumni who signed a petition urging Gaetz to resign, 34 of them were members of Gaetz’s own class of 2007, of which there were about 200 people overall.”

One former classmate admitted that they dread each report on the lawmaker.

“Every time The Daily Beast breaks another story on a Friday, it’s like, ‘Oh boy, go check Twitter,'” they stated.

During the interviews, emails from Gaetz’s college days were shared with one being an invitation to a Super Bowl party that also promised gambling and strippers — which one associate of the now-Florida lawmaker said was a joke.

“His invitation included specific requests: chips, one-dollar bills, and strippers,” Insider reports while quoting Gaetz writing, “I may ask you to bring some incidentals (napkins, cups, chips, strippers, ext.).P.S – After entering all of your email addresses it is painfully obvious that I don’t know enough girls – so bring some.”

According to the schoolmate who said they weren’t surprised by the lawmaker’s current partying, they admitted they were stunned that he might have had sex with underaged women, telling insider Gaetz “… has a very high sense of self-preservation. I’m surprised he wouldn’t check their references.”

“Gaetz’s law-school reputation — attention-seeking with a frat-boy vibe — is similar to how he comes across as a congressman, said a former classmate, ‘except he’s more over-the-top now,'” the report notes. “As a law student, Gaetz lived in a large multi-bedroom house near campus, more luxurious digs than the cramped apartments where some of his classmates lived. He often hosted friends there to play cards or drink from a keg in the basement.”

“There are a handful of students that stood out as being particularly intelligent, others as particularly aggressive — we call them ‘gunners,'” explained a former classmate before adding Gaetz “wasn’t either of those. He’s always been kind of a frat boy.”

With one former classmate calling Gaetz “embarrassing to the institution,” another said of his attempt to throw out the election results that led to Donald Trump’s loss, “In doing that he’s undermining our system of government and the rule of law. Obviously, it’s not great to have Matt be among our alumni. It’s not really the person you want to point to as a role model.”

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