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Fox News Guest Destroyed for Calling 16 Year Old UN Climate Activist Greta Thunberg a ‘Mentally Ill Swedish Child’



Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old girl on the spectrum, left Republicans in conniptions after a forceful speech at the United Nations General Assembly calling on older generations to act to save the planet for hers.

One such offended Republican was Michael Knowles of the right-wing Daily Wire, who went on Fox News and blasted Thunberg as a “mentally ill Swedish child” — only to be promptly demolished by Fox guest Christopher Hahn.

“The climate hysteria movement is not about science,” sneered Knowles. “If it were about science it would be led by scientists, rather than by politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who’s being exploited by her parents and by the international left.”

“How dare you,” said Hahn. “You’re a grown man and you’re attacking a child. Shame on you. She’s trying to do what she thinks is right.”

“I’m not,” said Knowles. “I’m attacking the left for exploiting a mentally ill child.”

“Relax, skinny boy!” snapped Hahn. “I’ve got this, okay. You’re attacking a child. You’re a grown man. Have some couth.”

“I’m attacking the left for exploiting a mentally ill child,” repeated Knowles.

“Maybe on your podcast, you get away with and say whatever you want because no one’s listening,” said Hahn. “You’re on national television. Be a grown-up when you’re talking about children. She’s trying to save the planet because your president doesn’t believe in climate change and kids need to take to the streets to worry about your future. You are despicable for talking about her like that, and you should apologize on national television right now.”

“I think the international left and her parents who are exploiting a girl with many mental illnesses—”

“You called her mentally ill!” shouted Hahn. “Take it back now.”

“She is mentally ill,” said Knowles. “She has autism, she has obsessive-compulsive disorder, she has selective mutism.”

“You are despicable!” said Hahn.

A Fox News spokesperson condemned Knowles remarks.

“The comment made by Michael Knowles who was a guest on The Story tonight was disgraceful,” the spokesperson said. “We apologize to Greta Thunberg and to our viewers.”

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Michigan GOP Candidate Slammed After Making Crude Comment About His Own Daughters Getting Raped



Robert Regan, a Republican candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives, is taking some heavy criticism after he made a crude analogy that involved a hypothetical rape of his own daughters, reports Fox 17.

While talking on Facebook Live with Adam de Angeli of the Michigan Rescue Coalition, Regan said that he didn’t believe that it was inevitable that the 2020 election would not be overturned, despite the fact that no purported evidence of voter fraud has so far held up in court.

It was in this context when discussing inevitability that Regan made his comment about rape.

“Having three daughters, I tell my daughters, ‘if rape is inevitable, you should just lay back and enjoy it,'” he said.

The comment drew an immediate rebuke from Amber Harris, who was also a guest on the show and who called Regan’s comments “shameful.”

Carol Glanville, Regan’s Democratic opponent, also slammed him for talking about his own daughters getting raped.

“I did not think I would need to clearly state on the campaign trail that rape is never inevitable, acceptable, or warranted and is the worst type of personal violation anyone could ever experience. In empathy and compassion, I stand with survivors everywhere while defending human rights,” she said.

Two years ago, one of Regan’s daughters publicly discouraged people from supporting her father during a different bid to win political office.

“If you’re in Michigan and 18+ please for the love of god do not vote for my dad,” she wrote on Twitter at the time. “Tell everyone.”

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‘Probably Have AIDS’: Trump Goes on Xenophobic Fear-Mongering Rant Attacking Haitian Refugees



Donald Trump Thursday night served up a xenophobic attack against Haitian refuges fleeing their country and seeking asylum in America during a telephone interview on Fox News.

According to the former president, “many” of the Haitian refugees “probably have AIDS.”

“And you know there’s one other thing that nobody talks about, so we have hundreds of thousands of people flowing in from Haiti,” Trump, in a fear-mongering rampage told Sean Hannity. “Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem. AIDS is a step beyond. AIDS is a real bad problem. Still hundreds of thousands of people are coming into our country. None of you look at the stats, if you look at the numbers, if you look at just take a look at what’s happening in Haiti, a tremendous problem with AIDS. Many of those people will probably have AIDS and they’re coming into our country, and we don’t do anything about it, we let everybody come in. Sean, it’s like a deathwish. It’s like a death wish for our country.”

In 2017 the Trump White House furiously tried to quash a New York Times report, denying that the new president had said Haitian immigrants “all had AIDS.” One year later the White House again tried to quash a leak revealing that Trump had called Haiti and countries in Africa “shithole countries.”

Listen to Trump on Fox News Thursday night:


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‘Streets Will Run Red With Blood’: Trump-Loving Senator Mocked for Ad Bragging She’s ‘More Conservative Than Attila the Hun’



A Republican U.S. Senator is being mocked and disparaged for her new TV ad which touts her “100% Trump voting record” and positions her as “more conservative than Attila the Hun.”

Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, who was appointed in January, is running to keep her seat. Her main opponent is Republican Congressman Doug Collins.

The ad says she’s “the most conservative Senator in America.”

The ad “jokes” about murdering journalists and political opponents.

Loeffler is no stranger to controversy.

The Dept. of Justice closed its investigation into Loeffler’s coronavirus stock trading scandal in May. She is the owner of the Atlanta Dream professional basketball team and has been criticized for opposing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now her new ad is drawing criticism, too.


Image via Facebook

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