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Trump Pick for Treasury Spox Spread ‘Secret Muslim’ Conspiracy Theories as an Obama-Bashing Blogger



President Donald Trump‘s pick to become the next spokesperson for the Treasury Dept. is his former pick to become a National Security Council deputy national security advisor.

Monica Crowley, who at one point was also a Fox News contributor, withdrew her nomination for the NSC position after it was revealed she had plagiarized portions of her 2012 book and her 2000 dissertation.

Crowley, a political pundit turned lobbyist advocating for a Ukrainian tycoon, is now facing yet another crisis.

She “repeatedly spread conspiracy theories that suggested then-President Barack Obama was secretly a Muslim who was sympathetic to America’s enemies,” CNN reports, adding she “made multiple comments spreading these false claims on her personal blog and in at least one tweet between 2009 and 2015, according to a review by CNN’s KFile team.”

In one August, 2010 blog post – two years in to his tenure as president – Crowley wrote of Obama, “The question is: can he be both loyal to Islam and loyal to the United States?”

The audacity of her words is startling.

“Over the weekend, President Obama made it clear that he supported the proposal to build an Islamic mosque and ‘community center’ within a stone’s throw of Ground Zero,” she wrote of a hot-button issue among anti-Islam extremists at the time. “He made his remarks at a Ramadan dinner at the White House, where he was surrounded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, whose mission it is to infiltrate, undermine, and ultimately destroy the American republic.”

“As a citizen and as President, I believe that Muslims have the same right…to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan,” he said.

Holy Allah broke loose after those words passed his lips. How could the commander-in-chief, whose sole job it is to protect us, support the mission of these mosque-building Islamists, whose sole job it is to destroy us from within? How could he be so callous? Short-sighted? Insensitive? Ignorant?

How could he….support the enemy?

To be clear, Muslims have the same right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, and the commander-in-chief’s sole job is to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” something conservatives are loathe to remember.

Crowley, who once stated her goal was to become a U.S. Senator for New York, continued her anti-Islam Obama bashing.

“Obama was born to a Muslim father, which under Islam automatically made him a Muslim. He says he converted to Christianity as an adult, which under Islam makes him an apostate. He grew up in Indonesia, which is the most populous Muslim nation on earth. His stepfather was also a Muslim. He was steeped in Islam thoughout his formative years, so it should come as no surprise that he has loyalties to Islam. During the 2008 campaign, he even slipped and claimed that the United States has “57” states, instead of 50. The number of Muslim states in the Organization of the Islamic Conference is 57.”

57 is also the number on bottles of Heinz ketchup but that says nothing about the now-former president’s burger-and-fries proclivities.

CNN goes on to report that Crowley also “Called birther conspiracy theories legitimate,” and “Said Obama was on the side of terrorists.”





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McEnany Blasted for ‘Hideous and Inappropriate’ Claim Reporters ‘Desperately’ Don’t Want Churches to Re-Open



White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is under fire from reporters and others after a journalist asked her a simple question about President Donald Trump’s demand that governors allow churches and other houses of worship to open “right now.”

President Trump does not have the legal authority to make that demand.

A CBS News reporter asked McEnany if President Trump supports churches who have been defying orders of the governors in their states to not re-open.

McEnany would not answer the reporter’s question, instead saying President Trump has “been very clear. He wants churches to re-open, he wants them to do it safely.”

“If the governor does not allow that,” the reporter pushed, “does he support those churches defying the governor’s orders?”

McEnany repeated her exact same response, once again not answering the very simple question.

“The answer is ‘yes’?” the reporter pressed.

“I just gave you an answer,” McEnany claimed. She then again repeated her canned statement.

“What provision of federal law allows the president to override the governors?” the reporter asked.

“The president will strongly encourage the governors to allow their churches to re-open,” McEnany again repeated. She then said, “Boy, it’s interesting to be in a room that desperately wants to seem to see these churches and houses of worship stay closed.”

She then pointed to Reuters’ Jeff Mason.

“Kayleigh, I object to that,” Mason replied. “I mean, I go to church. I’m dying to go back to church. The question that we’re asking you, and would like to have asked the President and Dr. Birx, is, ‘Is it safe?’ And if it’s not safe, is the President trying to encourage that or does the President agree with Dr. Birx that people should wait?”

Related: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Says Prayer Put Trump in the White House and ‘Ultimately’ She’s Working For God

“Jeff, it is safe to re-open your churches, if you do so in accordance with the guidelines,” McEnany, who is not a physician, immunologist, epidemiologist, or scientist, replied.

She once again twisted the interaction into suggesting that President Trump deserves their praise.

“I am thankful that we have a President that celebrates the First Amendment, the same Amendment that gives you all the ability to ask me questions, is there to have the freedom of worship.”

Other journalists weighed it.

CNN anchor:

Editor, LA Times DC bureau:

Founder and editor, Talking Points Memo:

CBS News reporter:

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