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Conservatives Claim Hillary Clinton Blood Clot, Hospitalization Faked



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When Hillary Clinton fainted from dehydration after the flu earlier this month, conservatives, like Allen West, called it the “Benghazi Flu,” in an attempt to claim she was refusing to testify before Congress on Benghazi. Now that the Secretary of State has been hospitalized with a blood clot after her concussion, of course, they’re apologizing, right?

Of course not.

Fox New commentator and right wing nut Monica Crowley labeled Hillary Clinton’s flu “a virus with impeccable timing,” on Twitter and in an exchange on Fox News with anchor Megyn Kelly, as Media Matters reported:

Kelly asked Crowley, “What’s really going on? I mean, she fainted sometime last week and can’t show up this Thursday for a previously scheduled testimony? I mean, there was speculation, I want all the viewers to know, about whether she’d really go” to the Benghazi hearing even before her illness. Kelly then said, “I’m not suggesting she didn’t get a concussion. But there is a legitimate question about, is — do we believe this is an excuse and that she really will show up to testify?” Crowley responded by referring to Clinton’s illness as “this virus with apparently impeccable timing.”

Fox News contributor John Bolton told host Greta van Susteren that when foreign service officers “don’t want to go to a meeting or conference or event,” they have “a diplomatic illness. And this is a diplomatic illness to beat the band.”

Almost former Congressman Allen West had said, “I’m not a doctor, but it seems as though – that the Secretary of State has come down with a case of Benghazi flu.”

And this, via Daily Kos:

The pride of the Washington Post Charles Krauthammer, who suggested that Clinton was suffering from:

… acute Benghazi allergy which causes lightheadedness when she hears the word Benghazi or is being asked about it. Tucker Carlson hack:

We’re told she collapsed and hit her head and got a concussion, and that’s why she can’t testify about Benghazi this week. And we’re supposed to just take her word for it. […]If she has a concussion, let’s see the medical report. Let’s see some proof that she’s not just stonewalling. If it’s true, then we can all wish her a speedy recovery. But it’s ridiculous to expect us to take her word for it.

Of course, all the above and more have now apologized, right? Retracted their hate statements, bowed their heads in shame, right?


Crickets, from them all.

But who is still speaking?

Asinine conservatives on Twitter and on blogs are now claiming Hillary Clinton being hospitalized for a blood clot, which was announced this evening, is a fraudulent attempt to dodge testifying about Benghazi.


[View the story “Conservatives Attack Hillary Clinton Even After Blood Clot Hospitalization” on Storify]

Conservatives Attack Hillary Clinton Even After Blood Clot Hospitalization

Storified by David Badash· Sun, Dec 30 2012 21:17:46

Imagine how much sympathy trim Bill Clinton will get if Hillary kicks it. #uspoli #tcot #hillary cc @PimpBillClintonD Frunk
Hillary fakes blood clot to avoid questions about her alleged concussion. #TCOT #benghazi @TheOnionErik Shelley
Gee! I hope those clots don’t cause any MEMORY LOSS for Hillary considering her #Benghazi testimony’s coming up… #convenient #tcotRhonda
See Hilary! Liars never prosper! … I know that’s cruel, but I had to say it! #tcot #Hillary #PATRIOTSam the Republican
Should I care that Hillary has a blood clot? She’s had blood on her hands for several months & Obama don’t care. Follow the leader!#tcotjohn q. public
Hag Hillary Clinton hospitalized: Hillary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot – YouTube Good news #tcotMike
Hillary fakes blood clot to avoid questions about her alleged concussion. #TCOT #benghazi @TheOnionErik Shelley
The Immaculate Concussion has now become Clot-gate! DECEITFUL Hillary Clinton ‘in hospital’ with blood clot #tcotThe Cosmic Kid â„¢
vince foster sends his best wishes to hillary clinton #p2 #tcotlonnie
Hillary has a blood clot? That’s what liberals call a fetus… so is she going to speak about #Benghazi after her abortion then? #tcotJami
Hey Hillary, I bet our guys at the UN in #Benghazi had blood clots form too while they were being murdered…. #tcot #LibyaJami
This benghazi thing must be a real problem for admin, if Hillary has to fake a blood clot. #tcot #tlot #maddow #sgp #NRA #edshowbbone
Hillary’s hematoma is probably going to affect the part of the brain which contains the “Benghazi memories” #tcotAnnabella
KARMA is a bitch, eh hillary? #tcot #lnyhbt @seanhannityT. Price
I don’t wish Hillary ill, but not sure I can believe any reports about her health any more, #LNYHBT #TCOTPat Gooley
First she LIES to save Obama now she fakes blood clot what’s next? Watch your back Hillary #Benghazi #tcot #tlotGreg Fettig
Wow, Hillary’s really taking this fake medical condition all the way to avoid testifying… #tcotKendall Clark
We are justified to doubt the clot claims from Hillary. She represents a party that could care less for the interests of Americans. #tcotAnnabella
#BestMemories2012 Hillary Clinton faking more injuries than a #NBA player with a guaranteed contract #tcot #tlot #p2 #lnyhbtMichael O’Seasnain
So where is Hillary’s clot? #Benghazi #bluedress #tcot #LNYHBTcolsie
HILLARY CLINTON IS ONE BIG LIE! Again, right before Benghazi Briefing she falls ill with supposed Blood Clot? BULLSHIT! #p2 #tcotRight Hand Jab
#Benghazi recap #Petraeus career shattered by extra marital affair and now Hillary MIA with brain clot, does anyone else smell a rat? #tcotBossyMother
Hillary “the wizard” Clinton implanted a blood clot in order to avoid the Benghazi herrings #GopFAIL #TCOT #Benghazi Ruotolo
BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama (The Chosen One) will outlaw (Ban) Benghazi Brain Region Blood Clots thanks to Hillary Clinton #p2 #tcotRight Hand Jab
Hillary Clinton is hospitalized with a blood clot following her concussion? A blood clot would be a good way to make it look real. #tcotD.R. Berry
We don’t have to worry about Hillary Clinton getting brain damage from her clot since there’s nothing there to damage #p2 #tcotConservative News
#ThankYouNotesDear Hillary,Thank you for proving that “lying” can come back and smack you upside your head! #tcotKathy in SC
HILLARY CLINTON is a MINION of Barack Hussein Obama & is NOTHING BUT TRASH we could do without! FUCK HILLARY CLINTON, shes a LIAR! #p2 #tcotRight Hand Jab
If Hillary is in trouble this might be a good time for a Priest to go talk to her about Vivce Foster, Rose Law Firm and Whitewater. #tcotSullivan’s Projects
All they know how to do is lie. I KNEW Hillary’s story wasn’t holding water. #TCOTproud2b4family
I still have my doubt that Hillary is really injured at all. #Benghazi must be really a big cover up. #tcot #ncpol @RuffusMD #bloodclotdi kele
Clinton: I did not have SEXual relations with that woman; Nixon: I am not a CROOK; BO/Hillary: WE R not the BUTCHERs of Benghazi ! #tcotI am John Galt!!
They should make a TV show called “A Thousand Ways To Get Out Of Testifying On #BenghaziGate” starring Hillary Clinton. #Benghazi #tcot #GOPTyler Leleux
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Bill Barr Slams Trump: DOJ Not ‘Conducting a Witch Hunt’ – ‘He Jerked Them Around’ – ‘No Excuse for What He Did’



Bill Barr, once Donald Trump‘s favorite attorney general and the one who was seen as his “faithful protector and personal henchman” for his “willingness to enable Trump’s darkest impulses,” came out swinging against his former boss Tuesday, refuting his “witch hunt” claims, and saying the ex-president “jerked” DOJ around over hundreds of classified and top secret documents he refused to return.

“I think if based on the facts, as the facts come out, I think over time, people will say that this is not a case of the Department of Justice, you know, conducting a ‘witch hunt,'” Barr told CBS News Tuesday, ahead of what many believe is an impending indictment on what experts say could include charges of obstruction of justice and charges under the Espionage Act.

“In fact,” Barr continued, praising his former agency, “they approached this very delicately, with deference to the President, and this would have gotten nowhere had the President just returned the documents.”

Instead, Barr said, Trump “jerked them around for a year and a half. And the question is, did he deceive them? And if there’s evidence of that, I think people will start to see that this says more about Trump than it does the Department of Justice.”

The ex-president who is once again running to retake the Oval Office, Barr says, is “so egotistical that he has this penchant for conducting risky, reckless acts to show that he can sort of get away with it.”

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“It’s part of asserting his his, his ego, and he’s done this repeatedly at the expense of all the people who depend on him to conduct the public’s business in an honorable way. And, you know, we saw that with both impeachments, and there’s no excuse for what he did here.”

Referring to what many believe is an impending indictment over the classified documents he removed from the White House and refused to return, Barr added, “I’ve said for a while that I think this is the most dangerous legal risk facing the former president. And if I had to bet I would bet that it’s near.”

He said DOJ would not try to indict “if there’s not enough evidence, but from what I’ve seen, there’s substantial evidence there.”

But true to form, Barr also defended his former boss.

Whether what Trump’s done is “a crime or not remains to be seen,” he said, while refusing to weigh in on whether or not he thinks Trump “deceived” DOJ.

Later in the interview, Barr went full-force on supporting Trump’s claims that the Russia investigation was a hoax.

“I went into the administration halfway through, and I did it at a time where I felt he was being treated unfairly on the Russia gate thing. I thought that was, you know, turned out to be I think a big lie,” Barr said.

“And I felt that he was the duly elected president and he deserved a chance to conduct his administration. And I went in because I thought I could help stabilize things and also have the administration conducted in an appropriate way. And as I felt the idea that the election was stolen was a big lie.”

READ MORE: ‘Isn’t There a Beach in Mexico Waiting for You?’: Cruz Mocked for Claiming Garland Will Indict Trump Over SCOTUS Seat Loss

And despite it all, despite everything that has come out about Trump’s actions and alleged actions, despite the looming indictment – on top of a current indictment – Barr says if Trump is the Republican party’s nominee for president he will still support him.

“I don’t see myself not supporting the Republican candidate,” Barr said.

Taking a swing at President Joe Biden, Barr said neither the current nor the former president are “fit for the office.”

“But if I’m confronted with that choice, I have to go with policy, who’s closest to me on policy,” regardless of who might be convicted of breaking the law, including on our national secrets.

Watch a clip from the interview below or at this link.


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Will Santos Choose Jail? Judge Rules Names of Persons Who Provided His Half-Million Dollar Bond Must Be Made Public



A district magistrate judge Tuesday afternoon ruled the names of the three people who put up the $500,000 bond for U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY) must be made public. Santos, under indictment on 13 federal charges including money laundering, wire fraud, theft of public funds, and lying to Congress, has said he would rather go to jail than allow the names to be released to the public.

Santos pleaded not guilty and was released on a $500,000 bond on May 10. He could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Law & Crime News’ Adam Klasfeld reports, “The identities of Rep. George Santos’s bond co-signers must be UNSEALED, a magistrate judge ruled. Santos has a brisk schedule for an appeal.”

Santos has until Friday at noon to appeal, or the documents and bond will be unsealed.

READ MORE: ‘Isn’t There a Beach in Mexico Waiting for You?’: Cruz Mocked for Claiming Garland Will Indict Trump Over SCOTUS Seat Loss

The embattled New York Republican Congressman’s legal team has argued “the three people who helped provide Santos’ bond ‘are likely to suffer great distress, may lose their jobs, and God forbid, may suffer physical injury,'” CBS News reported Monday evening.

“There is little doubt that the suretors will suffer some unnecessary form of retaliation if their identities and employment are revealed,” the motion also says.

“My client would rather surrender to pretrial detainment than subject these suretors to what will inevitably come,” Santos’ attorney said in the filing.

CBS News adds that the House Ethics Committee is also requesting the names of the three people who helped the Congressman make bail be made public.

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‘Isn’t There a Beach in Mexico Waiting for You?’: Cruz Mocked for Claiming Garland Will Indict Trump Over SCOTUS Seat Loss



U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is being roundly mocked after claiming Attorney General Merrick Garland will indict Donald Trump because he “hates” the ex-president and because he is angry his early 2016 nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court was blocked.

“They hypocrisy is massive,” Sen. Cruz declared on Fox News Monday night. “And mark my words: I believe Merrick Garland will indict Donald Trump. He wants to indict Donald Trump because he hates Donald Trump. He hates him – he’s angry – Merrick Garland is angry that he wasn’t confirmed to the Supreme Court. he wants to indict him.”

Cruz, who has a law degree from Harvard, is wrong on the basic facts, and he’s being widely mocked for it.

As many are pointing out, first, Attorney General Garland appointed Jack Smith as Special Prosecutor. Smith, who was appointed as Acting U.S. Attorney by Donald Trump in 2017, will make the decision on whether or not to present charges to a grand jury. The grand jury, not Garland and not Smith, will make the decision on whether or not to indict Trump.

Also, whether or not Garland has any anger about not being confirmed by the U.S. Senate, that anger would rightly be pointed to then Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who took the unprecedented step of refusing to even allow a committee hearing to consider his nomination.

READ MORE: Jim Jordan Demands Merrick Garland Hand Over Documents Authorizing Special Counsel’s Trump Investigation

McConnell did that in early 2016, even before Trump was the GOP’s presidential nominee. Trump had nothing to do with blocking Garland’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“This is dangerous,” warned foreign policy and intelligence expert John Sipher, who spent nearly three decades in the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. “He knows what he’s doing and he’s risking violence.”

After Cruz’s Fox News appearance, he posted video of his own remarks and baselessly tweeted, “Merrick Garland is the most partisan Attorney General in American history. He has corrupted the DOJ, the FBI, and the machinery of government. And now, out of nothing but a sense of hatred and political retribution, Garland is trying to indict Trump.”

Later, on Tuesday he added, “Merrick Garland has corrupted the Department of Justice and effectively turned it into an arm of the Democratic National Committee. The FBI and DOJ want to protect and insulate Joe Biden and the Biden family’s corruption.”

None of his allegations have any basis in publicly-known fact.

Cruz came under fire in 2021 after advising Trump’s legal team during the ex-president’s second impeachment, even though he would also be a juror – and supposedly impartial – in Trump’s Senate trial. In December of 2020 Cruz told Trump he would “be happy” to argue a proposed Supreme Court lawsuit designed to keep Trump in power despite having lost the election one month earlier.

Author Cliff Schecter labeled Cruz’s claims on Fox News, “Complete horses*t, which is Ted’s brand.”

READ MORE: ‘This Is It, Make No Mistake’: ‘Nihilistic Moron’ Trump Heading for Another Indictment Says George Conway

“But, if true, Garland would be doing more re his SCOTUS rejection than @tedcruz did when Trump called his wife ugly,” he added. “Ted doesn’t get why Garland wouldn’t just make hostage video phone calls for Trump’s campaign.”

Historian and author Kevin M. Kruse: “The line that ‘they’re only indicting Trump for the crimes Trump clearly did because they hate Trump’ is pathetic when it comes from Trump himself, but Jesus Christ, it is twelve kinds of sad when it comes from one of his lickspittles.”

Reporter and award-winning columnist David Lazarus noted, “Republicans keep insisting Trump is being investigated and prosecuted because people in power hate him. That’s one theory. Or Trump is being investigated and prosecuted because he kept breaking the law.”

Lincoln Project co-founder Jennifer Horn, a former New Hampshire Republican State Committee chair, blasted Cruz.

“I’m sure it has nothing to do with classified documents or inciting an insurrection,” she said, referring to the two major portions of Smith’s investigation. And referring to Cruz’s infamous exit during a state-wide crisis when he hightailed out to Cancun, she asked: “Isn’t there a beach in Mexico waiting for you?”

Watch video of Cruz above or at this link.

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