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‘It’s Not Even Veiled Racism’: Trump Blistered for Bigoted Attack on Elijah Cummings



On Saturday, President Donald Trump blasted House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) for criticizing his border patrol policy, blasting his home district in Baltimore as “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” and a “very dangerous & filthy place” where “no human being would want to live” and suggesting it should be stripped of federal funding. Cummings’ district is actually above average in median income and education, but over 59 percent of its population is black, as is Cummings himself, so naturally Trump would assume it is filthy and impoverished.

In conversation with CNN’s Jessica Dean on Saturday, Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery sharply criticized Trump for his ongoing bigotry.

“Wesley this is an American president calling an American city ‘disgusting,’” said Dean. “It’s also a president who attacked four congresswomen because he said they didn’t love their country. What do you make of this rant this morning, these tweets?”

“First of all, as you noted, the president of the United States just very recently said, if you don’t love America, you can get out. You can go back to where you came from,” said Lowery. “I forget what European country his ancestors immigrated from not too many generations ago, or which country Melania is from, but perhaps the president can go back there if he doesn’t like Baltimore.”

“That said … this is exhausting,” said Lowery. “It’s clearly a not even veiled racism, that Elijah Cummings, a prominent black member of Congress, is not allowed to criticize what experts are calling concentration camps at our southern border, because he happens to represent an inner city? Racism is not always about the intent of the speaker, although I think the president knows what he’s doing here. It’s about what the listener hears, right? So what they see is this black congressman who the president is saying, ‘This person is corrupt, they are angry, they run a crime, rodent-infested city,’ and what that says to his supporters is, ‘Oh, yeah, we don’t have to listen to that guy. He’s the worst of black America. He plays on every stereotype of black men and women.’”

“It’s exhausting to be a black person who has to show up time and time again, hear this racist vitriol from the president of the United States, feel like you’re not welcome in this nation, and then have to explain it in all these kind of earnest fashions — is it really racist, or technically is it?” said Lowery. “Where for so many people on these issues, you read tweets like that and you either know in your gut or your heart what’s being said or you want to play a semantic game. And I think that does — it’s really a point of demarcation in the divide in our country.”

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Trump Jets to Dallas to Give Talk on Race and Policing – Snubs City’s Top Law Enforcement Officials Who Are Black



Right now President Donald Trump is on his way to Texas, where he will hold a roundtable discussion on policing and race at a Dallas megachurch, nearly three weeks after the police killing of an un armed Black man, George Floyd. Not invited: Dallas’ top three law enforcement officials – a police chief, sheriff and district attorney – all of whom are Black. The White House also refused to invite three U.S. Congressmen who represent the area, all of whom are Democrats and Black.

“The White House defended the snub, insisting the president will still hear a diversity of views before heading to a $10 million campaign dinner with two dozen donors who pony up at least $580,600 each for a meal and souvenir photo,” The Dallas Morning News reports.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot told the Dallas Morning News, “of course [Trump] would not be getting the full picture of advice from law enforcement. I don’t know who he’s going to get it from. I mean, we are the people on the ground.”

The city of Dallas is the nation’s ninth largest, with over 1.3 million people. It is also more diverse than the national average. About 62 percent are white, and 24 percent are Black.

Despite Dallas’s demographics, Trump has chosen a predominantly white church for his discussion, which will be “hosted at Gateway Church’s campus in North Dallas on Hillcrest Road near Forest Lane, one of the city’s more affluent areas.”

Dallas’s mayor Eric Johnson, who is Black, was invited but cited a scheduling conflict and will not attend.

U.S. Reps. Eddie Bernice Johnson, Colin Allred of Dallas, and Marc Veasey of Fort Worth were not invited. All are Democrats, and all are Black.

While this is technically an official White House visit paid for by the taxpayers, the Trump administration is using the Trump campaign’s slogan and language, calling it a “Roundtable on Transition to Greatness: Restoring, Rebuilding, and Renewing.”

Trump more than any president in modern history has blurred the lines between official White House business and his campaign’s business, leaving taxpayers to pick up the tab.


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Internet Mocks Trump as White House Mulls Presidential Address on Race: ‘What’s Next, a Speech on Sexual Consent?’



As the nationwide protests over the police killing of George Floyd enter their third week the White House is engaged in an internal debate over whether or not President Donald Trump should deliver an address to the nation on race and national unity. Americans on social media are having a blast mocking the idea. Many believe there is not a president less qualified to lecture the nation on race, given that many also believe this president is a white nationalist or white supremacist.

Given Trump’s bad behavior on a wide variety of topics, there are a wide variety of other equally bad opportunities, which many were only too pleased to point out.

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‘Fishing for White People’: Trump Ordered Plan From Sondland to ‘Fast Track’ Immigration by Europeans Into US



Last year President Donald Trump ordered his U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, to develop a plan that would “fast track” immigration by wealthy Europeans into the United States. It does not appear he ordered similar plans from any other ambassadors.

Sondland (photo, fourth from left) is now an embattled entity, having delivered damaging testimony confirming President Trump extorted a bribe from the President of Ukraine.

But when he first took over as Ambassador to the E.U., Sondland “started talking to subordinates about a need for more skilled and wealthy European immigrants in the United States,” The Washington Post reports.

Believing Sondland’s orders were “racially motivated,” U.S. diplomats that the E.U. mission “were unsettled by the idea.”

One said, “the way this was going to come off was that the United States is fishing for white people, while reducing opportunities for needier people to immigrate.”

That diplomat was correct – not only in how the efforts would be perceived, but in their motivation.

That’s because President Trump, immediately upon Sondland being confirmed and taking over in Europe, tasked him with “developing a proposal to ‘fast track’ immigration from the E.U.,” and ordered Ambassador Sondland to consult with Trump’s top immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Miller, a known white nationalist, has been at the center of Trump’s successful efforts to block all refugees from entering the U.S. He was also behind Trump’s Muslim ban, and Trump’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents. He called the latter a “simple decision.”

Image by U.S. Department of State via Flickr

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