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Video Mocking Straight Pride Day Declares Adam and Eve Were Victims of Heterophobic Housing Discrimination



A video mocking “Heterosexual Pride Day” – which is actually now a thing – is getting a lot of attention on social media. Created by actor, writer, and activist Dylan Marron, the video amusingly explains how Adam and Eve became the first victims of heterophobic housing discrimination when they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

Marron packs the two-minute video with thought-filled quips from the very beginning, noting that every day is Straight Pride Day, and if you are straight and breathing you are already participating. He also mockingly says that gay people were invented in the 20th century to “threaten” straight peoples’ love.

No more spoilers!

The entire video deserves your two minutes and 15 seconds because it’s both funny and a blow to the ridiculousness of “Straight Pride Day.”



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Watch: Seth Meyers Does Epic Super-Cut of Trump’s Sniffling, Stuttering Mess of a Speech



“Late Night” comedian Seth Meyers came back from the holiday break to a country on the brink of war. In his Wednesday night show, Meyers reviewed the “sniffling” and “stuttering” mess of President Donald Trump’s address to the nation.

The problems began when Trump entered the hallway on the second floor of the White House from the double doors of the Blue Room. Behind him was a flood of light that Meyers said looked remarkably similar to nuclear Mr. Burns glowing with radiation poisoning.

“And like Mr. Burns, Trump claimed to want peace, but the whole thing was incoherent and bizarre,” Meyers continued. “For example, after he descended from his blue tractor beam, he launched into the speech before he addressed the audience.”

Instead of opening his press conference by saying, “good morning,” Trump proclaimed Iran would never get nuclear weapons. Then told the press, “good morning.”

“And good morning to you?” Meyers asked. “It would be fun if Trump started every conversation like that. ‘As long as I’m president, Iran will never have a nuclear weapon. I’ll have a Filet-of-fish and six Big Macs.’ And if you were thrown off balance by Trump’s wild swings, from starting a conflict to claiming he stopped one, you’re not alone. Because Trump himself seemed off-kilter and had trouble reading the TelePrompter.”

Meyers played the clip of Trump struggling to say the word “tolerated,” instead pronouncing it “tolor-adeded.”

“Yes, tolaraddd,” Meyers said. “I love when he gets in trouble halfway through a word and then rather than just stop and reboot, reaches in his mind for what the rest of the word is. ‘Toleraded. Talleradded, Toblerone?’ Trump must have been blinded by that blue light. And it probably only got worse when the speech ended, and Trump had to go back through the doors and into the light again.”

Meyers described the speech as swinging “wildly” from “bluster to threats,” then flat-out lies. Since last week Fox News and the right-wing have tried to say that former President Barack Obama is to blame for the Iran attacks, saying he delivered cash to Iran for signing the treaty. In fact, the money was Irans, to begin with, and was held up in sanctions so the country couldn’t access it. The United States never gave Iran any money, that would require Congressional authorization.

Obama has been out of office for three years and pursued a peace treaty with Iran, something Trump has also criticized. So, it seems the right can’t decide whether Obama’s action or inaction was to blame.

“But it doesn’t matter to these guys,” Meyers said of the GOP members and Fox News hosts. “They’re obsessed with Obama.”

Meyers said that next, they’d blame Obama for telling Trump to breathe in through his nose like he’s about to go underwater.

Watch the hilarious video below:


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Trump Mocked for ‘Reluctantly Agreeing Not to Commit War Crimes’ After Saying ‘I Like to Obey the Law’



“He certainly doesn’t”

President Donald Trump is appearing to back away from his repeated threats of destroying Iranian cultural and religious sites should that country retaliate for his assassinating one of their top generals. In a short Oval Office presser the president, asked if he would carry out his war crimes threat, said,”I like to obey the law.”

“We are, according to various laws, supposed to be very careful with their cultural heritage,” Trump told the press pool. “And you know what, if that’s what the law is, I like to obey the law.”

Many on social media were quick to point out he in fact has a long history of not obeying the law.


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Laura Ingraham Warns Trump on Fox News to Never Listen to People Like Herself



Fox News personality Laura Ingraham counseled President Donald Trump on Monday to ignore advice from those who advocated for the Iraq War.

“It’s important for the president to listen to his gut here, that he doesn’t listen to the same people who got us sucked into Iraq in the first place,” Ingraham said.

“The ‘Bush Doctrine’ is dead,” she declared. “And Trump helped bury it. Thank God.”

Among those who she should be ignored is apparently Ingraham herself, according to an expert in monitoring right-wing media.

“Ingraham was one of the most prominent Iraq war advocates and champion of the ‘Bush Doctrine,’” wrote Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters for America.

Ingraham’s shift in stance has also been criticized from the right.

“Laura Ingraham has changed her mind on the Iraq War: The popular conservative radio host used to be for it, now she thinks the 2003 invasion was a terrible foreign-policy blunder,” wrote the National Review in 2016.

“Laura Ingraham no longer supports the Iraq War. She thinks it was a mistake. That’s fine. Reasonable people can take that position — and reasonable people can take the position that the Bush and Obama administrations fatefully bungled our efforts at great cost. But she should lighten up on her charge that ‘Bushism’ and the Iraq War were at root a globalist plot to weaken the United States of America. She, after all, had a hand in all that, too,” the National Review concluded.


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