Measles Outbreak Forces Quarantine at Two California Universities

There are now nearly 700 confirmed cases of measles across America, a number not seen in two decades, when the potentially-deadly virus was believed to be eradicated in the United States.

Amid a "small" measles outbreak in Los Angeles, two California universities have just imposed a quarantine for up to seven days on students and staff who have not been vaccinated or are unable to prove they have been vaccinated, according to the Associated Press.

"The number of those quarantined at California State University, Los Angeles, is not immediately known.."

At UCLA, one "student diagnosed with measles possibly exposed 500 people to measles," the LA Times adds.

The number of UCLA students and faculty who cannot prove they were vaccinated is large: 198 "could not provide their immunization records, according to a statement from the university."

Meanwhile, "UCLA says some people could remain in quarantines for up to 48 hours before they prove immunity. A few may need to remain in quarantine for up to seven days," the AP reports.

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