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Who’s Pulling the Strings Behind Trump’s National Emergency Declaration to Build His Wall? Yup. This Guy.



“The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned,” Miller infamously said in 2017

It should come as no surprise that Senior Advisor to the President Stephen Miller is the man pulling the strings behind President Donald Trump‘s Friday morning declaration of a national emergency to build his wall on the Southern border between the U.S. and Mexico.

In a Friday morning conference call before the President’s address in the Rose Garden announcing his national emergency, Miller reportedly explained to supporters and surrogates some of the details, in typical Miller fashion.

Miller’s early public role in the Trump administration, many remember, was a fevered declaration all his own. Two years and two days ago, Miller stood in the familiar but now rarely used James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the White House and uttered these chilling words:

“The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

Miller has been labeled a “fascist,” “Waffen-SS,” a “racist ghoul,” and a “white supremacist.”

Back in the White House Press Room in 2017, Miller’s “will not be questioned” remarks referred to Trump’s Muslim ban, which, indeed, was questioned, and rejected by federal judges time and time again, until it was remade into something that would pass muster with the courts.

Miller that same week two years ago claimed Trump’s Mexican wall would pay for itself.

Miller is also the official behind the Trump administration’s intentionally cruel and punitive “zero tolerance” policy of ripping untold thousands of migrant children at the border from their parents’ arms, many of whom will never be reunited.

He called it a “simple decision.”

Meanwhile, fast forward to today.

TIME congressional correspondent Alana Abramson reports “Stephen Miller told supporters” on a conference call Friday morning “that people would be ‘shocked’ by the speed with which the WH will build the wall.”

Washington Post White House reporter Josh Dawsey adds that Miller, along with Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russ Vought, and others, had a call “with surrogates” to “sell” the national emergency “deal.”

Dawsey says that an “effort is being made to keep California from having jurisdiction to sue,” according to Stephen Miller, and that most of the “action will be in Texas. He reports that “Trump will ‘veto’ any move to block declaration.”

At about 10:40 AM Friday morning, President Trump began his remarks by talking about China and North Korea – which he has not labeled national emergencies, despite that both countries do actively threaten American democracy.







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Trump Is the Nightmare From Which We Can’t Wake Up



Every morning we wake up and the nightmare that is Donald Trump seems to go on. Most nightmares, even recurring ones, eventually come to an end. We must hope this one will eventually end as well.

As a columnist, it’s difficult to keep writing about what seems to be the same thing over and over — Trump being a racist, homophobic, sexist pig. Then he, his family or someone in the administration does something else that boggles the mind. Last week, he retweeted a conspiracy theory that the Clintons were responsible for Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Every time you think he can’t sink lower he does.

In my view the only way we can rid ourselves of the nightmare is to vote ‘it’ out of office. I use the word ‘it’ to refer to Trump because there doesn’t appear to be one shred of humanity in his body. But then he himself referred to his wife as ‘it’ when trying to compare her to a former first lady. Who does that?

It ostensibly goes to the site of the latest mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso to give comfort to the wounded and share the grief of the families of those killed. Yet it manages to make it all about itself. It releases a picture of itself and Melania holding a baby who had been orphaned by the white nationalist shooter in El Paso and stands there with a huge grin on its face and gives a thumbs up. What on earth is there to grin about in this tragedy? Any person with a shred of humanity would be crying.

Those who are trying to end the nightmare of Trump really only have one option, which is to vote him out of office in 2020. That opportunity is 15 months away and it will require a total commitment if it is to succeed. Some are calling for boycotts of the businesses of Trump supporters. While that may be satisfying it will not bring out the voters needed to defeat him at the polls. Doing that will require a laser like focus if it is to succeed. I would rather get out the voters and then tax the hell out of all those businessmen and women who are now supporting Trump.

Democrats are in the midst of what could become a brutal primary fight to determine who will be the eventual nominee to take him on. I want each of the candidates to do what Elizabeth Warren did in the last debate when she repeated what she has previously said in Iowa, “This really is our moment and the need for us to get this right couldn’t be more urgent. I’m going to support our Democratic nominee all the way.” We need to demand every candidate running in the primary say that, yes even you Bernie.

Continue reading the full op-ed at The Washington Blade.


Peter Rosenstein is a community and Democratic activist based in Washington, DC, where he appears in the media as a commentator on issues including LGBT rights, politics and education. His columns may be found here

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Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Trump for Re-Election Days After President Attacks LGBTQ People on Multiple Fronts



Donald Trump Is the Most Anti-LGBT President in Modern History

With more than a year before the 2020 presidential election a nationwide gay group, the Log Cabin Republicans, have announced they are endorsing President Donald Trump for re-election. The 42-year old group wisely refused to endorse Trump during the 2016 election, but in a flip on Thursday decreed the anti-LGBTQ President has “met his commitments to LGBTQ Americans.”

That’s just plain false.

Log Cabin Republican chairman Robert Kabel and vice chairwoman Jill Homan penned a 751 word Washington Post op-ed, which the paper surprisingly appears to not have thoroughly fact-checked, attempting to justify the turnabout endorsement.

The op-ed comes during the same week that Trump has fired strong and potentially devastating attacking against the LGBTQ community in a clear attempt to further weaken our civil rights.

On Tuesday, as NCRM reported, Trump’s Dept. of Justice was caught attempting to strong-arm the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to reverse years of findings and rulings, and declare before the U.S. Supreme Court that discrimination against LGBT workers is legal.

One day later Trump’s Dept. of Labor announced a new rule to make it easier for what it now calls “religion-exercising organizations” that are also federal contractors to discriminate against LGBTQ workers. Not only would the Dept. of Labor make it easier, it would offer them a roadmap on how to avoid being charged with discrimination.

In their Washington Post op-ed, after pointing to a 1992 speech by former GOP presidential candidate Pat Buchnan, a homophobic white supremacist, the Log Cabin leaders say Trump has made the Republican Party better “by moving past the culture wars that dominated the 1990s and early 2000s, in particular by removing gay rights as a wedge issue from the old Republican playbook.”

And in an astonishing act of gaslighting, Kabel and Homan say Trump “has committed to end the spread of HIV/AIDS in 10 years, through the use of proven science, medicine and technology to which we now have access.”

They conveniently leave out of their op-ed President Trump’s actual record on HIV/AIDS.

In June Trump axed federal funding for HIV treatment testing research over the usage of fetal tissue.

In February  The New York Times reported: “Trump Pledged to End H.I.V. But His Policies Veer the Other Way,” The paper offered a litany of examples detailing how the Trump administration has actually worked to reverse progress being made in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

“In May 2017,” as HIV Plus Magazine reminded earlier this year, “the White House announced intended and deliberate funding cuts to HIV programs including PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief), the Ryan White Program, and the Global Fund.

In June of 2017 six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) resigned, citing President Trump’s lack of interest or strategy to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Trump “simply does not care,” they wrote. Later that year, in December, without warning, Trump fired the remaining 16 members, “via a letter from FedEx.”

NCRM offered many more examples of Trump’s attacks on people living with HIV/AIDS  in an article published in March.

Meanwhile, in yet another astonishing act of gaslighting, the Log Cabin leaders wrote this apparent falsehood:

Trump has used the United States’ outsize global influence to persuade other nations to adopt modern human rights standards, including launching an initiative to end the criminalization of homosexuality, which is considered illegal in more than 70 countries. To lead this effort, the president has chosen the highest-ranking LGBTQ individual in the administration, Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, who brings his experience as the United States’ spokesman at the United Nations to bear on this critical campaign.

Trump has done no such thing. In fact, he has time and time again looked the other way and ignored the human rights abuses that occur around the world, despite calls for him to act.

On decriminalizing homosexuality, there is no record that any substantial effort has been made by the Trump administration, and as NCRM reported at the time, when asked about the supposed initiative during an Oval Office press gaggle, President Trump said he knew nothing about it.

This is but a small sampling of President Donald Trump’s attacks on LGBTQ people.

If the Log Cabin Republicans wish to pretend to support the LGBTQ community, they would do better than hitching their wagons to the most anti-LGBTQ president in modern American history.

Donald Trump is the most anti-LGBT President in modern American history.

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Congressman Claims Charging El Paso Domestic Terrorist With a Hate Crime Will Lead to Putting Preachers in Prison



Wrongly Claims There’s No Federal Death Penalty

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told two (really bad) local television news reporters he opposes charging the man suspected of slaughtering 22 people at an El Paso, Texas Walmart with a federal hate crime because that will lead to locking up preachers in prison.

(Fact check: false.)

Rep. Gohmert, who brought America the racist term “terror babies,” has occasionally been called the “stupidest” Congressman, and his Monday interview with KETK did nothing to dispel the rumor.

“There is no death penalty under federal law,” Rep. Gohmert said, as Mediaite reports. That, too, is not only false (here’s the DOJ’s page on the death penalty), the DOJ just a week ago announced it is executing  five death row inmates starting in December.  “All of this screaming and yelling, ‘we need to punish him for hate crimes,’ you know, that’s just going to be something used to lock up preachers someday.”

The GOP Congressman, who has a long track record of not only stupid statements but very anti-gay ones as well, told KETK reporters he was “bothered” when the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act was passed and became law. The reporters said nothing.

Gohmert also told reporters – none of whom did anything to dispel any of his false or ignorant comments – that prosecutors “need to use Texas law,” to ensure the death penalty is handed down (false), the El Paso shooter was motivated by jealousy (false), the El Paso shooter was a “mixed bag” – meaning not a liberal or a conservative (false), teaching “against jealousy” must happen or “we’re going to have to give up” First Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights, and on and on.

Pretty much not a word of what eight-term Rep. Gohmert said during his nearly seven-minute interview was true or accurate. (And the reporters who interviewed him should stop being reporters.)



Gohmert: “Evil Emperor” Obama On “Magical Misery Tour” In “Darth Vader Bus”

Watch: Terror Baby Creator Gohmert Fears ‘End Of Existence’ If DADT Repealed

Tea Party Congressman: Real ‘War On Women’ Is Migrant Children Coming To US To Rape Women


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