Trump’s Alt-Right Aide Stephen Miller Is Writing the Primetime Border Wall Speech and It’s ‘Not Coherent’

White House aide Stephen Miller reportedly has a hand in writing President Donald Trump’s Tuesday primetime address advocating for a wall on the Mexico border.

CNN contributor April Ryan, a White House correspondent, said on Monday that her Republican sources had confirmed that Miller is writing the speech. Miller is known for his role in crafting the president’s controversial travel ban on several majority-Muslim countries.

“From my sources — my good Republican sources — they’re telling me that the president’s favorite immigration guru, Steve Miller, is writing the speech,” Ryan told CNN host Don Lemon.

According to Ryan, “a part of the speech will include a comparison to the Israeli wall.”

“I’m hearing that the president had to put that in there to appease some of those who are on Fox,” she explained. “The president will be reading, but it’s not as cohesive and coherent, I hear, as it relates to immigration policy — sound immigration policy.”

“This is about a wall,” Ryan added. “This is about a wall to keep brown people out. That is a problem.”

Watch the video below from CNN.


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