‘He’s Projecting His Own Unruliness’: Pelosi Blasts Trump’s Cries of ‘Presidential Harassment’ (Video)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is pushing back against President Donald Trump's repeated attacks on the Democrats' investigations into his financial dealings.

Speaker Pelosi strongly disputed President Trump's claim that investigating him is "presidential harassment," when asked by a reporter if she is concerned Democrats are going too far.

"I am not commenting on what the President has to say about our work," Pelosi said at a Thursday morning press conference. "I always think whatever the president says about us, he is projecting his own unruliness. He's a projector and that's what it is about."

The Speaker also offered some advice:

"When the president says that the Mueller investigation is going on too long, you just say back to him: 'Not as long as your tax audit, Mr. President.'"


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