‘If I Want to See Trump’s Lies I Can Just Read His Twitter Feed’: #BoycottTrumpPrimeTime Trends Ahead of Speech

If there's one thing America's reality TV star President loves – and lives for – it's ratings, and many Americans are determined to deprive him of just that tonight.

Tuesday night President Donald Trump will address the nation in a speech that's already been described as “lies, lies and more damn lies,” and "not coherent" – by Republicans no less.

Trump actually announced he would be addressing the nation even before any of the broadcast networks had agreed to it – and just hours after he called them the "Fake News Media," "crazed lunatics," "the real Opposition Party," "totally dishonest," and "the Enemy of the People!"

Network executives caved, agreeing to air his speech tonight, which is upsetting to many as those same networks refused to grant President Barack Obama airtime in 2014 to address immigration – claiming it would be a partisan speech.

Tonight, President Trump will deliver a speech advocating for his border wall – which is a hyper-partisan issue. The majority of Americans oppose the wall, and are opposed to Trump shutting down the federal government to get it.

And they're fighting back.

On social media outlets like Twitter, calls to boycott Trump's speech, like #BoycottTrumpPrimeTime, are trending.

Here's what people are saying as they urge a boycott – hoping to send a message directly to the President:


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