Networks Cave: Trump Will Interrupt Prime Time Programs to Address the Nation on His Border Wall Shutdown


Networks in 2014 Refused to Give President Obama Airtime to Discuss Immigration

Literally hours after calling the mainstream media "totally dishonest" and "the real Opposition Party," President Trump asked the nation's top networks to allow him primetime airtime this week to address the nation.

Network executives reportedly balked, but have agreed, according to a tweet Trump just posted:

Trump is expected to address the humanitarian crisis on the border – a crisis he created – along with his claim for the need for $5.7 billion to fund his border wall, and the federal government shutdown.

Other topics might also be discussed.

The President could also use the free airtime to declare the national emergency he has been claiming he has the right to institute, despite legal experts saying he does not – at least not to build his wall.

And he could use the time as a de facto campaign re-election advertisement, which some believe is exactly what his new push for his wall is.

New York Times' media, TV, and politics reporter Michael M. Grynbaum notes at least two network executives were balking at giving him the free airtime.

Some others have noted the irony that networks in 2014 refused to give President Barack Obama airtime to discuss how to resolve the immigration crisis – which, theoretically might have led to no border "crisis."


This article has been updated to reflect new information.

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