Trump Goes Berserk in Frantic Overnight and Early AM Tweetstorm

President Trump did not get much sleep last night. The Commander-in-Chief retweeted a tweet from Mike Huckabee around 10:30 PM, posted another tweet at 12:04 AM, another at 12:17 AM, woke up (presumably) and tweeted at 6:25 AM, 6:42 AM, 6:56 AM, 7:16 AM, 7:28 AM, 7:39 AM, and then retweeted his horrific video from Wednesday evening claiming soldiers killed in action support his pulling troops out of Syria.

That's 10 frantic and frenetic tweets in under nine hours.

What's got Trump going this time?

Mostly his disastrous "decision" to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Here's the deal: It's not that Americans want to be in Syria. But leaving now is a huge Christmas gift basket to Russia, Iran, and Turkey. In fact, it is widely believed it was at the behest of Turkey's dictator, in a phone call on Friday, that Trump decided to pull out. No exit strategy, no worries about the vacuum we will have created by leaving, no consultation with his military advisors, his generals, senior members of Congress. No one.

Well, almost no one?

As Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations said yesterday, Trump just “woke up” and did it. After he made that remark, he headed over to the White House for a previously-scheduled meeting with Trump to talk about Syria. He was told the meeting was canceled and he could leave.

Even Fox News is blasting Trump for announcing he's pulling out of Syria.

one of Trump's biggest and most-reliable defenders on the conservative network, "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade, "joined a chorus of Syria withdrawal critics Thursday morning, saying that 'nobody believes that ISIS is defeated' and that Trump’s 'stunning and irresponsible' announcement blindsided his Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis," reports Mediaite.

That appears to have prompted this tweet:

Meanwhile, here's the disturbing thought processes Trump has been pushing over the past ten hours or so. See if you can follow the logic.

On Wednesday Trump pronounced ISIS is dead:

Thursday, he says, "Time for others to finally fight."

Fight who? ISIS is defeated, right?

Minutes later he adds, "ISIS hits us they are doomed!"

But they've been defeated, right? That's why were' pulling out, right?

Trump moves on to the wall.

He's demanded $5 billion to build it. No one, not even Republicans, want the wall. The majority of Americans don't want the wall.

But today he has declared the "Border is tight."

So why do we need the wall?

How bad is Trump's latest scandal?

Bottom line, there is no plan, there is no policy. Trump is influenced by the world's most dangerous dictators, and America and the world are in danger because of him.






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