Battling the Clock and the Democrats Trump Gleefully Careens Towards Shutdown in Inane Early AM Tweetstorm


"The fact is there is nothing else’s that will work" Trump tweets.

In an inane early morning tweetstorm – 10 tweets in just over an hour so far – President Donald Trump is gleefully careening towards a federal government shutdown at 11:59 PM today.

On the one hand, he is attacking Senate Democrats, who will not support a bill to fund the government that now includes $5.7 billion for his border wall. On the other hand, the President almost is accepting defeat.

Regardless of the posture he's taking in any of the various tweets he's tossed like a word salad with a dressing of lies, the one flavor they all share is mania.

President Trump today seems almost giddy that the government is about to shut down. It's almost as if he is in a bubble of lunacy, ignoring the thousands of federal workers who will go without paychecks – many of them while still being forced to show up for work every day – during the holidays.

To this president, they are but tools of his "only I can solve this" mentality, refusing to listen to the advice of those who are experts.

Experts like former Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, who Friday morning on MSNBC described a border wall as the "most expensive" and "least effective" option when it comes to border security.

In fact, President Trump has not ever offered any evidence, other than his "build the wall" campaign chants, that his border wall is the best, or at least the most cost-effective solution.

In fact, here he is admitting to one of the wall's greatest flaws (forgive the video quality):

So, what exactly did Trump say today?

Let's look at a few of his early AM tweets.

Here Trump decries, "I know tech better than anyone." This, from a man who doesn't use a computer and didn't realize his own attorney was taping him.

Here he calls it a "Democrat Shutdown!" Last week he boldly announced he would own the shutdown if the border wall funds were in the stopgap bill to keep the government running:

And here, like a kid waking up realizing there won't be school because of a snowstorm, Trump breaks out into manic glee:

But perhaps most disturbing, as Trump has repeatedly shown, he is willing to destroy every last semblance of structure, every last rule, to get what he wants. In this case, the 60-vote requirement to pass a bill of this type in the Senate:



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