Donald Trump Tweets About Baseball During National Tragedy

Donald Trump wearing a MAGA baseball cap during rally

Just hours after the worst attack on Jewish people in the United States and during a week of shootings and bomb terror, President Trump found the time in his schedule to catch a World Series game between the Dodgers and Red Sox and provide his analysis on how best to manage a team.

The President had spoken on his Twitter stream earlier in the day about the synagogue shooting in Pittsburg that left 11 dead, but had apparently been able to move on from the tragedy by the evening hours.

This capped a day of presidential mismanaging that included him considering canceling a rally because his hair might get wet and an embarrassing umbrella mishap while entering Air Force One.

He also criticized the synagogue for not having more guns at the site of the shooting, saying, "If there was an armed guard inside the temple, they would have been able to stop him."

The shooter in the confrontation injured four armed police officers before being arrested.

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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