Rudy Giuliani Contradicts White House on Iran, Regime Change

Rudy Giuliani speaking at an event hosted by the Iranian American Community of Arizona

Rudy Giuliani once again cast doubts on the honesty of the Trump administration, revealing a goal of overturning the Government of Iran.

"I don't know when we're going to overthrow them," said Giuliani at the Iran Uprising Summit held by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities. The organization opposes the current Iranian government. "It could be in a few days, months, a couple of years. But it's going to happen.

“The people of Iran obviously have now had enough. The sanctions are working. The currency is going to nothing... these are the kinds of conditions that lead to successful revolution," added Giuliani, according to Reuters.

Giuliani contradicted the White House, which has claimed that overthrowing the Iranian government is not in the plans.

John Bolton, the hawkish National Security Advisor under Trump, said just last month that the government wasn't interested in "regime change" in Iran, but did hint that the Trump administration did hope to see changes in their Government's approach.

In May of this year, the administration did an about-face on Obama-era policies towards Iran, reinstating sanctions against the country and pulling the country out of the treaty forged in 2015 that halted the nuclear ambitions of Iran.

The comments from Giuliani line up with his past comments, including a statement at the National Council of Resistance of Iran last June, where he claimed the sanctions would "suffocate" the country's government.

Iran, meanwhile, claims to still be adhering to the 2015 nuclear deal between the United States and other partner countries, with the United Nations backing the country's insistence on compliance.

Nevertheless, statements like those made my Giuliani are unlikely to quell concerns of US meddling in Iran, and could lead to deepening tensions.

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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