‘America We Know and Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore’: Laura Ingraham’s Jaw-Dropping Racist Rant Draws Outrage

Less than two months ago the new CEO of Fox News, Suzanne Scott, "summoned producers to a meeting to direct them to take more control over hosts and panelists," according to a report in Politico.


"Recent on-air statements by prime-time host Laura Ingraham," Politico noted, referring to her false claim that infants and young children being held in Trump's migrant cages were basically just attending "summer camp."

Other remarks, too, pointed to overt racism at the conservative news network.

As GQ put it, "Fox News CEO Asks That On-Air Talent Be Slightly Less Racist Monsters."

Apparently Ingraham didn't get the message.

In an astonishingly and openly racist rant Wednesday night, Laura Ingraham on Fox News declared that due to "demographic changes" that "have been foisted upon the American people," which "none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like," the "America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore."

It doesn't get much more racist on prime time TV than that.

Except it did.

Ingraham then launched into a white nationalist, anti-immigrant tirade.

“Now much of this is related to both illegal, and in some cases, legal immigration that of course progressives love,” Ingraham insisted. By the end of her commentary she had declared a "national emergency."

Here's a clip of those racist remarks, via Media Matters' Andrew Lawrence:

Ingraham is once again the target of national outrage for her incendiary, racist, and un-American comments.

Ingraham's full remarks can be viewed on YouTube. Fox News writes, "Every once in a while, leftists will slip up and tell us what they really think about America." Apparently, so do racist Fox News hosts.


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