Watch: Defiant White Nationalist Laura Ingraham Tries to Walk Back Racist Rant – Fails Miserably


Fox News Host Lies: 'I Made Explicitly Clear That My Commentary Had Nothing to Do With Race or Ethnicity'

Fox News provocateur Laura Ingraham Thursday night, amid renewed calls to boycott her remaining advertisers tried to walk back her white nationalist, racist rant which she had delivered just 24 hours earlier. Resorting to lies, she failed miserably.

Ingraham had told viewers that due to "demographic changes" that "have been foisted upon the American people," which "none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like," the "America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore."

Calling it a "national emergency," Ingraham had said these changes are "related to both illegal, and in some cases, legal immigration that of course progressives love."

Fast forward 24 hours.

Thursday night, feeling the heat from the left and even some moderate conservatives, Ingraham decided to rewrite her script – despite the video evidence proving she was just lying.

Ingraham insisted her racist rant had "nothing to do with race." It was merely a call to respect "the rule of law," she declared.

"The purpose of last night’s Angle was to point out that the rule of law, meaning secure borders, is something that used to bind our country together," Ingraham told Fox News viewers – and advertisers. “And despite what some may be contending, I made explicitly clear that my commentary had nothing to do with race or ethnicity, but rather a shared goal of keeping America safe and her citizens safe and prosperous.”

But that deviates greatly from her actual remarks.

Again, remember, Ingraham denounced the "demographic changes" that were "foisted upon the American people." She lamented that these "demographic changes" which "none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like."

The "America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore," she lamented.

Ingraham, who literally distorted her remarks, lashed out Thursday night at those who, she claims, are "distorting" her views.


Meanwhile, on social media Ingraham's attempt to walk back her remarks by lying about what she actually said is garnering additional outrage – and calls for a boycott.


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