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Many of the 2342 Children Trump Kidnapped May Have Little Chance of Being Reunited With Their Parents



Since President Trump ordered his “zero tolerance” policy of separating migrant children in April, 2342 children – including babies – have been taken into custody by the Dept. of Homeland Security, then quickly handed off to the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

From there, as Americans are learning with horror, the children are farmed out to shelters run by various non-governmental groups across the country.

There is no plan to reunite them with their families.

In an interview with The Washington Post. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar offered a creative slant on what is being done with the migrant children.

“We need to get the children out of our care as expeditiously as possible,” Azar told the Post. “I said the average is about 58 days and so we want to get them with appropriate sponsors as quickly as we can.”

Note he said “sponsors” and not parents, specifically. And remember, many of their parents have already been deported.

And here’s where it gets chilling.

“These sponsors are usually parents or family members, but not always (and whether they can be released to parents who are being detained is a real question). McClatchy reported on Tuesday that HHS has lost track of 6,000 unaccompanied children who didn’t keep in touch with federal officials,” the Post notes.

Secretary Azar “challenged the idea that HHS could lose track of kids, saying that once they’re placed it’s no longer the agency’s responsibility to oversee them.”

Apparently, they become someone else’s problem. And since they are transferred out of the federal government’s oversight, a parent trying to find their child will have little help – or hope.

Azar “said the agency typically calls sponsors at the 30-day mark to check in, but can do little if the sponsor doesn’t answer the phone and doesn’t call back.”

“At that point they are subject to local and state child welfare protection procedures; we aren’t running a national child welfare system,” he said.

PIX11 reports that “there is no public database for children,” and “there’s a chance not all families separated will reunite because of the system.”

And “once the parents are deported, there is no legal way for them to get back to the United States and appear in court, which may lead to the chance their parental rights of their children to be terminated.”

Now, take all that and apply it to this.

HHS is sending hundreds of children to shelters all the way in New York City. Those shelters have “histories of child abuse allegations,” including allegations of sexual abuse.

“More than 350 migrant kids — as young as 9 months old — have been sent to a single Harlem foster care provider,” the NY Post reports. “The youngsters arrive riddled with lice, bed bugs and chicken pox from the immigration detention facilities they were held in before being bused to the Big Apple, and are also suffering trauma from the separation.”

All this is done because of President Trump’s hatred of immigrants and refusal to create actual policies and plans.

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Trump Administration Lied About Number of Kids It Separated at the Border – Maybe by the Thousands: Report



The Trump administration appears to have lied about the number of migrant children it had separated at the border, despite months of focus on the atrocity by news organizations and activists around the world.

According to a Thursday report by The Intercept, the Trump administration “carried out thousands more family separations than previously acknowledged.” The government’s own data, the reporters say, “indicates that the campaign was far more expansive — and far more destructive — than previously acknowledged.”

Americans are used to hearing that about 2500 children were separated from their parents. That number is substantially larger.

From April 19, 2018 to August 15, 2018 – just under four months – U.S. Customs and Border Protection numbers say 6022 “family units,” which CBP refuses to define, were separated. A family unit could be one person in a family, or several members of a family, or an entire family. CBP will not say, The Intercept reports.

But it’s even worse.


“Using available statistics from the last two years,” Amnesty International also “reports that in 2017 and 2018, the Trump administration appears to have separated approximately 8,000 ‘family units’ along the border. Even if half of the people referred to in that figure were parents, the remaining 4,000 children would dwarf the total number of kids commonly reported to have been impacted by the “zero tolerance” campaign — that total tends to hover between 2,500 to 3,000.”

But the worst can be suspected.

“The closest Amnesty [International] could get to a clarification on the ‘family unit’ question,” the reports author sad, “was a claim from CBP that the 6,022 figure ‘appeared’ to refer to individuals.”

4000 is about 60 percent more than the 2500 generally reported. 6022 is far more than twice what Americans were told. 8000 is close to triple.

Alt-right hero Stephen Miller, a Senior Advisor to the President and the person responsible for crafting the child separation policy, early on said it was a “simple decision” to implement ripping children, some as young as two, apart from their parents.





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Trump Administration’s Latest Attack on Migrant Children Nationwide Will Rip Your Heart Out



Hundreds of Migrant Children Are Being Ripped From Foster Homes and Bussed Overnight to Texas Tent Cities – With Almost No Notice – Every Week

The Trump administration is currently housing more than five times the number of migrant children than it was just one year ago. And it is scrambling to make room for more.

The New York Times reports that hundreds of migrant children who have been placed in foster homes or shelters across the country are being ripped from their new homes and shipped to tent cities in Texas. Tent cities that sound more like concentration camps than, as one Fox News anchor earlier this year called them, “summer camps.”

To make matters worse for the already psychologically scarred children, most of whom don’t know where their parents are and have not spoken with them for months, is they are being given at most a few hours notice that they are about to be “deported” to a new home – that’s more like a prison.

And federal officials are doing all this under cover of darkness, not allowing the children to say goodbye to any new friends or support systems they may have been able to create.

“In shelters from Kansas to New York, hundreds of migrant children have been roused in the middle of the night in recent weeks and loaded onto buses with backpacks and snacks for a cross-country journey to their new home: a barren tent city on a sprawling patch of desert in West Texas,” The New York Times reports.

Advocates are warning “that moving children to the tent city without providing enough time to prepare them emotionally or to say goodbye to friends could compound trauma that many are already struggling with.”

The Tent Cities Are Unregulated

Upon arrival to the tent cities – for which taxpayers spend $750 per night per child – the migrant children receive no schooling and have limited access to any legal representation.

“Hundreds of children are being shipped from shelters to West Texas each week, totaling more than 1,600 so far.”

Currently, the federal government is housing over 13,000 migrant children.


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HHS Is Preparing to House 25,000 Migrant Kids – and Is Stealing Money from an HIV/AIDS Program to Pay for It



The Dept. of Health and Human Services is tasked with housing all the migrant children separated from their undocumented parents as part of Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy. That policy may have permanently separated families – it’s been revealed there was never any plan to reunite the children with their parents and siblings, and now the feds are scrambling under court orders.

While the Health and Human Services Dept., headed by Secretary Alex Azar – a former big pharmaceuticals executive – showed exactly zero planning after Trump implemented his zero tolerance policy, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is part of HHS, has acted on a disturbing premise, and shown exactly where its priorities lie.

In what Slate is describing as a “budgeting exercise,” Secretary Azar’s Office of Refugee Resettlement is planning for a surge in migrant children being separated from their parents. The ORR has a plan to house 25,400 migrant children by the end of the year. And it is paying for the program by gutting another: The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, according to internal Office of Refugee Resettlement documents.

“The documents,” Slate reports, “indicate that HHS plans to pay for child separation by reallocating money from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, which, according to its website, ‘provides a comprehensive system of care that includes primary medical care and essential support services for people living with HIV who are uninsured or underinsured.’ Per the documents, the process of transferring those HIV/AIDS funds has already begun.”

HHS will also ask Congress for additional funds, and “plans to reallocate $79 million from programs for refugee resettlement, a move that could imperil social services, medical assistance, and English language instructions for refugees in the U.S., as well as programs for torture survivors.”

ORR says it will need $1.3 billion more to house migrant children, to cover the last three months of the year – that’s the entire amount allocated for all of 2018.


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