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  • Christian Pastor: Obama And Putin Are Gay – Putin Will Out Obama In 100 Days (Video)

    The Christian Harlem pastor infamous for stating that "Jesus would stone homos" is out with another claim -- Barack Obama is gay, Vladimir Putin is gay, and the Russian President will out the American President in 100 days.

    James David Manning is the pastor of ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City's Harlem. Manning's church sign often bears belligerent and hate-filled messages, like “Jesus would stone homos," and “All churches & members that support homos cursed be thou with cancer HIV syphilis stroke madness itch then hell."

    Manning, who also serves as the head of his ATLAH K-12 school, has warned in public videos that "white homos are going to take the black woman’s man," and urged parents to take their children out of the public schools, where, he says, they "are under a massive attack from the homosexual lobby."

    In his latest video, Manning insists that Obama -- who he calls "Mr. Long-Legged Mac Daddy" -- is gay -- which he calls being "a sodomite."

    “I want to prognosticate today that 100 days from this very hour… either Vladimir Putin himself or one of his assistants or someone within the Russian government will call Mr. Long-Legged Mac Daddy, will call him an outright gay, pervert, homosexual, sodomite,” Manning charges.

    “This will happen within 100 days,” he said. “We’re starting the countdown today. Tomorrow, obviously, will be 99 days before it will actually take place.”

    Manning has plenty of proof to back up his "prognostication."

    "Number one, it's true," the pastor says. 

    His next bit of proof?

    "Newsweek promoted him as the first sodomite president," Manning states -- referring to the 2012 Newsweek cover story.

    “You don’t promote sodomy at the level that he holds office, unless you are integrally involved in the process,” Manning adds.

    He admits, "I don't have verification of that."

    Why did President Obama come out in support of same-sex marriage?

    "He was urged on by his lover, Reggie Love."

    Manning says that Love urged Obama to set "five year old girls and boys free to pursue a sexual identity that is condemned by the Bible."

    And here's what Manning says the Kremlin is doing to pave the way for his outing of Obama:

    Towards the end, Manning offers a hint not even he believes all this buffoonery.

    Obama is a "sodomite." Puin is a "sodomite." And it's all proof, Manning insist, "that we're living in a wretched, wretched, wretched, perverted world. And who can save us?"

    You'll have to listen to the video to find out.



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    • commented 2015-07-01 08:20:00 -0400
      Mark Kearney, every one "interprets scripture for their understanding. Scripture is not a contemporary newspaper. Scripture has its own context, it was written by a person, to other people in a particular situation in their culture and “life.” The Bible is not set in amber, never to be examined. It is necessary to understand what it meant to the original listener/reader in their own situation in life. Once we understand what it meant to the original reader can we then see how it applies to us in OUR LIFE.
      This is not picking and choosing it is discerning how the Bible is speaking to us in our situation.
      Fundamentalism wants to ignore this and just read the Bible from their own preconceived assumptions. Scholars try to understand the Bible stories in its own “Context”.
      Again the books by John Boswell will help explain it much better than I can in a short email
      Hope this helps you,
      Rev. Michael Meyer

    • commented 2015-07-01 05:29:23 -0400
      Kinda struggling with the comment, regarding viewing the Bible in context and then interpretation as you believe applies……I was taught religion is to submit, to follow the teachings as written in scripture.
      So on that basis, do I then interpret that when we were told to’ love the Child’ will someone today interpret that as Paedophilia is acceptable because their interpretation led them to believe that….

      Me personally, I believe the Christian religion as we know it is dead, I couldn’t follow a religion that now says well we actually meant this 2,000 years from now, applies to your values of today.
      It’s like the Church is turning itself into a pick and mix religion……

      With regards to ‘Pride’ how long does this garish parade and all it’s hanger on’s around the world continue to spout on about being Gay – seriously people we get it, the show’s over – move on, love one another, enjoy life or I’m starting a parade for Heterosexual Pride, complete with compulsory dishwasher appliance line up and ironing boards – you’ve been warned…😋

    • commented 2014-08-12 19:25:50 -0400
      There was a Post declaring that no Christian Leader would condemn this Pastor. I will respond. I am an Ordained Lutheran Minister, “a Leader” in the ELCA.(Evangelical Lutheran Church of America). WE believe God is all about LOVE, GRACE and MERCY. WE believe The Bible should be read in context, in its historical social setting, then interpreted through the understanding of God’s Love in Grace through Faith demonstrated in the Life, Ministry, willing death and Resurrection of Jesus. A life dedicated to welcoming the stranger, the leper, the blind, the outcast and the excluded. He welcomed everyone who needed God’s Love without exception – but condemned religious leaders who were self-righteous and hateful to others, using discrimination and guilt manipulation to manipulate the down trodden.

      Jesus would never advocate stoning any one. Read the Sermon on The Mount for what Jesus Taught. He was an advocate for Active Nonviolent Love and Reconciliation for ALL PEOPLE.

      Since this “Pastor” claims to speak for god… he is in a long line of false prophets. the Hebrew Scriptures have a prescription for False Prophets. They are to be stoned to death… LOL…. after November 11 2014. Will Pastor James David Manning submit himself for discipline based on his own beliefs? Put your soul where your mouth is my Fiend?
      Let the one who has no sin cast the first stone.

      Love ya Pastor Manning,
      We recommend John Boswell’s excellent books
      Christianity, Homosexuality and Social Tolerance and
      Same Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe.

      St Philip Lutheran church Trenton Michigan
      A Welcoming and Reconciling Church for ALL People; including SLGBTQQ (That includes Straights too).

      Everyone has a place at God’s Table.
      God Loves you just the way you were born.
      God welcomes you as a child and heir with Jesus.

      Pastor Michael Meyer
      St Philip Lutheran Church ELCA
      Trenton Michigan 48183

    • commented 2014-08-10 19:20:02 -0400
      There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to properly describe what a tool and worthless piece of shit this “Pastor” is.
      It’s hatred like his in this world that causes so much nastiness and cruelty…I just don’t know what to say to this. I imagine true Christians are shaking their heads in disgust…
      As for the “white homos are going to take the black woman’s man” comment…I am a white man who is loco for the cocoa, but I don’t need ANY married man or DL man.
      Get a life, you bigoted loser! #Idiotic #LoveOvercomesHate #BigotedTroll #FakeChristian

    • commented 2014-08-10 07:12:15 -0400
      I prognosticate that eventually Pastor Manning will be outed as homosexual himself. No one with THAT much hatred and fear is NOT covering up something HUGE :). Can’t wait.

    • commented 2014-08-08 17:50:19 -0400
      I’m a white man with a black boyfriend, so sorry women of color, you were too late to stop me stealing one of your men of color. Lol

      Ps, he found me, not the other way around.

    • commented 2014-08-08 16:37:51 -0400
      THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS. It’s been a bad week and I really needed a good laugh! Thanks again.

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