“In an October 2022 post, Robertson allegedly wrote: ‘Merrick Garland, the Demented Weasel, I am 100% anti-abortion. Why are your FBI cowards not kicking in my door? Know this ‘they will die.’ ‘”

KUTV reports, “In his most recent post, Robertson stated he had a dream about seeing ‘Joe Biden’s body in a dark corner of DC parking garage with his head severed and lying in a huge puddle of blood.'”

“He adds: ‘Hoorah!!!'”

“Nearly all his recent posts were dedicated to his thoughts on Biden, save for a select few that attacked Hunter Biden, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, actor Whoopi Goldberg, and Democrats in general.”

The New York Times adds, “In another online post, referring to Mr. Bragg, the man wrote that he wanted ‘to stand over Bragg and put a nice hole in his forehead with my 9mm and watch him twitch as a drop of blood oozes from the hole as his life ebbs away to hell!'”