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Lawmaker’s Viral Speech Attacking ‘Sin’ and ‘Perversion’ Is Getting Laughs but Expert Says It’s ‘Incitement to Violence’



Minnesota Republican state Senator Eric Lucero‘s comments on an amendment to legislation that directs funding for natural resource projects like protecting wetlands and wildlife habitats, and for children’s museums and the arts has gone viral for his remarks on sin, Satanism, LGBTQ people, “sexual perversion,” “gender confusion,” “the occult,” and “grooming.”

While many are mocking Senator Lucero’s speech, one professor is warning the claims are an “incitement to violence.”

“Sin is real,” declared Sen. Lucero, who reportedly “rallied at the Minnesota Capitol, as part of a ‘Stop the Steal’ demonstration on Jan. 6, 2021,” according to Minnesota Public Radio. MPR News also reports Lucero attended a Mike Lindell election fraud event, and signed a letter asking the Texas Attorney General to sue Minnesota over the election.

(Lucero weeks later filed legislation that would block anyone “convicted of offense related to protest, demonstration, rally, civil unrest, or march prohibited from receiving any state loan, grant, or assistance.”)

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“Sin. Sin – S I N – is real. Sin is evil. Sin can exist in any institution. And we need to work hard as the Minnesota Senate to protect our young, vulnerable children’s minds against these terrible wicked evil practices.”

Sen. Lucero, who says he sends a “personal congratulations letter” to each baby born in his “community,” each did not stop there.

He told his colleagues, “unfortunately, because all humans are subjected to potentially being corrupted by sin, we need to examine all institutions to prohibit such funds. There are practices out there that seek to groom and corrupt the minds of young children to engage in sexual perversion.”

“And those wicked people manifest themselves in many different areas of our society. One of those areas that they have manifested themselves is in the areas of the arts,” he claimed. “And I want to make sure that taxpayer dollars do not fall into the hands of these wicked, vile people that push sexual perversion, gender confusion that might come to our capital and in displays of abomination parade themselves around the rotunda.”

“And I do not want pictures, plays, theater, sculptures, or any other type of art to be used to channel the occult to promote the occult or any of its variations, Satanism, and the wicked, evil practice of grooming young children, such as pedophilia.”

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The video of Lucero, posted to Twitter Monday night, has been viewed more than 555,000 times in well under 24 hours. The tweet has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

Sen. Lucero has called drag queen performances “wicked perversion,” and “sexualized grooming performances.” Last month he introduced legislation that would classify them as adult entertainment.

Meanwhile, Lucero says, “I will never stop fighting for our rights to keep and bear arms! We cannot and should not legislate from a place of emotion when it comes to our foundational rights.”

Last year Lucero was one of the perpetrators of the “furries” falsehood that claimed children in schools were identifying as animals, a tangental attack on transgender people.

Later during debate on the amendment Lucero falsely said, “there is no such thing as separation of church and state. It is not in a law. It is not in a court ruling. It does not exist.”

There are numerous comments mocking Sen. Lucero, but Professor of Medieval Studies Matthew Gabriele, the Chair of the Dept. of Religion and Culture at Virginia Tech, is taking a different approach.

Professor Gabriele warns what Lucero’s remarks are are “incitement to violence.”

Gabriele’s bio says his “research and teaching focus on religion, violence, nostalgia, and apocalypse (in various combinations), whether manifested in the Middle Ages or modern world.”

Responding to the video of Lucero, Gabriele tweets: “fwiw [for what it’s worth] his rhetoric is incitement to violence. nobody’s going to do anything about it because we’re just gonna laugh but he knows what he’s doing.”

Quoting from a 2018 article in Forbes he wrote, Gabriele says, “Calls to violence become actual violence when actors are prepared to act in certain ways. To put it another way, speaking opens up a certain set of possible actions, but the audience decides which among those actions to do.”

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He adds, “Lucero is emphasizing that the world is a battlefield between god & the devil. here, the left are lumped together as ontologically (intrinsically) evil. they need to be fought – and his audience is already armed and ready to shoot people unlike them.”

Watch video of Sen. Lucero “sin” speech below or at this link.




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Rep. Tim Walberg Tells Uganda to ‘Stand Firm’ on ‘Kill The Gays’ Law Ted Cruz Called ‘Horrific’



Tim Walberg Uganda Kill The Gays Law

Representative Tim Walberg (R-MI) delivered a speech in Uganda to defend the country’s President Yoweri Museveni and the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2023, better known as the “Kill the Gays” law.

Walberg traveled to Uganda in October to attend a national prayer breakfast organized by the Fellowship Foundation, also known as The Family, which also covered the cost of his trip, according to TYT. In the speech, transcribed by the blog Take Care Tim, he told the attendees to “stand firm” in the face of criticism.

“Whose side do we want to be on? God’s side. Not the World Bank, not the United States of America necessarily, not the UN. God’s side,” Walberg said. “I think as we go on here, it says, ‘So I will deliver you from the hand of the wicked, And I will redeem you from the grasp of the violent.’ – Who’s gonna do that? God is gonna do that. Your esteemed President, his excellency, President Museveni needs a nation that stands with him and says, though the rest of the world is pushing back on you, though there are other major countries that are trying to get into you and ultimately change you, stand firm. Stand firm.”

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Walberg made it clear he knew his view would be unpopular in the United States.

“Now, this will probably get back to the national media in the United States, and I expect some pushback, but I’m not gonna give in to them. … I know that your President is a warrior. I like that about him. We’re in a battle, folks. We are in a battle,” he said.

Though Uganda has had homophobia enshrined in its legal code since it was a British protectorate, the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2023 is a drastic escalation. Previously, homosexuality was punished with life in prison, according to the Advocate. The new law allows the death penalty for those convicted of “aggravated homosexuality.” It also bans “promotion of homosexuality,” much like Russia bans queer “propaganda”.

The law is so draconian that Republican Senator Ted Cruz—no ally to the queer communitycondemned it. In May, shortly after Museveni signed the law, Cruz called the law “horrific” on X, formerly Twitter.

This Uganda law is horrific & wrong. Any law criminalizing homosexuality or imposing the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’ is grotesque & an abomination. ALL civilized nations should join together in condemning this human rights abuse. #LGBTQ,” Cruz tweeted.

Attempts to pass a similar bill to the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2023 started in 2014, with a bill also called the “Kill the Gays” law. That form of the bill was built by anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively, who previously claimed then-President Barack Obama was secretly gay.

While it didn’t go into effect then, the bill and ones like it kept popping up on Uganda’s parliamentary agenda. Earlier this year, President Joe Biden threatened to cut nearly $1 billion in annual aid to Uganda if the bill passed.

A previous version of this story credited Salon with the initial reporting; Salon had republished the article from TYT. The sourcing has been corrected; NCRM regrets the error.

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If States Start Designating ‘Christian History Month’ You Can Thank This Far Right Christian Nationalist Group



When the National Association of Christian Lawmakers held its annual conference at Liberty University last month, the event featured a “para-legislative session” at which state legislators and religious-right activists proposed and discussed various resolutions and sample legislation.

Among the speakers at the session was Allan Parker, president of religious-right organization The Justice Foundation, who urged the lawmakers in attendance to return to their states and introduce resolutions declaring the month of June to be “Christian History Month.”

“I think people are feeling it’s time for Christian History Month,” Parker said. “I hadn’t thought about when but I’m going to suggest June because it’s also Celebrate Life Month. The life of this nation was founded on a Christian worldview [and] if we preach all this and teach it in June, we’ll be ready for the Fourth of July with a true understanding of what it means.”

“You have the authority to create celebratory months and recognize things,” Parker reminded the gathered lawmakers.

Parker’s comments make it clear that religious-right leaders would use any state-designated “Christian History Month” as an official vehicle for promoting false and exclusionary Christian nationalist versions of American history, the kind promoted relentlessly by right-wing activists like David Barton, his son Tim, and pastors like Jackson Lahmeyer and Jack Hibbs.

The NACL was founded by unabashed Christian nationalist and former Arkansas state senator Jason Rapert, who is quite open about his intention to do everything that he can to ensure that Christians who share his far-right worldviewtake authority” over every aspect of this nation.

Christian nationalists like Rapert believe that the country was founded as an explicitly Christian nation and that right-wing Christians must do everything they can to keep it that way, including making laws align with their particular religious and political worldview, one that is not shared by many Americans and even many Christians.Via the National Association for Christian Lawmakers, Rapert is putting this talk into action, using his organization advance so-called “biblical” legislation in statehouses throughout the country that would roll back abortion rights and the rights of LGBTQ Americans, defund public libraries that offer LGBTQ-friendly materials, and now perhaps push states or localities to honor Christian History Month.

It is surely no coincidence that LGBTQ Pride Month is already celebrated in June in the United States, a fact that drawn increasingly hostile responses this year from anti-equality activists as right-wing political leaders have escalated their rhetoric targeting LGBTQ people and their supporters.


This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

Image via Shutterstock

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Trans Man Says Walgreens Pharmacist Refuses to Give Him His Hormone Prescription



Transgender rights protest

An Oakland, California transgender man says one of the pharmacists at a Walgreens refused to hand over his hormone replacement medicine, even though the prescription was ready for pickup.

Roscoe Rike posted his story and a video to Reddit’s r/Oakland forum on Tuesday. Though the text of the post has since been deleted, according to KRON, Rike said he had the specific prescription filled for three years at the Telegraph Avenue location. He also said he’d been going there for other medications for the past decade, and never had a problem before.

Was denied my HRT medication at the temescal walgreens by a transphobic religious bigot
by u/lokigoeswoof in oakland

This time, though, an unfamiliar pharmacist was behind the counter. When Rike asked to pick up his prescription, the pharmacist, he says, asked what it was for.

“I told him I was pretty sure that it wasn’t any of his business,” Rike said, according to KRON.

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In a followup comment on the Reddit post, he added that since Rike wouldn’t tell him, the pharmacist tried calling Rike’s doctor—though Rike doesn’t know if he was able to find anything out.

The pharmacist then told Rike that he couldn’t fill the prescription “due to his religious beliefs.” This is when Rike took out his phone and recorded the video that can be seen in the Reddit post above. In the clip, Rike asks “So right now you’re telling me that you’re going to deny me my medication because of your personal religion, you’re not my f***ing doctor? So you think you know better than my doctor, that’s what’s going on?”

“I just need to know the diagnosis,” the pharmacist replies.

“Why? That’s none of your f***ing business,” Rike counters. “I’m going to let you know right now that I’m going to be reporting this, by the way, what’s your name?”

The pharmacist replies “Malik Tahir,” and Rike says that he’s going to report him for discrimination. Tahir says Rike can come in at noon, but Rike says he wants it now.

“Always the religious people who have the most f***ing hate in their hearts. You’re disgusting,” Rike says, and Tahir repeats that Rike can come in at noon. Rike reiterates that he wants his medication now, and the video cuts off.

In comments, he said that he’d “never yelled at a stranger before that day.” He then asked to see the manager, KRON reports, who “apologized profusely,” Rike said, and gave him his prescription.

Walgreens told KRON it would “review the matter.”

“Our policies are designed to ensure we meet the needs of our patients and customers, while respecting the religious and moral beliefs of our team members. In an instance where a team member has a religious or moral conviction that prevents them from meeting a customer’s need, we require the team member to refer the customer to another employee or manager on duty who can complete the transaction. These instances, however, are very rare,” a Walgreens spokesperson told the station.

Rike says he’s reached out to the Transgender Law Center and hopes to hear back in the next two weeks.

“My main concern is making sure I do everything I can to keep this guy from doing what he did to me, to anyone else. That comes first. If I can get a settlement out of it, great! But it’s not my priority. I just want peace for myself and other trans people trying to live their lives,” he wrote on Reddit.


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