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‘Absolute Disaster’: Veteran Conservative Pundit Warns Republicans’ Midterms Performance Is ‘Searing Indictment’ of GOP



A decades-long veteran of Republican politics, Fox News commentator Marc Thiessen, has delivered a warning to the GOP: change course, because the Republicans’ midterm elections performance was “an absolute disaster for the Republican Party.” His warning was even mentioned later Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

But that warning concludes with a stunning suggestion.

Thiessen’s conservative bonafides are unquestionable. A former White House speechwriter for Bush 43 and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, he has defended the use of waterboarding, which is believed to be a war crime. He also writes a column for The Washington Post, and is a a fellow at the right wing think tank American Enterprise Institute.

Overnight, as it became clear there would be no “red wave,” and Democrats might retain control of the U.S. Senate and possibly even the House of Representatives, Thiessen excoriated the Republican Party, while making a stunning pronouncement on what to do next.

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“We have the worst inflation in four decades, the worst collapse in real wages in 40 years,” Thiessen claimed (falsely — we’ll address his claims below.)

“The worst crime wave since the 1990s. The worst border crisis in U.S. history,” he continued, again parroting right-wing talking points.

“We have Joe Biden who is the least popular president since Harry Truman, since presidential polling happened, and there wasn’t a red wave,” Thiessen charged.

“That is a searing indictment of the Republican Party. That is a searing indictment of the message that we have been sending to the voters.”

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“They looked at all of that and said, they looked at the Republican alternative and said, ‘no thanks.’ That, that is, the Republican Party needs to do a really deep introspection, look in the mirror right now, because this is an absolute disaster for the Republican Party,” he warned.

“We need to turn back,” he continued.

But rather than make a declaration about what’s actually good for the country, what’s good for Americans, Thiessen declared, “we need to look at who won today: Ron DeSantis. [Ohio GOP Governor Mike] DeWine.”

“These governors,” he continued, also naming Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“You know, look at these governors, this is the path to the future.”

That’s a stunning decision, given opinion columns repeatedly linking DeSantis to fascism.

“And electing these these these, you know, these these radical candidates who ran far behind them, has put the Republican Party in a terrible position and voters have left and have indicted the Republican Party.”

Thiessen tried to pin all the nation’s woes on Democrats and President Joe Biden, but it wasn’t long ago that he wrote a glowing column praising then-President Donald Trump.

“Despite the worst pandemic since 1918, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the worst racial unrest since the 1960s, a record 56 percent of Americans told Gallup before the election that they were better off now under Trump than they were four years ago,” he wrote on New Year’s Day last year, five days before the January 6 insurrection.

Thiessen’s claim overnight of “the worst inflation in four decades,” while true, is a global phenomenon, and far worse in many other countries, including the UK.

NCRM could find no facts to support his claim that America has “the worst collapse in real wages in 40 years.”

Thiessen’s claim of the “worst crime wave since the 1990s,” is also at best debatable, and appears to be refuted in this Bloomberg News analysis published last week in The Washington Post.

Likewise, Thiessen’s claim of the “worst border crisis in US history,” a top GOP talking point that literally appears on the GOP’s website, is explained well by BBC News, which notes, “the number of migrants at the border has been steadily increasing since April 2020,” under Donald Trump. BBC adds, “the numbers spiked sharply after Mr Biden took office. Though he has avoided Mr Trump’s rhetoric, since taking office Mr Biden has repeatedly called on migrants, including asylum seekers, not to attempt the journey to the US.”

BBC adds: “More migrants are crossing, and getting arrested.”

As far as Biden being “the least popular president since Harry Truman,” that’s not exactly true. Biden and Trump are tied at 40% approval at this point in both their presidencies, according to Gallup. Ronald Reagan was close at 43%, Barack Obama was at 45%, Bill Clinton was at 46%. And Truman was at 33%.

Journalist James Surowiecki responded to Thiessen’s attack by saying, “Thiessen is right. But why wasn’t he warning about how bad Republican candidates and the Republican message were a month ago, instead of writing: ‘It might be that come November, the crime wave will produce a red wave big enough to reach even deep blue New York’?”

Watch Thiessen below via Fox News or at this link:

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Watch: Chasten Buttigieg Says Tucker Carlson Is Focusing on ‘Hate’ After Host’s Latest Anti-Gay Attack on His Husband



For years Tucker Carlson has been targeting U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. The Fox News host and “propagandist” has attacked Buttigieg, the youngest and arguably one of the most popular to hold that Cabinet position, for the high price of gas, inflation, complaints against airlines – including ticket prices and flight delays, speaking out in support of women’s reproductive rights, and for allegedly working “feverishly on the equity agenda.”

All that was in just one of Tucker Carlson’s opening monologues, back in June, during which he also pushed Russian propaganda against the United States for supporting Ukraine in Vladimir’ Putin’s illegal war against the sovereign nation.

The 53-year old TV host has been accused by some of being a purveyor of white supremacist rhetoric – or even a white supremacist. “Tucker Carlson’s monologues” were mentioned in the first sentence of a New York magazine piece titled, “White Christian Nationalism ‘Is a Fundamental Threat to Democracy.’”

So it’s no surprise that Carlson’s attacks against Buttigieg are more often than not homophobic, linked to the fact that Buttigieg is gay, out, married, and a father.

Carlson has infamously attacked Secretary Buttigieg for taking family leave after he and his husband, Chasten Buttigieg, adopted twins. He said Sec. Buttigieg was trying “to figure out how to breastfeed,” and snarked, “No word on how that went.” The twins were born prematurely, and had medical issues, which the Buttigieges later revealed was RSV, and “the entire family — including Pete and Chasten — soon got it,” as The Advocate reported.

In response to Carlson’s bullying, Buttigieg praised the Biden administration for being “pro-family” by having a family leave policy for new parents. Carlson responded with sarcastic trolling, saying on Fox News, “It turns out that Buttigieg is not a dwarfish fraud whose utter mediocrity indicts the class that produced him. No, not at all.”

One year ago this month Carlson went after Sec. Buttigieg for his accurate claim that racism played a part in the design of some of the nation’s highways, including in New York.

READ MORE: Tucker Carlson Serves Up 12-Minute Long Homophobic Hate-Filled Rant Attacking Pete Buttigieg Over ‘Equity’

“I’m still surprised that some people were surprised when I pointed to the fact that if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing a white and a Black neighborhood, or if an underpass was constructed such that a bus carrying mostly Black and Puerto Rican kids to a beach—or it would have been—in New York, was designed too low for it to pass by, that that obviously reflects racism that went into those design choices,” Buttigieg told The Grio’s April Ryan, The Daily Beast reported. “I don’t think we have anything to lose by confronting that simple reality.”

Buttigieg is one of “the dumbest people in the world,” Carlson declared in response to the fact that there is racism built into our roads.

“Carlson said it’s ‘obvious’ that ‘roads can’t be racist’ but that the transportation secretary ‘didn’t know it,'” The Daily Beast added, pointing to a Washington Post explainer about “historical examples of institutionalized racism,” including roads.

In January, Carlson slammed Butigieg in yet another homophobic attack, calling him an “unqualified ‘kid’ who ‘breastfeeds,’ and has no business running the agency,” Mediaite reported.

“Joe Biden hired a kid,” Carlson claimed of Buttigieg, who was 38 when Biden became President, “who had never had a real job outside McKinsey and no grounding of any kind in physical reality,” a provable lie.

READ MORE: Watch: Pete Buttigieg Perfectly Slaps Aside Conservatives Criticizing His Paternity Leave

The Advocate noted, “in addition to working for McKinsey, a consulting firm, Buttigieg served two terms as mayor of South Bend, Ind., and spent seven years in the U.S. Navy Reserves. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014. He is a graduate of Harvard University and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England.”

Carlson, who never served his country and reportedly failed his attempt to join the CIA, apparently has since learned that Buttigieg spent seven years serving in the U.S. Military, from 2009-2017. The Secretary was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve, deployed to Afghanistan, served in a counterintelligence unit, and received ten military awards.

On Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, Carlson did serve up a dishonest, homophobic attack against Buttigieg, this time by going after his military service.

In a mocking, sarcastic slam Carlson accused Buttigieg of “hiding” his homosexuality while serving in America’s Armed Forces – something everyone knows was literally the law, under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

DADT was federal law, in effect from 1993 – 2011, in effect when Buttigieg enlisted. Buttigieg did come out during his military service, in 2015.

“After being deployed with the Navy to Afghanistan in 2014, he said he realized he could die having never been in love, and he resolved to change that. He finally came out in 2015, when he was 33,” The New York Times reported in 2019, during his presidential run.

Meanwhile, Carlson seemed to be unaware that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was the law of the land, claiming instead no one knows why Buttigieg refused to “admit” at the time he was gay – words that literally could have ended his military service.

“Pete Buttigieg, of course couldn’t pass pass up a moment like this,” referring to the mass shooting hate crime in Colorado Sprigs, Colorado last weekend during which five people were massacred at an LGBTQ nightclub during a drag event, something Carlson has repeatedly been railing against.

“It’s not like Pete Buttigieg just wants to talk about how things are going over at the Transportation Department, which he supposedly runs – short answer, not well,” Carlson claimed, serving up no proof of that.

“No, Pete Buttigieg wants to talk about identity. He always wants to talk about identity,” another provably false claim. “And the funny, ironic thing is that until just a few years ago, Buttigieg wouldn’t even admit that he was gay.”

“He hid that and then lied about it for reasons he has never been asked to explain – why not?” Carlson disingenuously asked.

READ MORE: Pete Buttigieg Brilliantly Destroys Tucker Carlson After Fox Host’s Homophobic Hit Job

“But whatever. Now he is happy to use his sexual orientation as a cudgel to bash you repeatedly in the face into submission,” Carlson continued, in what some might call an act of stochastic terrorism.

Carlson, who claimed he was a member of the “Dan White Society” in his college yearbook, this week on social media has been accused of engaging in stochastic terrorism after doubling down on his anti-LGBTQ attacks, even after the Colorado Springs Club Q mass shooting.

The Fox News host’s rant was not complete. On-screen Carlson had a tweet from Buttigieg, and read it in a mocking voice.

“Quote, here’s the latest. If you’re a politician or media figure who sets up the LGBTQ community to be hated and feared, not because any of us who ever harmed you but because you find it useful, then don’t you dare act surprised when this kind of violence follows. Don’t you dare act surprised,'” Carlson said mocking the Secretary.

“Don’t you dare,” he added. “Alright, fair enough. We won’t dare. But honestly, we were a little surprised to learn that the anti-trans shooter is himself trans,” Carlson claimed, falsely identifying the shooting suspect whose attorneys say they say they are non-binary.

“Were you surprised by that Pete Buttigieg? Now that you’re admitting you’re gay after lying about it? Since we’re talking about identity, what do you have to say about that? Well, nothing. Weirdly Pete Buttigieg hasn’t said anything, nor is he apologized for attacking other people on false pretenses.”

That too is a false claim, one the right often employs.

LGBTQ people can be anti-LGBTQ, homophobic, biphobic, or transphobic, and people can be racist against their own race.

Wednesday evening, in response to Carlson’s remarks, Chasten Buttigieg posted a photo of his husband in military uniform.

Friday morning on CNN, Chasten Buttigieg responded to Tucker Carlson’s latest attack against his husband.

“My husband served under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell which meant that he would have been discharged from the American military had he come out of the closet,” he tells CNN host Don Lemon. “I know on the clip, Tucker Carlson goes on to talk about how it seems that my husband only wants to talk about identity rather than his job. And I would just love for him to follow Secretary Pete on Twitter. You can follow along with all of the things that are happening at the Department. But remember, this kind of rhetoric is easy. It’s so easy to attack people and to go on your talk show and fire people up about something that’s not actually happening.”

“I love my husband deeply, Chasten Buttigieg continued. “I know he’s a committed public servant. And he has everyone’s best interests at heart. I just think these people again with these megaphones, they have they have a big platform and rather than focusing on real issues, people’s lives, making them better, they’ve decided to focus on hate.”

Watch the videos above and below, or at this link.




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Franklin Graham’s Extremely False Claims About the Senate’s Same-Sex Marriage Protection Bill Are Riling Up His Base



On Wednesday the U.S. Senate will begin the process of debating and likely passing the Respect for Marriage Act, bipartisan legislation that merely attempts to keep the status quo on marriage equality by requiring states to recognize all legal marriages of same-sex couples. It does not require states to allow same-sex couples to marry. Despite its sponsors extreme efforts to ensure existing religious rights are not compromised, far-right-wing Christian activist Franklin Graham is making extremely false claims about the legislation and riling up his supporters on social media.

The bill and its accompanying amendment do such a good job of protecting religious liberties that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon Church, has issued a statement supporting it.

“We are grateful for the continuing efforts of those who work to ensure the Respect for Marriage Act includes appropriate religious freedom protections while respecting the law and preserving the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters,” the LDS Church said, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The bipartisan legislation includes two Republican U.S. Senators as original co-sponsors: Rob Portman of Ohio, and Susan Collins of Maine.

READ MORE: 35 States Still Have Same-Sex Marriage Bans on the Books – Dems Say Same-Sex Marriage Bill Has Enough Votes to Pass

Democratic U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California is the original sponsor of the bill, and Democratic U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, also an original co-sponsor, is taking the lead for the Democrats.

A joint press release that also includes Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), and Thom Tillis (R-NC), states an amendment to the bill, which Republicans fought for, ensures no religious rights will be impacted.

The amendment, their statement says, “Protects all religious liberty and conscience protections available under the Constitution or Federal law, including but not limited to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and prevents this bill from being used to diminish or repeal any such protection.”

It also “Confirms that non-profit religious organizations will not be required to provide any services, facilities, or goods for the solemnization or celebration of a marriage,” and “Guarantees that this bill may not be used to deny or alter any benefit, right, or status of an otherwise eligible person or entity – including tax-exempt status, tax treatment, grants, contracts, agreements, guarantees, educational funding, loans, scholarships, licenses, certifications, accreditations, claims, or defenses – provided that the benefit, right, or status does not arise from a marriage. For instance, a church, university, or other nonprofit’s eligibility for tax-exempt status is unrelated to marriage, so its status would not be affected by this legislation.”

READ MORE: ‘Lie From Hell’: Franklin Graham Spends Weekend Promoting Anti-LGBTQ Extremism – and Calls for ‘Regime Change’ in US

Here’s how Franklin Graham characterized the legislation.

“The deceitfully named Respect for Marriage Act will be voted on by the U.S. Senate this week, as early as Wednesday,” he writes overnight to his 10 million Facebook followers.

“The bill strikes a blow at religious freedom for individuals and ministries and is really the ‘Destruction of Marriage Act,'” which is egregiously false.

“Its sponsors remarkably claim it protects religious freedom. It does not. This disastrous bill sends a message to America that if you don’t agree with the left’s definition of marriage, you are a bigot,” Graham claims, while not mentioning the bill has Republican co-sponsors and is expected to get at least ten Republicans in the Senate to vote to for it.

“Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler wrote, ‘Anyone who would redefine marriage, the most fundamental building block of society, is no conservative, no friend of the natural family, and no defender of family values.’ I ask every senator to vote NO. Please call or email your two US senators and tell them to vote NO on the Respect for Marriage Act,” he concludes.

The bill is being prioritized because the House this summer already passed a similar bill, and should Republicans take the majority it’s unlikely it would even be allowed to go to the floor for a vote, much less pass.

READ MORE: Franklin Graham Launches ‘Religious Freedom’ Attack on ‘Godless, Secular Agenda’ of ‘Sinful’ LGBTQ Voters

As NCRM reported earlier, supporters also want the Senate to act quickly, given U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has encouraged marriage equality opponents to bring cases that could allow the Court to strike down its ruling in Obergefell. As many Americans learned this summer when the Court struck down its 49-year old ruling in Roe v. Wade, laws that remain on the books can go back into effect immediately.

Graham ignores all this, leading his supporters on Facebook to respond with comments like, “It seems every day there is an attack on the Constitution, as well as principles this country was established on.”

“Democrats are the biggest threat to America and its children.”

“The left is unhinged and getting more and more radical everyday. These people are sick and they are evil doers to boot! God help us!”

“There they go again. The label the Democrats stick on one of their bills almost always turns out to be the exact opposite of what the label says. In this case the “defense of marriage act” is aimed at re-defining traditional marriage. Just more destructive garbage from the loonies.”

“Mental illness is rampant within the the democrat community and when they say in the Bible “pray for our leaders “,I am thinking it means,we pray they be touched by the Word of God and our constitution.”


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‘Straight From the Fascist Playbook’: Political Experts Pan Trump’s ‘Low Energy’ Third Presidential Run Announcement



As expected, Donald Trump announced his third consecutive run for president Tuesday night, from his Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, where he unlawfully housed thousands of items taken from the White House, including hundreds of documents with classified and top secret markings.

Political experts, historians, and journalists have greatly criticized – and mocked – his speech and his attempt to re-enter the Oval Office, an attempt he reportedly is making to also evade criminal prosecution for a wide swatch of possible offenses.

“Imagine losing the popular vote in two presidential elections, being impeached twice, inciting an insurrection, facing multiple criminal investigations, leading your party to historic midterm election losses, and deciding to run for president again as a ploy to avoid indictment,” said CNN’s Keith Boykin.

READ MORE: Trump’s Top Allies Deserting Him on the Day He’s Expected to Announce Third Presidential Run

Indeed, multiple reports state Trump has told advisors he is running for president in the hope it will block the Dept. of Justice from indicting him.

Trump is under at least four major criminal investigations, not to mention several criminal and civil lawsuits. In September, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) published “President Trump’s staggering record of uncharged crimes.” It includes, by category and even statute, what they say are credible accusations of “at least 56 criminal offenses,” allegedly committed only during his run for office or time in office.

Trump’s 66-minute speech was a rambling mixture of past rally remarks, grievances, and off-the-cuff comments. It was characterized as “straight from the fascist playbook,” by David Rothkopf, an international risk expert, journalist, podcaster, and frequent MSNBC guest.

READ MORE: ‘That’s Not How It Works’: Legal Experts, DOJ Slam Trump ‘Shell Game’ Claim He Owns Classified Docs

“It is nationalist, racist, fear-mongering founded in lies & outrageous misstatements about his ability to address any of the problems he describes (many of which are total fabrications.) This is authoritarianism on the march,” Rothkopf warned.

Trump’s speech was filled with lies, or, as CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale generously tweeted, “Trump has not gotten more accurate.”

Once during a Trump press conference Huffpost’s White House correspondent, S.V. Dáte, asked the then-president if he regretted “all the lying that you’ve done to the American people?”

Tuesday night Dáte tweeted, “So, so, so, so, SO much lying.”

Many – dozens, if not more on social media – commented that Trump was “low energy.” Among them: George Conway, Michael Beschloss, Rick Wilson, Joyce Vance, and Paul Begala, to name just a few.

Conway called Trump “low energy” twice, mockingly noting that Trump “was so low-energy, it makes me wonder whether MAGA really means Make America Groggy Again.”

READ MORE: ‘I Sent in the FBI’: After Trump Appears to Admit to Election Interference Florida Democrat Demands Court Hearing

Echoing the “low energy” observations, Rothkopf added, “Trump is taking a new approach. He wants to bore America into white supremacist Christo-fascist authoritarianism.”

The Atlantic’s Tom Nichols, an academic specialist on international affairs including Russia and nuclear weapons, and a retired professor at the U.S. Naval War College, called Trump’s speech “a rehashing of the American carnage speech,” referring to his 2017 Inaugural Address.

But perhaps Trump’s speech was best summed up by the former president himself when he lamented, “I’m a victim. I will tell you. I’m a victim.”



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