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Forty Texas Sheriffs Join Training Where They Are Taught to Resist State and Federal ‘Tyranny’



A few weeks ago, Right Wing Watch previewed a training session that Richard Mack and his Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association hosted at a resort near Houston on Feb. 27 and 27. Mack has since posted a video about the event in which he said, “If the spirit of freedom is in your room, the spirit of God is in your room, and that is exactly what happened.”

Mack was an organizer of the armed standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and federal officials in 2014. CSPOA teaches law enforcement officials that “the power of the sheriff even supersedes the powers of the President,” according to its website.

CSPOA’s promotional materials said the conference was an “official” Texas Commission on Law Enforcement “training event” and that sheriffs and other law enforcement officials would “receive credit for attendance.” In his recent video, Mack said that of about 200 attendees, more than 100 were public officials or former public officials, including sheriffs from Nevada, North Dakota, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Washington state—and about 40 from Texas.

Sheriffs “left that conference more converted to the holy cause of liberty, more engaged in the holy cause of liberty, and more dedicated to protecting the rights of the people in their individual counties,” Mack said.

One attendee, Real County Sheriff Nathan Johnson, told the John Birch Society’s New American magazine that he had refused to enforce the state’s mask mandate and he said the CSPOA helps sheriffs who “need a mechanism to thwart tyranny.”

The New American reported that some sheriffs “heard for the first time that the so-called Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) is misinterpreted—state and county laws and superior to federal law, not the other way around, which makes the sheriff the most powerful elected official in the country.”

The New American recounted how one speaker, “noted constitutional authority and attorney KrisAnne Hall,” told Texas sheriffs that it is their duty to ignore federal gun laws. Hall is featured in the trailer for “NonCompliant,” a movie that appears to mix radical anti-government libertarianism with conservative evangelical Christianity.

Also speaking was Pam Elliot, former sheriff of Edwards County, Texas, who the Texas Observer described in a 2016 profile as prone to “power plays” and voter intimidation targeting other local officials, Democrats, and Latinos. “Edwards appears to be motivated in part by a growing far-right movement that exalts sheriffs as the last line of defense against a tyrannical government,” the Observer noted at the time.

Edwards told the New American that more sheriffs “are beginning to understand the duty of interposition.” The magazine explained:

Interposition refers to the practice of a lower official placing himself between his constituents and unlawful mandates coming from higher government authorities. For example, many states are codifying their resistance to federal overreach by legislation stating that they will not help the feds violate Americans rights with unconstitutional gun control laws, civil-asset forfeiture, mask mandates, federal control of state land, facial-recognition programs, and so on. County sheriffs are tasked with interposing at the county level.

Also on the list of speakers for the conference was neo-Confederate Christian Reconstructionist activist and funder Michael Peroutka, though he was not mentioned in the New American report.

In his post-conference video, Mack said among conference attendees and sponsors was Gary Heavin, billionaire founder of the Curves fitness chain who has produced films with right-wing messages, such as AmeriGeddon, a movie about an electromagnetic pulse attack on the U.S. in which InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones played a role.

Last month, Michigan Live reported on Michigan sheriffs’ association with CSPOA. Among “the loudest proponents of the CSPOA in Michigan” is Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf. When militia members were arrested last year in a plot to kidnap the state’s governor, Leaf suggested that they may have simply been trying to make a lawful citizens’s arrest. Michigan Live noted that months earlier, Leaf had appeared on stage with some of the same militia members during a rally opposing the governor’s pandemic-related stay-at-home order. them. Leaf also challenged the 2020 election results in Michigan in a lawsuit that was swiftly dismissed.

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

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‘For Sure’: Mike Lindell Promises Right-Wing Activists ‘Donald Trump Will Be in Office by This Fall’



Thousands of right-wing activists gathered in Tampa, Florida, last weekend for a “Restore America” rally that featured a cavalcade of election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists as speakers.

Held at The River Church, which is pastored by right-wing conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne, the speakers included the likes of Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Jackson Lahmeyer, Ann Vandersteel, KrisAnne Hall, Greg Locke, and dozens more.

Among the most prominent speakers was MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who has worked relentlessly (and fruitlessly) to prove that the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud and foreign interference in an effort to overturn the election results so former President Donald Trump can return to the White House.

Despite releasing multipledocumentaries” purporting to prove fraud and filing multiple lawsuits, Lindell’s efforts have all be for naught, but he has not given up, telling the massive crowd gathered for the rally that he will soon be hosting a “cyber symposium” where he claims that “cyber guys” will prove that the election was stolen via something he calls “packet capture.” That, he declared, will ultimately force the Supreme Court to overturn the election results and put Trump back in office by the fall.

Lindell said that none of his efforts have been successful so far “because we’ve been living in the twilight zone,” complaining that “every time you have something real, they’re going, ‘We don’t we’re not gonna look at it,’ or the judges go, ‘We’re not gonna look at it.’”

“But you see, that’s all changing,” Lindell promised. “What I’m going to do to get this to the world, it’s called a cyber symposium. And what it is, is I’m going to have a venue at the end of July—it’s your job, everybody, to get the word out to the world—we’re going to get every cyber guy that has credentials—they’re called CISSP credentials—they’re going to be there.”

“We’re bringing in all the cyber guys,” he continued. “They’re gonna be there. Then we’re bringing all the media. Maybe even Fox will show up! What a concept. And then we’re going to bring in all senators, governors—even the corrupt ones, Brian Kemp—and legislatures, secretary of states, and every single government official that wants to be there, because when we show them these packet captures, we’re gonna just give them out to all them cyber guys so they can have their own guy go, ‘How many votes were flipped here in Tampa?’ Here you go. Boom. It’s going to be a worldwide event. Millions are going to see it, and those Supreme Court justices are going to look at it then, and they’re going to go 9-0 that this country was attacked. The election is gonna come down. Donald Trump will be in office by this fall, for sure.”


This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

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Neo-Nazi Shared Plot With Followers to Use Snipers to Bring America ‘To Its Knees’: Report



A former Marine who encouraged fellow neo-Nazi’s to move to Maine and make a “white future” for themselves by creating a white ethnostate, also shared a video with his followers with a proposal to use snipers to bring America “to its knees,” Vice News is reporting.

According to the Vice report, the plan by Chris Pohlhaus, 34, involved shooters targeting the nation’s truck drivers in the hope that it would create economic chaos.

According to Vice’s Ben Makuch, the ex-military man sat before a Confederate flag in his video and detailed his plan.

Writing that Pohlhaus described his proposal as one that could “easily disrupt the United States’ supply chain,” Makuch quoted the self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi telling his fans, “It’s easy to stop trucks. You don’t need anybody; you barely need anyone. Twenty five dudes. Twenty five dudes trained with a (rifle),” before adding, “Each one of those guys shoots and moves and hides, shoots two truckers a day. That’s 50 truckers (shot) every day.”

According to the report, “Pohlhaus denied telling followers to shoot truckers and said the full context of the video was discussing historical hypotheticals involving whether or not epic figures like Ghengis Khan or Alexander the Great could conquer the modern world. He said the trucker analogy was meant to show that it’s easy to attack a society he considers on the brink of demise.”

In a text message to Vice, Pohlhaus wrote, “This system is incredibly fragile and what I did was show a way 25 men could bring it completely to its knees. And I am right, as always. They could,” before warning, “It is only a matter of time before something happens and this fragile little world falls apart. You need to come to terms with this reality and prepare for the absolute hell that is coming for us.”

You can read more here.


Image: Chris Pohlhuas/Twitter

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GOP Congressman: FBI ‘Participated’ in Insurrection to ‘Entrap’ Harmless Protestors and ‘Frame the MAGA Movement’



U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is demanding the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dept. of Justice tell Congress what they know about their own alleged “participation” in Donald Trump’s January 6 insurrection, which led to at least seven deaths. Gohmert falsely claims the attack on the U.S. Capitol – which in reality was an attempted coup designed to overturn a free and fair election – was instead a “monumental entrapment scheme used as a pretext to imprison otherwise harmless protestors” and used to “frame the entire MAGA movement as potential domestic terrorists.”

News organization The Recount calls Gohmert’s assertions “a bullshit baseless conspiracy theory.”

The Texas Republican congressman, explained on Thursday on the floor of the House that his “friend,” Fox News white supremacist host Tucker Carlson “covered this last night,” called the conspiracy theory “really disturbing… because we don’t like to see government agents stirring up trouble or find that there are criminal acts that would not likely have occurred had not the federal government been participating.”

Having no evidence that January 6 was an “inside job,” which is what Gohmert is asserting, he goes on to make up possible scenarios, again, without any basis in fact.

“Whether they were actual agents, or an undercover agents, or informants that were working for the federal government. But this is scary stuff this is, This is kind of third world stuff, this is not only third world stuff but this is like Putin-like kind of activity. So, if there were federal agents that were involved on January 6, we really need to know what the FBI knew and when they knew it, and not only that, we need to know how much participation did any of our federal friends either at DOJ, FBI, or any of the Intel Community, what kind of role were they playing?”

It’s almost like he is demanding Speaker Pelosi form a Special Committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection.


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