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Trump Dangerously Claims ‘Corona Flu’ Patients ‘Get Better’ by ‘Going to Work’ – Falsely Says Death Rate Actually Less Than 1%



Death Rate Is 3.4% Per World Health Organization

President Donald Trump is falsely suggesting to Americans it is not dangerous to report to work as normal if they have the deadly coronavirus that has already killed 11 people in this country and about 3200 people worldwide. Speaking on Fox News Wednesday night Trump called the new novel coronavirus the “corona flu,” and challenged the World Health Organization’s assessment that the death rate for COVID-19 is 3.4%. Trump claimed it is less than 1%, which is provably false and a dangerous claim to make.

“Well, I think the 3.4% is really a false number,” the President told the conservative cable network’s Sean Hannity. “Now, this is just my hunch, and, but based on a lot of conversation with a lot of people who do this, because a lot of people will have this and it’s very mild. They’ll get better very rapidly. They don’t even see a doctor. They don’t even call a doctor. You never hear about those people, so you can’t put them down in the category of the overall population in terms of this corona flu, and, or virus, so you just can’t do that,” Trump said, clearly trying to minimize the danger and the numbers of people infected.

“So we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that just get better, by, you know, sitting around and even going to work – some of ’em go to work – but they get better,” Trump claimed, which is dangerous, given how highly-contagious COVID-19 is.

“And then when you do have a death, like you’ve had in the state of Washington, like you had one in California, you had one in New York, you know, all of a sudden it seems like three or four percent, which is a very high number, as opposed to a fraction of one percent.”

“But then again they don’t know about the easy cases, the easy cases don’t go to the hospital, they don’t report to doctors or the hospital in many cases, so I think that number is very high. Personally I would say the number is way under 1%.

Medical experts including from the U.S. government warn anyone who thinks they may have been infected with COVID-19 should self-quarantine, definitely not go to work, and call their doctor.



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Trump Falsely Claims Anyone Who Needs a Coronavirus Test ‘Can Get One’ – Says Tests Are ‘Perfect, Just Like the Transcript’



President Donald Trump is claiming, falsely, that anyone who needs a coronavirus test can get one. He also compared the tests, which are in extremely short supply, to the so-called “transcript” of his call with the president of Ukraine – during which he extorted Zelensky – calling them “perfect.”

“As of right now and yesterday anybody that needs a test – that’s the important thing – and the tests are all perfect,” Trump falsely told reporters as he toured the CDC in Atlanta Friday afternoon. “Like the letter was perfect. The transcription was perfect, right? This was not a perfect as that, but pretty good.”


In fact, the CDC has been denying tests to those who do need them, including a nurse who became symptomatic after she worked with a patient who had coronavirus.

Some reports proving the coronavirus tests are not available to “anybody who needs one”:


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Trump Postpones Visit to CDC Over Suspected Coronavirus Case – After Saying Americans ‘Get Better’ by ‘Going to Work’



President Donald Trump delayed signing an $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus bill Congress passed and sent to his desk Thursday so he could do a bill signing photo-op at the CDC on Friday. But after a high level CDC official was suspected of possibly having coronavirus, Trump canceled the trip – just days after telling Americans not only that it is OK for coronavirus patients to go to work, but that they “get better” by doing so.

The White House appears to be in total confusion.

According to CNN’s Kevin Liptak, the White House said Trump canceled the trip because  the “CDC has been proactive and prepared since the very beginning and the President does not want to interfere with the CDC’s mission to protect the health and welfare of their people and the agency.”

The official White House talking point was shared with reporters, but apparently not with the President himself, who revealed it to be nothing more that gaslighting.

“They thought there was a problem at CDC with somebody that had the virus,” Trump told reporters this morning, Politico reports. “It turned out negative so we are seeing if we can do it. They’ve tested the person fully and it was a negative test.”

But now that the unnamed “high level” official tested negative for coronavirus, the White House scrambled to get the photo-op, sans bill signing, back on the President’s agenda for the day.

“I may be going. We’re going to see if they can turn it around with Secret Service. We may be going,” Trump told reporters, but not the Vice President who is in charge of the coronavirus response.

Now that the CDC official has tested negative, Trump’s CDC trip may be back on.

All of which shows that Trump’s focus is not in protecting Americans but in gaslighting Americans.

Wednesday night Trump called the new novel coronavirus the “corona flu,” and challenged the World Health Organization’s assessment that the death rate for COVID-19 is 3.4%. Trump claimed it is less than 1%, which is provably false and a dangerous claim to make.

Worse, he falsely told Americans people get better by going to work.

“So we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that just get better, by, you know, sitting around and even going to work – some of ’em go to work – but they get better,” Trump falsely claimed, which is dangerous, given how highly-contagious COVID-19 is.

Earlier Friday a former CIA terrorism analyst warned that if the Trump administration doesn’t begin to do a demonstrably better job managing the coronavirus crisis world leaders may force the US into some form of containment.

Here’s Trump at the emergency $8.3 billion coronavirus bill signing:


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‘Something Nefarious Going On’: Obama Deputy Chief of Staff Doesn’t Buy White House Claims on Trump’s Health



The deputy chief of staff for operations in the Obama administration broke down on Monday why the White House claims on President Donald Trump’s surprise Saturday visit to Walter Reed Hospital.

Jim Messina, who also was the campaign manager for Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, was interviewed Monday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” by anchor Lawrence O’Donnell.

O’Donnell noted the note the White House physician sent to White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham:

“You know how doctors deal with physical exams,” O’Donnell said to Messina. “How does this all read to you?”

“Not great, Lawrence,” Messina replied.

“If you look at the statement, they said, routine planned visit, and then one sentence later said, because of scheduling irregularities, we did this, we wanted it all to be off the record. You can’t have both of those things be true.”

Messina found two fatal flaws in the White House argument.

“If it was a routine planned thing, you never would do it at Walter Reed — you would have done all that stuff at the White House facilities, which are state of the art and amazing,” he explained. “If it was just routine stuff, you never would have taken him out.”

“And if you were going to take him for a routine visit to Walter Reed, you would have announced it, you would have had a photo op with the troops, you would have done a bunch of things that are regular to do,” he continued.

“The second problem, Lawrence, this is the problem when you have a White House who lies about everything, is you can’t believe them about anything,” Messina said. “You just have an absolute sense that all of this is lying and when you trot out a 10 P.M. memo from a doctor, you know they’re likely worried about something, and the problem is the truth is probably that there is something nefarious going on.”

“And Jim — quickly, before we go — there is this additional element of, we have not seen the president. And when this controversy erupts, one of the first things I think you would do is say, let’s get the president on camera, let’s show him, let’s show that he’s doing just fine,” O’Donnell said. “And Donald Trump inviting in the cameras is something they do all the time, but not since he’s gone to the hospital.”

“Yeah, it’s his favorite thing in the world, him being on TV is what he loves more than breathing, so the easiest thing would be to trot him out at the White House and do a quick photo op,” Messina said. “Anything would be easy.”

“And why didn’t they do that?” he wondered.


Image by Third Way Think Tank via Flickr and a CC license


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