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Experts: Federal Judge ‘Goes All School House Rock on DOJ’ in ‘Stunning Rebuke’ Ordering Handover of Mueller Docs



Judge Certifies House Investigation Is a Legitimate Impeachment Inquiry – and Says ‘DOJ Is Wrong’

The Chief Judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Friday afternoon ordered the Department of Justice to hand over the unredacted Mueller report and underlying materials requested by the House Judiciary Committee months ago. The 75-page ruling by Judge Beryl Howell (photo) is a being called a “stunning rebuke” to the DOJ that is leaving some experts surprised and even somewhat shocked.

The ruling also destroys the fallacious argument made by President Trump and Republicans that the House impeachment inquiry is not an actual impeachment. Judge Howell says it absolutely is. Republicans, including administration officials, have refused to respond to requests by the House for documents, and even subpoenas commanding testimony, claiming because the full House did not vote on holding the impeachment inquiry it is, as some on the right claim falsely, a “witch hunt” that can be ignored.

They are wrong.

Judge Howell has successfully accomplished several things. She delivers effective explanations deriding the DOJ’s arguments, she effectively certifies the House’s impeachment inquiry, and she  shows just how amateur – or inept – the Barr DOJ has become.

Experts are taking to Twitter, citing passages of Judge Howell’s scathing ruling.

Marcy Wheeler, a journalist and expert on civil liberties and national security offered this excellent insight:

Here Wheeler mentions a ruling cited by the judge, saying Howell is going to use it to “invoke as much pain on DOJ … as she can.”

But this might be Wheeler’s best comment: Judge Howell “goes all School House Rock on DOJ, which apparently needs a basic lesson in American history.”

And here the judge suggests the the DOJ’s infamous opinion/memo that claims a sitting president cannot be indicted, is not valid. Wheeler’s comment certainly seems correct:

Politico reporter Kyle Cheney points to where Judge Howell blows up the GOP’s claim that the House impeachment inquiry is not valid. She calls the Republican talking points “cherry-picked and incomplete.”

NBC News’ Tom Winter points to where the judge explains that the needs of the House Judiciary Committee outweigh the DOJ’s claims of the need for secrecy:

Here, attorney Luppe B. Luppen, a noted commentator and a writer at Yahoo News, highlights this interesting comment from the judge: “…then-candidate Trump may have received advance information about Russia’s interference activities…”

National Observer reporter Caroline Orr calls Judge Howell’s ruling a “stunning rebuke” and notes Howell doesn’t mince words: “DOJ is wrong,” the judge writes.

Politico’s Andrew Desiderio sums it all up quite well:


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‘Well to Put It in Full Context, Peter’: Psaki Kicks Off Week Smacking Down Doocy With Truth Cocktail



White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki kicked the week off with a Monday briefing and wasted no time correcting Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who had used a wholly out-of-context question to falsely attack President Joe Biden.

“Before Joe Biden was president he said the COVID travel restrictions on foreign countries were ‘hysterical,’ ‘xenophobia’ and ‘fear mongering.’ So what changed?” Doocy demanded.

“Well, I would say first to put in full context, Peter, what the President was critical of was the way that the former President put out, I believe, a xenophobic tweet, and had and how he, what he called the coronavirus, and who he directed it at. The President has not been critical of travel restrictions. We have put those in place ourselves. We put them in place ourselves in the spring, but no he does not believe – he believes we should follow the advice of health and medical experts. That’s exactly what he did, and putting in place these restrictions over the weekend.”

In fact, as Politifact noted in March of 2020, “Biden has not directly said that the restrictions were xenophobic.”

“Around the time the Trump administration announced the travel restriction, Biden said that Trump had a ‘record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering,'” Politifact added. He did not call travel restrictions “hysterical,” “xenophobia,” or “fear mongering.”

Here’s that Biden tweet from Feb. 2020:

Politifact added that “Biden used the phrase ‘xenophobic’ in reply to a Trump tweet about limiting entry to travelers from China and in which Trump described the coronavirus as the ‘Chinese virus.'”

Here’s that tweet, from March 2020:



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Psaki Shuts Down Doocy: Donald Trump Was ‘Suggesting People Inject Poison Into Their Veins’



Despite Fox News spending the better part of a year injecting anti-vaxx hysteria into America, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy on Wednesday tried to blame President Joe Biden for the “vaccine hesitancy” that exists almost exclusively among Republicans.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was not having any of it, and was forced to remind Doocy and America of the time Trump suggested injecting “disinfectant” into the veins of human beings to cure COVID-19:

“And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out, in a minute,” Trump said in April of 2020. “Is there a way we can do something like that? By injection, inside, or almost a cleaning, ’cause you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that. You’re going to have to use medical doctors, right? But it sounds interesting to me.”

Doocy, in a clearly pre-written speech designed to be replayed on Fox News programming, told Psaki that “last year around this time the previous administration was rushing to get a vaccine authorized, and the-now president said, ‘I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump, and at this moment the American people can’t either.'”

“Well,” Psaki replied, “I think it’s safe to say he still doesn’t touch trust Donald Trump, so that hasn’t changed, but he does trust scientists, he does trust data experts, and he does trust the people leading the CDC, the FDA – which is the gold standard of approval for vaccines, I’d also note because this question often comes up, that the President has repeatedly given credit to scientists and experts from the prior administration, even as recently as just a few weeks ago, for their role in moving the vaccine forward.”

Doocy, refusing to concede to facts, retorted that “at the time, when Donald Trump is out there saying ‘we’re gonna have a vaccine in the next couple of weeks, next couple months,’ and Joe Biden is out on the campaign trail saying, ‘Don’t trust Donald Trump,’ did that create any kind of vaccine hesitancy?”

Many Americans at the time said they would not trust the vaccine because they believed Trump would force the FDA to approve a vaccine too soon, just so he could get re-elected. His own  White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, in the middle of September all but promised the vaccine would be approved by the end of that month.

“Not that we’ve seen in the data. I would note that at the time, just for context, the former president was also suggesting people inject versions of poison into their veins to cure COVID. So I think that’s a relevant point.”



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‘We’re Here to State the Facts’: Psaki Smacks Down DeSantis for Calling Biden a ‘Power Hungry Tyrant’



Press Secretary Jen Psaki made clear the White House is not interested in partisan name calling as it responded to Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis calling President Joe Biden a “power hungry tyrant.”

“25% of hospitalizations in the country are in Florida,” Psaki told a reporter who brought up the DeSantis remark, which came from a fundraising email.

“It is also a fact that the governor has taken steps that are counter to public health recommendations,” Psaki continued. “So, we’re here to state the facts. Frankly, our view is that this is too serious, deadly serious to be doing partisan name calling. That’s what we’re not doing here, we’re focused on providing public health data information to the people of Florida, to make sure they understand what steps they should be taking, even if those are not steps taken at the top of the leadership in that state.



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